Here are 6 Tips for Building a Successful Business Website

building business website

Even brick-and-mortar stores that don’t engage in e-commerce these days need to have an online presence. Making a website isn’t particularly difficult because of the many website design tools available. You wish to attract more people despite having a lovely website. What ought you to do? I’ve chosen to share with you five straightforward methods for enhancing the efficiency of your website and bringing in and keeping more users. You can too hire a digital marketing agency in Jaipur that can help you portray the design you have in mind. Regardless of the software you select, keep these design tenets in mind, which are mentioned below. 

Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

Because there are so many tools for website design at your disposal, creating a website isn’t very challenging. More than one-third of American adults complete all of their online shopping through a mobile device, and American adults spend more than five hours per day on their phones. Of course, a positive user experience is a requirement for your business’s mobile website. Seo company in Jaipur helps you to make your website mobile friendly and can too help you to rank on the search results of google.

Make it Simple to Locate

You require a domain name that either matches the name of your business or in some way conveys what you do. Even more, visitors to the website may arrive via more than one domain. To accomplish this, you must implement technical SEO best practices, keyword research, content marketing, and paid advertising campaigns.

Your Contact information should be placed above the fold

If the success of your company hinges on customers being able to reach you or your sales team, make sure that information is prominently displayed.

According to David Brown, CEO of, “Your contact information should be prominent, ideally at the top of the site, so that visitors don’t have to seek for a phone number or address if they wish to contact the firm.” Put your social media links in the website header or footer, where they are visible if you utilize social media to engage with your audience.

Make the Navigation Simple

Weebly co-founder and chief product officer Dan Veltri suggest keeping your top-level navigation menu to five distinct tabs with relevant sites arranged beneath them. Additionally, no matter where your viewers land on your page, you should provide a direct path back to the main page. A Google search will frequently direct your reader to a page other than your website’s home page.

Ensure Accuracy

It should go without saying that erroneous information, whether a wrong number, out-of-date product information, or basic grammatical errors, will turn off customers. You should periodically verify each page, especially after making adjustments elsewhere, and proofread each page before it goes live.

Be Mindful of the Requirement for Speed

According to research by the digital marketing firm Akamai, 88.5% of website visitors will leave a page that loads slowly. Nearly 70% of online customers now base their selections on how long it takes a webpage to load.

Use a website host that can accommodate your bandwidth needs, maintain your software updated, optimize your videos and graphics for speedy downloads, and make sure your website operates smoothly.


While your brand and user experience are at the core of most variables that make a website successful, it’s critical to understand technology, user feedback, and insights in order to optimize and develop your site over time. You can consult with a digital marketing company in Jaipur and compete in this competitive market as visuals work as the first impression.