Top 10 things you may be forgetting when creating a blog

creating a blog

Creating a blog may seem easy, and many times it can be but when you don’t know what you are doing it can be worse than having one! You have probably tried to create a blog before only to give up because you were getting no traffic or your content was not being found. Here we discussed the top 10 things you may be forgetting when creating a blog

1. User Experience Design (Does my blog look good?)

When creating a blog, bloggers need to design simply from the user’s point of view, not their own personal opinion. For example, Some people like more learning curves, while some would rather have everything simple and easy for them to implement. If you are talking about usability in blogging, it is not just about making it look great but providing useful tips and tutorials that make your site valuable for visitors as well as yourself. Elegance in design comes when the function is clearly defined by content with a minimalistic approach. People love things that are easy to understand with no fuss involved- make sure yours meets these criteria!

2. Solve problems vs creating problem

Blogs provide value-added knowledge either through your own experience or through others who have shared their experience. Before developing your blog idea, you should be able to clearly identify the problems people face in your niche and provide solutions for them. People love reading blogs where they find a solution to their most pressing needs without having to spend weeks trying to figure out how to do it themselves.

3. Content:  How much content will drive traffic?

The first thing that will determine how many visitors come to your site is CONTENT! If you want more traffic you need more content like videos, pictures, infographics, etc…This does not mean you should just write anything (although I know some bloggers believe this), but if someone searches something specific on search engines, and your post appears as one of the first few items, then you will drive more traffic.

4. Target Audience: Who is your audience?

I guess this does not need an explanation. You cannot start blogging about anything; you have to choose a niche and stick with it! If you want to get people from all over the world (an example of this would be Wikipedia) then you should provide content in many languages but if you want local people or only those in certain countries, then pick a language and blog about that. To know who your target audience is, check out the demographics of Google Analytics, Alexa Rank, Demographics on social networks and use these numbers as a base outline for your target audience.

5. Search Engine Optimization: How to get more organic traffic?

The keyword ranking of your post determines how many visitors you will be able to attract from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are two parts to SEO; one is on-page SEO which involves making a website’s code friendly with search engine bots in order for them to pick up content easily and then there is off-page SEO where you get other people to link back to your blog thereby pushing it higher in the rankings. If the former has been done correctly, especially if an article ranks high for multiple keywords, the latter will follow automatically leaving you with a steady stream of organic traffic. This strategy works best coupled with a great user experience design as well. 

6. Analyze your competitors

This is the first step in creating a blog or website that generates tons of traffic! By analyzing what other bloggers have done, you will be able to avoid their mistakes and follow whatever steps they took to succeed. You can also analyze your own site and see if there are any changes you could implement for better SEO rankings as well as a better user experience design. 

7. Create killer content

Your articles should be interesting enough for users to want more! Well-written, interesting content with useful information is always worth its weight in gold especially when it comes from an authority figure (that’s you). It will not only rank high in the search engines but people are likely to share it on social networks and search engines as well. If you want more traffic, get your visitors hooked with quality content. Recently We found a Boca Raton Electrician Who Just Publish an 11k Word Killer Content. Really Cool.

8. Build Relationships with others

If you want to keep on blogging, build relationships with other bloggers and ask them to link back to your posts. This will help increase traffic without having to work so hard for it!

9. Pay attention to your site’s load speed

Google penalizes sites that take too long for the content to load thereby lowering their ranking in Google search results pages (SERP). If you have a slow website then start working on optimizing its speed for better SEO rankings as well as a better user experience design.  This is one of the easiest ways to generate high volumes of traffic in a short time! You can use Rank Checker by Ahrefs or check this post if you are interested in learning how to check the site speed of your blog or website.

10. Use relevant keywords and phrases in your post title

This is a tried and tested method to increase search engine traffic, but it works! Make sure that you are using keywords that people are likely to use when searching for things on search engines like Google. Also, make sure the title of your post gives them enough knowledge about what they will learn from reading it. If you do this correctly, then there is no reason why you should not see an influx of traffic within minutes!

It is always a good idea to get as many people as possible to view your posts, right? It helps you rank higher on search engines like Google and people like linking and sharing stuff they have found useful. By doing it this way, you are sure to attract traffic whether you want local users or the whole world out there, just don’t forget that content is king!