Get The Word Out With These Top Digital Marketing Strategies To Promote Your On-Demand App

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To date, there are about 3 million on-demand apps. Don’t let your app be lost in the crowd. Here are top digital marketing strategies that will create buzz and boost downloads for your on-demand app.

The year 2020 is a year to remember. A lot of marketers are struggling to keep up the pace with the events that are shaping and shifting the business practices. We live in an on-demand world, where everything is easy, quick, hassle-free to book and get it done anytime, and anywhere. However, the competition is ever increasing, thus require different, and effective digital marketing strategies to promote your on-demand app.

Relying on age-old marketing techniques and strategies won’t do good. To exploit the marketplace, it is vital to deploy something unique and different. Read on, we have listed some of the unique, sure-shot digital marketing strategies to promote your on-demand app.

Research what your competitors are providing

An effective digital marketing strategy begins with knowing what your competitors are offering in their app. What makes them different, why are they chosen over other apps, and so on? Gathering the data of their niche marketing can help you know who you are going to compete with.

From elderly people to working professionals to teens everyone has a different demand. Your on-demand app cannot be one size fit rule. You need to have specific features addressing their expectations.

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Know how users are interacting with the other apps thus giving you the clarity to work on your weaknesses and selling points.

Starting early

It takes time to build awareness for your app. Thus, waiting for your launch date, you can start promoting the app on various social media platforms as well as another medium to let people know that an app is going to unveil.

You can start with your family members, friends, colleagues, and clients

Soliciting the feedback from your inner circles can be extremely beneficial in knowing the loopholes. The critics can be used to improve the app.

A website is a must

Having a website for your app is a must thing. It is the main contact point where your customers interact. Also, it helps in expanding your online presence by displaying the same look to your potential users who are not comfortable using the app.

The website can have detailed content by adding different menus like blogs, trending news, image gallery, reviews from your customers, etc.

Optimizing the pages in the app store

It is a sure-shot thing – when you SEO optimize your pages in the app store. Like how your website is optimized, the app requires the same efforts.  Your app store page is your storefront, thus to provide the desired limelight and to get more download, it is crucial to keep optimizing the pages on regular basis.

Having blogs can be a Bonus

It is one of the proven digital marketing strategies that you should leverage to promote your app product. Especially when you are launching a local on-demand app. Once your blog starts ranking, Google realizes the value and put you ahead of the competition. Imagine your app product blogs are appearing on the first page, which is so amazing, knowing people are appreciating your blogs.

Create a buzz through Social Media

Social media is a boon when it comes to promoting and marketing products. Promote your app leveraging it on various social media platforms. To make it tempting, offer your users “pre-launch deals” or pitch them loyalty programs, etc. The more you make your app viral, it reaches more people thus, resulting in more downloads. 

Connect with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the effective mediums in the world of digital marketing. With the right email marketing strategy, you can stand ahead of your competitors. 

Some of the fact that suggests leveraging email marketing can be successful:

  • 98% of the people check their emails daily
  • About 65% of email users respond to their emails regularly
  • World-wide average open rates 23% 

This cost-effective marketing strategy can help you reach wider audiences. You can promote your on demand app by pitching them promotional offers, talking about the unique features, benefits of using the app, and so on. With the help of email marketing tools or connecting with a company offering email marketing services can be highly beneficial in getting your brand name out.


The competition is tough and the on-demand market is ever-growing. Every day a new app is launched promising moons and stars. So, let them offer moon and stars we offer a high-end user-centric on-demand that caters to your audience, making their life easy and streamlined. To develop the latest technology app, you need to get in touch with a professional mobile app development company having expertise in making on-demand apps. Their expertise mobile app developers know the right ingredients of launching a successful app. Get the live demo done, just to make sure that everything works fine. Make sure that the app company is selling you a white-label source code clone script.