Telegram Marketing And Its Use In Content Promotion In 2021: How Good Is It?

telegram marketing

(Gone are the days of traditional advertising. Social media and apps are the new way to reach out to people. Find out which one is the best platform for your business.)

There has been a lot of fuss regarding Facebook and WhatsApp. But did you know that Telegram is also among the most used one? It is more famous than Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and Reddit in certain countries like Singapore. It is used widely by all groups of people and across the world.

Recently, it is also being used for marketing and has proven to be one of the most effective platforms for new as well as already established companies like book of ra. Just like Instagram is evolving as one of the major platforms for content promotion, the Telegram channels and groups are not far behind. Various kinds of businesses use this medium for promotion. Be it food services, all are ditching old ways of advertising and resorting to more modern mediums. 

In this article today, we shall explore how and why the Telegram market is ruling the promotion world. Therefore, let us dive right into the good stuff. 

What Is Telegram

The Telegram app, just like WhatsApp, is a cloud-based messaging application. The app is available on mobile devices as well as on desktop. Telegram has a better desktop interface compared to WhatsApp because it does not need a constant connection with your mobile application. Despite this, it has a lower user base. However, it is quite popular among the younger generation.

Telegram has a high level of information security. People who are apprehensive about WhatsApp’s Privacy update can use this app instead. You can delete a message after sending it without any trace. It will not even be accessible to the authorities. You can also save messages here. These can be referred to later on.

Telegram is a great way to communicate with your friends and family. The app also has group chats and channels. You can join groups that are associated with brands and businesses.

Telegram as a Platform for Marketing

If used in the right way, Telegram SSM can be a great business for new and experienced sellers. It has over 200 million users all over the world. Although the number is quite low in comparison to WhatsApp and Facebook, it is easier to promote products there. In Telegram, you can create a huge community to promote your business. You can go on expanding your chain of prospective buyers.

Telegram is an ideal platform for online business owners. It allows you a platform where you can build your community. Other platforms may have many users, but the network that connects one with the others is weaker in comparison to Telegram. For example, if you have 20k followers, only 2% of them interact with your post. The reaching out quotient of Telegrams is quite high. Also, on other platforms, you must pay for ads and that could be an unnecessary burden. But if you have a group in Telegram, you know your message and the non-paid ad is being exposed directly to your audience. This has your advertising intensive instead of extensive. But it is an effective method for people who do not wish to spend too much money on advertisements. 

WhatsApp groups are also good for the above-enumerated purpose, but think about it! You can only add 250 people to a WhatsApp group. This limit serves no purpose for people who wish to extend beyond a limited circle.

Reasons to Use Telegram for Business 

Like we have already pointed out, Telegram can be a great opportunity for promoting your brand, ideas, and art. Telegram business is still a new thing but will soon become one of the most influential advertising mediums. Now let us see how well this platform can be used as a medium of business. 

Sharing and Promoting Your Content 

Telegram channels and groups are becoming a new trend to share and promote content, updates, deals, and promotions. If you are a part of a channel, messages broadcasted will be directly notified to you. Users join only those channels that interest them. Thus, there is a high chance that more people will respond and pay heed to your broadcasts than in any other medium of advertisement. This makes Telegram for bloggers an ideal platform. 

Promotion and sharing will automatically raise your brand awareness and more and more people will come in contact with your brand directly or indirectly. A good marketing strategy does not only include sales, but also expand the reach out. Telegram helps you do that.

Gives You a Solid Customer Base 

Since you have an intimate yet extended group, your customer base is likely to be stronger than ads that bring in mostly flying customers. Such ads do not do much good at building a customer base but can only bring you some customers from time to time. Think of billboards or tv advertising. They do not have a particular audience to direct their promotion towards.

Lets You Influence Your Customer Base

Most advertising mediums can get on the nerves of the audience. Ask yourself, would you like an ad of the ‘best milk powder’ constantly interrupting your videos if you are lactose intolerant? No, right? But how about the best beauty products and new launches if you are a makeup artist? We hope you have got your answer! 

Since a Telegram group generally has people who are interested in the group’s matters of concern, it becomes easier to attract people’s attention and keep influencing them. Most of these people in your group are interested in your business and thus will give your content a thought. If your posts are decent, there is a high chance you will bag a brand-new customer whom you can keep interested in your further projects. Many people are using Telegram for blogging precisely to develop and maintain a group audience.

Drives Traffic to Your Website 

Telegram ads have the advantage of driving traffic to websites. While you share and promote your content on the platform, you can add direct links to your website. It will send the most interested audience to your main website. 

Potential customers love to check the website of the respective brand whether they buy something. This could be a great incentive if you wish to drive more and more traffic. Promote sales and offers on Telegram and ask customers to visit your webpage directly. 

Telegram Marketing Methods 

There are three primary Telegram marketing methods that you can use to promote your content:

Telegram Channel 

You can simply create a channel on Telegram to promote your business. It helps you reach out to people and make connections. It works especially great for newer business ventures that need to be put across among people. 

Telegram Group

Groups are a more inclusive way of involving customers. It helps in maintaining a strong base and ensures that you are never off the consumer’s mind. Telegram accounts that make up your group are generally only the people interested in your line of business. Thus, they are easier to win over. 

Telegram Bots 

Telegram bot in marketing is a relatively new method. It allows you to create A.I for business purposes. 

Some of the Great Ways to Telegram Marketing 

Create and Share 

Let us begin by talking about the most basic ways – creating and sharing. You can share your content on this platform and access more people than other such messaging sites. 

Have Other Forums to Promote Your Channel 

Just having an account on Telegram will not do. You must also find other platforms to promote your channel. These platforms make communicating with the audience easier. You can try resorting to Reddit and Quora. They get a lot of flying viewers that will bring more customers. 

You can share, introduce and recommend your channel to garner views and help your channel grow. Interacting with the customers is one of the main components of having a strong customer base. 


Telegram Widget allows you to set up click-on-advertisements. This way of marketing is quite effective and not too costly. You must pay for your ad on the platform, but only per click. For instance, you have got 26k clicks on your Telegram ads, you pay only for those clicks. This means you are paying only for prospective customers. It ensures that you are spending your money on promoting your brand if nothing. 

Telegram Fake Users 

Telegram fake users are a great way to spike up the number of your channel members. These users are easy to get and come cheap. They help you increase the number of users and that can attract a lot of other people to your group. When you purchase fake users, you must keep in mind that one day the algorithm will delete them. They are temporary, and thus they must be used to attract more people instead of keeping the group static. You can either replace them with new fake users or try to get real users. 

Fake members cannot manually leave the group, but real users can. So make sure that you have a good balance of fake and real users. Think about your subject, money, and time while choosing the kind of users. 

Final Words 

Telegram is a great place for marketing. But your success depends on how well you can utilize the platform. Choose your Telegram market tools wisely. Decide if Telegram bots work for you or click-ons and take a step likewise. Whether you are a blogger or a business person, this platform can help you expand and hold on to a large customer base.

Author’s Bio: 

Arthur Rowley is a freelance writer. He mainly specializes in the design and the game industry. He likes everything to do with design and video games. He looks into the future of technology and is very excited about its daily metamorphosis and hopes in the future for what lies behind the curtain of technological development.