Top 10 ON-Page SEO Techniques for Highest Rankings.

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1. TITLE OPTIMIZATION: Page title is the starting point to rank your website, blog, article, or anything in a search engine. So, title optimization is a very important technique in ON-Page SEO. Before selecting your title need to do keyword research for the related content.

If it is possible use your keywords at beginning of the title, and the title must be short and descriptive with less than 70 characters. While this will helps in increasing Click Through Rate (CTR). Most importantly title and content must be relevant.

2. META DESCRIPTION: It is another important technique in ON-Page SEO. It will be shown on the Search Engine Rank Page (SERP), and it must contain less than or equal to 170 characters. It will provide an opportunity and attract users to click on your website.

Most importantly add relevant keywords in the meta description. Because while searching in google,  it will show the results based on the title and description with related keywords.

3. URL OPTIMIZATION: URL Optimization is an important technique in ON-Page SEO. For a good URL, it must be less than or equal to 250 characters, and for separation of different parts use `-` in the URL. Where URL must contain the targeted keywords and it must be short and descriptive.

If you are using Blogspot for creating your blog or article, it will automatically generate your URL and we can`t change it unless you are using a paid version of it.

4. PAGE CONTENT OPTIMIZATION: Content optimization is also the main technique of ON-Page SEO, and has to optimize the content with targeted keywords. It is mandatory to do keyword research publishing the blog, article, or anything.

After the completion of keyword research, you just need to list the related keywords and use them in Titles, Descriptions, Headings, and mainly in the Page content.

There are different tools for keyword research, but one of the simplest and easiest ways is GOOGLE SUGGEST.

5. HEADER TAGS: A page must have proper header tags, where it ranges from H1-H6. In, a page’s main title must be in the H1 tag and the following related headings must be in H2 and H3.

On a page there must be only one H1 tag, it will help in ranking your page or website at the top in SEARCH ENGINE RANK PAGE.

6. IMAGE SEO: Images are very important for every website, article, blog, and presentation. Without image SEO you can`t rank your websites at the top of SERP. Best Image Optimization Techniques are:

  • Create your own images and use them on your websites.
  • Reduce the size of the images to bytes.
  • Most importantly use `ALT TAG` to describe the image, and it also helps your to image to rank at the top.
  • Use relevant descriptive names for each image.

7. INTERNAL LINKING: Linking your own pages on your own website is very important for SEO. Because when search engine spider enters your website:

  • If you don`t have any interlinks, it will decrease your rankings in search engines.
  • If you added it, then it will find the links, and they will go and read those pages. So this technique is to tell the search engine about your undiscovered pages.
  • And it also makes users stay on your website for a long time by clicking the link you added and read it.

8. EXTERNAL LINKING: Adding your link to a website outside your website also in different domains. It also helps you in ranking your website.

  • If you have confidence in your content, then provide it to the readers.
  • Only link it to the websites you trust.
  • And link with the related websites which have unique and original content.

9. PAGE LOADING SPEED: It is a very important technique to rank your page at the top in the google search engine. The loading time of the page must be less than 5 seconds. For that:

  • You need to reduce the size of the images.
  • And, must need to remove the unwanted spam links on your website.

10. MOBILE FRIENDLINESS: As of now, nearly 60% of searches in Google are coming from mobile phones, So, that if your website is not mobile-friendly then you are going to lose more than half of the traffics to your website.

  • To check your website is mobile-friendly or not, then you need to check your website with `GOOGLE MOBILE FRIENDLY TOOL`.
  • Fix the problems and test your website on mobile.

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