Top 5 PPC Ads Tips for Beginners to Double Sale Volume

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In 2021, you’d like to increase your ad revenue as much as possible. The simplest approach to do so is to have a well-thought-out advertising strategy in place, as well as a working knowledge of advanced Google ad marketing strategies. This is what we’ll show you in this article.

These are some of the simplest ways to double your sales and increase your profits using short and easy Google ad strategies.

Do Placements Experiments

Placement selection refers to the ability to choose which pages you want to feature on, allowing you the most power over your Google Display Network placement. This is useful for targeting a particular market and allows marketers to find websites that cater to specific tastes and closely reflect their intended audience.

Contextual Targeting

Since it uses keywords specific to the goods and services you sell, this is the most popular targeting form. You must first create a keyword list, after which Google will optimize your show ads to appear on pages that are relevant to the keywords you’ve provided.

Instead of thinking up likely search requests as you would for just a sponsored search advertising, write a list of 5-20 terms or short phrases that are extremely closely linked to the topic of your Ads.

Topic Targeting Matters

When creating display ad campaigns make sure that they are targeting the right type of audience. You can only know about the audience by testing. So, there is a catch in this one. But, to start with, make sure that your targeting is precise and focuses on specific topics that you would be testing through your display ad campaigns.

Let Your Budget Guide You

Your finances play a big role in launching a new show campaign. If you have a fantastic list of controlled placements, for example, put more money into the campaign and split the various placements into their own ad groups so you can put more money into the ad groups that include the placements that are getting the greatest return.

The next move is to increase the amount of money you put into a campaign or ad category until it has proven to be popular and profitable. Mark tells me about a customer who increased the budget for their remarketing campaign from $1,000 to $50,000 per month and still had a positive ROI! Another travel client was having such good results that they decided to stop running their quest campaigns and reallocate the money.

Create Ads in Every Format Available

You should create ads in every format available to you such as banners, leaderboards, square banners, and even small banner slips. There are multiple types of ads available on Google adwords and even on Facebook. The more ads you use to display on the websites linked to the ads platform, the more you can in return.

It is even better that you use your ads in the best way possible by interest, audience, and search targeting for display campaigns.

Most display ads are only good for landing people on your website. So, it is up to your site’s design that can attract the buyer to the lead form.

Create Attractive Ads That Bring Results

This suggestion seems to be self-evident and yawn-inducing. That’s what I believed, too, before I discovered that plain text advertisements account for 67.5 percent of ads on the show network! Since text advertisements have a much lower click-through rate than picture ads, this is surprising. Take a look at this table from a new review by Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream.

This leads me back to my original point: as important as advertisements are in display campaigns, image ads are a must-have! “Ads must be quick, graphic, and easy to read,” Sergey says. Sergey goes on to illustrate that image advertising work well in visually attractive sectors like tourism, where the destination will essentially sell itself.


Best display ad campaigns are those that are run after trial and error. If your ads campaigns are still not performing adequately, there can only be two issues. One, either the campaigns are not properly formatted and targeting the right audience. Two, the campaigns are targeting the right audience but the landing pages for those campaigns are not formatted properly hence the audience coming to your pages is losing interest and leaving, increasing the bounce rate.

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