Top 3 Free Listing Websites to List Your Local Business 2022

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 What do you mean by a business listing site?

A business listing site is a public site that can be seen by anyone. A business listing site mainly contains information like name, address and contact details. Certain company listings additionally collect comprehensive information such as a website and working hours. A company’s information should be included on a variety of platforms and listings so that it may be found all over the internet.

What is the importance of business listing sites for a business?

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Not all small companies can afford a website and effective SEO to improve their search engine rankings. However, they may still advertise their firm for free on free online business listing sites so that their customers can find them when they conduct a search and find the required piece of information on the free online business listing sites for their convenience.


In the digital world, small businesses face intense competition from major brands. Seo Strategy is one fantastic option for local firms to rank well in search engines for relevant keywords. For example, a local business has a significantly better chance of ranking for a term like “Wine Shops near me” than a large and quite well brand, providing the local SEO for the firm is done correctly. The company listing is an integral part of local SEO. Owning a business listing on a trusted business listing site is one approach to show Google how local a company is.

What are the deciding factors for choosing a free business listing site?

There are five rules for choosing a free business listing site from millions of business listing sites. They are as follows:-

A good domain control- Obtaining a trackback from a fresh business listings website with strong domain control will provide your website with strong-valued link juice. The domain control of fresh business listings websites may be verified using a variety of technologies.

Dofollow Links- It must be a do-follow link for the link juice to be sent on to your website. Although not every fresh business listings site contains do-follow links, it is essential to have a mix of dofollow and no-follow connections on your website.

Spam-free website- Assume you’re looking for information on a website. You are constantly surrounded by unpleasant and irrelevant advertisements, making it difficult to locate the information you want. The first thing you should do is leave the website. Your clients do, too.

How to get a free listing for your business from a local business listing site?

There are a few steps that are required to be fulfilled for getting a free listing of your business from a local business listing site. The steps required for free listing of your business from a local business listing site are as follows:-

The very first step is to compile a list of all available company listing sites in India that are relevant to the industry.

Now you must go to the site’s business area and pick the appropriate option to add the listing.

You will be given an online application form to finish at this stage. The path is divided into sections that must be filled in with the necessary knowledge and statistics about the firm.

If you’ve already changed all of the essential knowledge, you’ll need to submit the form. The verification procedure will now begin. The directory verifies your information either by phone, text, or mail.

Verification takes a different amount of time depending on the site. It happens immediately on a few sites. However, some sites may take anything from 24 hours to 3-5 working days. Your listing goes live on the internet after your verification is complete.

What is the importance of citation?

The importance of citation is because of the following reasons:-

It improves the local rankings- For SEO Optimization, citations are considered a scoring factor. Having your company included in reputable web listing provides signals to Google, increasing their confidence that your company exists and is reliable.

Google’s perception of your internet presence is influenced by the number of listings, the reliability of your listings, and the quality of the website pages. This is why it is critical to choose your citations carefully.

Referral traffic can be earned- Many people are loyal to different types of citations such as OnlyDesi for every requirement of a person. Many people to go the website of OnlyDesi looking for their requirements. Acquiring your website included in just as many directories as possible will help you get crucial referral traffic.

What are the top 3 business listing sites and what are their characteristics?

The top 3 business listing sites are –

  • OnlyDesi
  • TradeIndia
  • Indiamart

The characteristics of the above-mentioned top business listing sites are-

OnlyDesi- OnlyDesi is the strongest indigenous platform for connecting vendors and buyers in India. In the extremely competitive industry, we are a local commercial directory for small and large firms. With the aid of Product Listing, we help sellers acquire business leads and supply quality products and services to clients across India.

OnlyDesi attempts to provide the greatest possible environment for vendors and buyers without the complexities of the traditional market. We are a local commercial business listing portal that aims to help small companies gain access to the digital platform. OnlyDesi provides you with the greatest leads to help you expand your business at a rapid pace. OnlyDesi provides the consumer with the top items on the market on a unified platform at the most competitive price. They have access to vendors via business listings sites, from which they may pick to purchase. The items are of excellent quality, ranging from indigenous to industry best sellers.

Listed categories- There are 51 top listed categories on the website of OnlyDesi along with more than 100 sub-categories. The sellers who are listed on the website of OnlyDesi provide the customers with top-class products and services.

TradeIndia- provides the business community with a single marketing platform for their goods and services It now offers a single platform for all businesses that include SMEs and MSMEs to advertise online. Its portal is a great platform for buyers and sellers from all over the world to connect and operate a business in a seamless, safe, and efficient manner.

Being a Digital Marketing Solution Provider and an E-Marketplace, TradeIndia has proven to reform the customer care area. Not only does it let buyers and sellers communicate, but it also offers payment protection plans (TI Pay), collateral-free loans (TI Lending), and logistics services (TI Logistics). Through a variety of online services and the coordination of trade promotional events, Tradeindia provides complete business solutions to the domestic and other business communities.

IndiaMart- connects customers and suppliers in India’s largest online B2B marketplace. With a 60 per cent market share in India’s online B2B classified area, the channel aims at offering a platform to SMEs, Large Enterprises, and individuals. The objective of the company is to make conducting business easier and quicker.

What are the benefits of online business listing sites?

There are some benefits of online business listing sites and the benefits online business listing sites provide are as follows:-

Extra manifestation- Every new listing site you obtain increases your chances of being discovered by new clients online.

People have varied preferences for directories and websites, thus the more sites you are listed in, the more prominent your company gets.

This is also beneficial when it comes to Google. Having your business data and connections to your website on outside web pages gives you more credibility in Google’s eyes. The more your trust in the authenticity and value of your listing material, the more likely you are to advance up the current search ranks for your industry.

Less money spent- Companies invest a lot of money to boost their rankings and online recognition, and because online listings are almost always free, they’re a really premium approach to attract more people to see your site.

Increase the number of visitors- Most business listing websites make money via site views, impressions, advertisements, and other forms of engagement.

They embrace new postings as a method to generate visitors when they depend on individuals. The host site profits from greater material, and your profits from free, search-indexed content that directs visitors to your services.

Local company listings also provide greater visibility than a company’s own website or social media may do. After all, in order to search for and browse your material, the consumer must already be familiar with your company. Users may explore more generally – for example, yard service or emergency piping and restrict results to locate you without recognizing your company name on a listing site.

Leads that are relevant- You most likely used Google to search for your difficulty and location. For example, you searched for “technician near me” and began reading the results in several directories. Your clients are almost the same way. The more sites you advertise on, the more probable it is that clients will see you.

Many of the promotions offered by these company listing websites are better qualified than those generated by other marketing strategies like outbound phoning or paid marketing.

Many of these websites also allow visitors to search by area. This signifies that qualifying leads have been identified based on their location. And the idea that they’re actively looking for a solution indicates that they’re working on things or have an issue that has to be solved soon.

What are the ways to create a valuable business listing site?

Above all, ensure that your company’s data is reliable. This is critical to ensuring that clients understand what you provide and how to reach you. It also aids your search engine optimization (SEO) and increases your chances of appearing higher in search results.

When Google notices that your data is posted differently on multiple websites, it hoists red flags that you’re not reliable.

What are the pieces of information that need to be included in free business listing sites?

The piece of information that needs to be included in free business listing sites are-

  • The name of the company
  • Contact information (numbers)
  • Mailing ID
  • Working Hours
  • Website
  • Categories and subcategories of the business
  • Logo of the company
  • Description of the business
  • Images that are relevant to the business

Create a document for yourself to retain all of the information once you have finished putting together the material for your initial listing. By replicating from your Master sheet, you may rapidly and effectively update new listings on additional sites as needed.

How to handle listings on free citation sites?

Keep a continuous note of where your business is listed along with the log-in information when you add it to new sites so you can return to make modifications in the future.

Consistency is crucial, but accuracy is much more so.

If company information changes, such as new categories to suit new services or updated opening hours, walk back and change your listings. Add a note for yourself to double-check this information every six months. This may appear to be a bother, but it will repay off after you continue to attract clients by providing accurate information.

What are the types of local business listing sites?

Local companies may utilise local listings and citation tools to effectively publish and update their web listings. This usually entails uploading your company’s data and contacting information to a number of different lists and sources. The various types of local business listing sites are as follows-

Geo-specific local business listing sites- Companies can publish information to geo-specific listings, such as Chamber of Commerce sites, to be included alongside other local businesses in their region.

Publications, websites and blogs- News websites, blogs, online publications, applications, official websites, and other sources can help firms expand or acquire secondary citations. Businesses may either gain these listings organically via exposure and recognition or artificially by building a profile and undertaking outreach.

An industry-specific listing- Local firms might frequently attempt to expand their entries in industry-specific listings. Certain professional associations, publications, or review websites may fall within this category.

Important business data aggregators- Businesses may build profiles and generate traffic on a number of top-tier company data aggregation platforms and listings.

The above-mentioned sites are the types of the local business listing sites along with their details.