Top 12 SEO Trends to Boost Your Site Traffic in 2021

seo trends

This is becoming harder and harder to rank higher than your competitors yearly. To help your company stand out from the crowd and attract clients, we decided to compile a list of the top 12 SEO trends for 2021.

Here are the 12 SEO trends that we consider will have a significant effect on your company in 2021

1 Brand specialist

We see Google put pressure on this with too much misleading information online in 2021 and placing extra focus on their (Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness) system. Whereas initially, it targeted fields such as health, finance, and industry, as time passes by, we see this one extending into other fields.

In search engine results pages, the brands that will rank well will be built on loyalty and reputation rather than 10,000 back-links and keywords.

To rank well in 2021, companies need to establish themselves as experts and deliver appropriate, reliable, detailed, and problem-solving information. Companies need to focus on creating a brand rather than focusing on short-term rankings.

 2 Video content

It is another one of the SEO trends for 2021. In the Search engines, we see so much video content is created and optimized daily. Google, assisted by YouTube, is the world’s largest search engine, so, it’s only a matter of time until videos start to appear favorably on Google.

A recent trend we’re starting to see is that blogs are being reconfigured into vlogs so that Google and YouTube can rank themselves.

3 BERT algorithm update

The BERT methodology is more about matching purpose rather than matching keywords. The BERT is a natural language and processing system for machine learning, and it aims to understand better the meaning of search terms instead of always random keywords.

 4 Made for humans, not for bots

Remember the days of keyword stuffing, and the Google algorithm is getting better. This works better for those companies that create high-quality content for people instead of bots. The purpose is that when the content is written for people, your time on page and level of engagement is greater.

 5 Site rapidity

We all understand that site speed is essential because otherwise, it wouldn’t be a ranking factor for Google. With so many people living their fast-paced life quickly and easily, the website needs to access rapidly.

If it takes a long time for your website to load, it might turn customers away. You can improve your site’s speed by ensuring that your pictures are optimized until they are uploaded to your website. Usually, this is the main reason for poor loading time.

6 Voice search

For years, we’ve been hearing about voice search, and how it is the next big thing. We are seeing a rise in voice search every year, but we don’t believe it’s there yet. The numbers are still very limited at the moment.

“We see most voice searches around things such as “what’s the climate like? “Or “what could be 10 × 4” or “set 15 minutes for an alarm.” Though it is still in its development, we assume it is something to keep a watch upon.

7 Mobile search

It is no secret that more and more people are searching online on their smartphones. Did you notice that more people check the mobile internet than they do on their Computers? It is because persons are on the move.

Your website must be created with ‘Mobile First’ in thought. It needs to be efficient, simple to operate and to offer customers a positive experience. Every year, we see these figures rise, and we think this will be a pattern that will continue long throughout 2021. What is shocking? Is there are so many sites not designed for mobile browsing.

8 Time on site

It’s no mystery that time on the internet is a ranking factor for Google. Therefore, why is this SEO trend in 2021? If you recognize what we’ve talked about above, you’ll see how essential it is to produce quality content. This shows Google that they have found what they are searching for if customers visit your website and spend a long time on your site, and then leave. This suggests that long-form content that breaks down challenges and offers aims to change can perform much better than short-form content.

9 Zero-click search

In the zero-click search area, people can find the answer to their questions most of the time, which means they don’t need to go to your website to find what they are searching for.

You need to use the FAQ schema on your website that is similar to keywords but popular to rank for a zero-click search.

10 Building a marketplace

Ask yourself the questions: where do people go whenever they need advice for funds? When do they need to find the right insurance where do individuals go? When you try to find a successful PPC agency, where do people go? They go out to a marketplace.

You can attract attention if you can create a marketing location that becomes an information Centre. People are searching for creative solutions and are looking for points of view that are impartial. You put yourself as the expert if you develop the marketplace, and you generate large amounts of traffic every month. Since this is a wild card, we are going to see if in 2021 this becomes an SEO pattern.

 11 Better UX

Visitors claim it when they land on a website that is tricky to access. Companies are competing for the attention of consumers these days, and if it is frustrating or difficult to navigate, then there are 10 other websites around here providing similar or slightly related services or products.

When you are designing your website, think about the customer journey. What are the important pieces of data to make a purchasing decision that they need to see? Font size, page velocity, navigation, and application optimization are a few elements to consider. The client is more likely to spend time on your site and be in a positive emotional state of mind by providing an enhanced customer experience.

 12 Data and tools free downloads

Everyone enjoys anything for doing nothing and Fermium is increasing in popularity, especially in the tech industry. Companies in the future will write blogs and try to address the questions of people in their posts. This has been how businesses have boosted traffic to the website.

The introduction of free tools and data is one of the major SEO trends we are seeing in SEO in 2021. Companies are designing free software that people can use for free, such as mortgage calculators, ROI downloads, and many other tools. This improves the website traffic and you can gather their information in return for using tools.


As we enjoyed placing it together, we hope you found this article interesting. While these are our expected 2021 SEO trends, a lot can change between now and then, and when it comes to algorithm updates, Google still has something up its sleeve. Whether you are looking for the best institute for SEO training in Chandigarh or support to enhance your traffic, visit cbitss Technologies. Our dedicated SEO trainers are happy to provide you training on live projects.