Tips to help you write a long blog post for better SEO results

Tips to help you write a long blog post

We all know that writing a long blog post is good for getting a lot of views nowadays. However, not all blog posts are well optimized to get tons of SEO traffic. And for that, I would like to share my experience on how to write and make it well optimized to get better SEO results. These are tips to help you write a long blog post for better SEO results.

If you don’t know that SEO is one of the best marketing methods any blogger would use. However, it takes time to get the best results. And sometimes it takes us a while to start working on it. Because it requires some things to do. But, you can do all of it as you write a long blog post.

Tips to help you write a long blog post for better SEO results

Well, we all know that SEO is short for the sentence “Search Engine Optimization” and one of the best ways to get traffic. If you think otherwise, I would like you to check again and read more about it on all social media or the internet.

Before, when I was writing a blog post. I only used to focus on what to write. And forgot about other things. As I kept blogging, I learned a lot of new things. And some of them are these tips to help you write a long blog post.

If you used to do the same as me. I think it’s time for you to change and start following these tips. Because it will help you to save time, optimize content later, and get tons of traffic from the beginning. These Tips to help you write a long blog post will help you.

These are easy to do as well. You don’t have to spend tons of hours and effort. Just as you write the long post, make sure to consider adding it. Then, later, if you want to optimize more. Whatever you want, it’s up to you. And you still get tons of traffic.

It won’t help you to how to write a blog post. But it will help you write something great for SEO. Because writing a blog post. You can find tips here.

1. Include long-tail keywords in your text

Alright, I’m going to start with the most important one. As you write the blog post, for the best marketing through SEO. You need to make sure that you include long-tail keywords in your text. And make it blind very well in the text. This way, it’s good for the reader and doesn’t sound bad.

Some people would write long blog posts but don’t include long-tail keywords and that won’t let you get tons of traffic from search engines. And that would be unfortunate because search engines can get tons of clicks.

The long-tail keywords are long keywords. One of the best tips to help you write a long blog post and get tons of traffic from SEO is to include long-tail keywords in your post. Try to remember and practice if you are not used to it.

Don’t include randomly because that would make your readers stop reading your blog posts. And search engines would know that and don’t rank you well. So, you need to include keywords naturally and blend them into the text well.

2. Add related keywords to the topic

Also, another thing that will help you get tons of traffic from SEO marketing is adding related keywords to the topic. When you set the main long-tail keywords. You also need to include in the text other keywords related to that keyword.

This is something I didn’t even know until later, and then I started doing it. And it boosted my SEO traffic. So, now I’m trying my best to improve by adding the best-related keywords that will help me get more and more traffic from SEO.

Well, the best way to find related keywords is by searching for your main keyword or the topic you write about. When you use Google. You can find it at the bottom of the page. This will give related keywords you can add.

3. A summary and link to the list

You might not see it on a lot of blogs but adding a summary of the post at the top can also help you to get traffic. Google shows a list when you search tutorials or how-to keywords. And that is because it either has subheadings or has a summary list in the post.

I found out about this a little later, but it’s good to include it in your long blog post. It will help you to get more traffic when you rank on the first page. Because a lot of people would click on it. And read the rest of the list.

For this, I’m sure you can use a plugin on WordPress, but I’m not sure about other blog platforms. But I think you can search and see if you have it or not on your blogging platform.

4. Write hooking titles

One of the best things that can you get tons of clicks is when you have hooking titles. And for each long blog post. Make sure that you have a good title that hooks others to read your blog post. The more people click your title, the better rank you will get.

You will need to spend some time getting the best title. It will be worth it for better SEO results. Don’t rush to write a blog post and forget about SEO. Because you won’t be able to change it or it would be difficult to change the title.

This is one of the tips to help you write a long blog post. And it might take you some time to develop a good title that can hook tons of readers to check your blog post.

5. Include links to your blog and other blogs as well

It’s not only text you need to include in your blog post. A long blog post can do better than a short one when you include links to your blog and also other blogs. This is something I used to forget about it but now I’m trying to improve and add as many links on my blog post as possible. 

However, you need to make sure that the link will help your readers. And you need to check if the link is working or not. Because if it’s not working, you will drop in rank for that. Therefore, when you add links, make sure to check for broken links as well. It’s also something search engines looking for in a long blog post.