Tips to Make Every Blog Article You Write Rank High in Google Search

SEO services in India

We often think that hiring good SEO services in India is all we need to make our website stand out. But did you know that it involves a lot more? Undoubtedly, a potential SEO team can help lure your audiences into the website but what drives them to transform into your prospective buyers is the content your website has to offer. As such, it is not only the products and services that matter but also your blogs and articles.

Let us help you obtain some standout tips to make every blog article you write rank high on google searches!

1. Write Long-Form Content

Long-form content is more equipped to gather backlinks. It also is more detailed, which makes the search engines opt for them first. So, any content that is more than 1200 words can be the desired pick. SEO services in India will also highly recommend this to you. So, make sure that when you write long content, you do not fluff them. Also, keep in mind to make them engaging so that the readability increases. Running the content on grammar tools may further make it more accurate and help achieve goals faster.

2. Increase Page Loading Speed

Do you ever visit a website and leave immediately because it takes too long to load? Well, we have all been there. This is one of the most annoying things that any audience has to undergo. Since nobody has the time to be patient enough for the page to load, you have to make sure your website has an incredible loading speed. Hiring the right SEO services in India can make that possible for you. They will make sure that it works well enough to keep any audience interested without waiting at all.

3. Optimize The Images

Most people think that simply inserting good-quality images is all it takes to make the search engines choose you. But No. It needs a bit more effort to be well-spotted. For that, you need to make sure you optimize your images using alt texts. That is why adding relevant keywords within them can be a good practice. With the right SEO services in India, doing these things only becomes a cakewalk. They will also help you add meta descriptions as and when required.

4. Optimize URL

Big URLs can instantly be a put-off for people. It is not easy to type or even paste anywhere. It also consumes lots of space. But for some reason, short URLs are much better and beneficial for your SEO. Hiring the right SEO services in India will foster you optimize your URLs. These short URLs also do not have any subfolders. That is why keyword-rich URLs are the best.

5. Write Guest Blogs

Many websites take up guest blogs. How does this help you? Well, it allows your website content to be exposed to other websites, which will ultimately improve your website’s search results. As such, the search engines will consider your content even faster, and you can end up obtaining more customers than ever. Hiring the right SEO services in India can help you do this without any inconvenience.


We hope you find this helpful. If you do, implement these ideas to make your website stand out.