Top 10 Tips and tricks all WhatsApp users should know

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If you are in the 21st century, you definitely own a smartphone. Along with smartphones, we have this extraordinary messaging service called WhatsApp. As we know, it is an app that allows texting, voice/video calling, audio messages all in one. Hence, an important app, and it is important to learn the ways to use it.

So, here are some tips or tricks you should know about this app

  1. We have the feature of groups in WhatsApp and here as well you can check read status in group messages. WhatsApp shows two types of status in groups: Delivered to and Read by.

    To view your message status, long-tap the sent message and click on the circled ‘I’ icon in the top bar. Once your text is delivered to the members, their names will automatically be displayed under the Delivered heading along with time. If read receipts are turned on, their name will be shifted from the Delivered heading to the Read by the label when they read the message.

2 . Private Conversation In Group

Once in a WhatsApp group, you can privately message a group member from within the group itself by clicking their name in the chat. You will be displayed with three options: Message, Video Call, and Voice call. Click on the Message option to start the conversation privately.

3. WhatsApp Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. There are keyboard shortcuts for WhatsApp Web which can save time and are easy to use.

    Examples like- Ctrl + N: To start a new Chat, Ctrl + Shift + ]: Next chat, Ctrl + Shift + [: Previous chat, Ctrl + E: Archive chat, Ctrl + Shift + M: Mute chat, Ctrl + Backspace: Delete chat, Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark as unread, Ctrl + Shift + N: Create new group, Ctrl + P: Open profile status

4. Disabling Blue Tick Option

If you have the Bluetick option enabled, people can surely see the time you read their messages. You can definitely switch off Read Receipts on your phone and it will disable this option.

5. Mute WhatsApp Groups

If you are part of multiple WhatsApp groups, and cannot exit them. You can surely mute them off, this will disable the notification for you, which means if two people who are part of that group are conversing, you will not receive the notification. This is an amazing option that you can use if do not want to get disturbed.

6. Multiple Group Admins

  1. You can add multiple people as group admins. But only group admin can add other people as admin. This will save your time if you need multiple people in your WhatsApp group. You can surely make some group admins and can together add as many people as you want.

7. Searching for shared Files/Documents
On WhatsApp chat, we regularly share multiple pictures, links, or documents and it is a tedious task to find something which was sent around 1 year back. In thisscenario, WhatsApp has the feature of media. You can click on the top bar name and click on the Media label, a different window will get opened with three options- Media, Docs, Link. You can refer to the respective option based on your search.

8. Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on the same Computer

We have seen many people using two different WhatsApp accounts, or it can also be a single smartphone with multiple WhatsApp accounts. If you are required to use two WhatsApp Web accounts on the same computer, you can have one account signed into Chrome and sign in on a different account using Incognito Mode. Remember signing in with two different accounts on the same browser will not work. In Incognito Mode, we can use WhatsApp Web for an hour, and then it automatically logs you out.

9. Regional Language Typing:

Let’s say you’re a Malayali speaker and want to type in Malayalam. Well this can be done by installing a Malayalam Keyboard in Whatsapp. Similarly you can do it for other languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi too – depending on which language you speak in.

10. Invite through Links

WhatsApp has an easy method to invite people to the groups. Usually, the person who has created the group will not have the contact number of everyone. Hence, in cases like these, the admin can just share the invite link with other members and members can forward that link directly to people who need to be added.

To create an invitation like, we need to open the Group info screen and click on the ‘Invite via link’ option. On the new window, you can choose the method to share the link. Once the link is out and you do not want any other person to join the group, we have the option of revoking too by clicking on the Revoke link option.


These were some important tips and tricks for people who are on WhatsApp or who need to learn to use the app. These tips will surely make app usage easier. They are easier to use and save time in many situations. Happy Texting!

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