How To Start An SEO Business: A Complete Guide

starting an seo business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the first and foremost thing for brand interactions in this ever-evolving digital landscape. With an average of 137,000 startups emerging every day, the demand for SEO agencies is also increasing. Nevertheless, it is a booming industry with a fair profit ratio. According to CareerFoundary’s Report, 60% of SEO professionals earn at least—or more than—the U.S. median ($57,456 for men and $47,299 for women).

Indeed, it is a growing niche, but you might be wondering how to start an SEO business. Moving further, we are going to list every nitty-gritty detail of starting an SEO agency from scratch.

Basic Things You Need To Start An SEO Business

Assuming that you have a fair idea of what SEO is, here are things you need to kickstart your journey.

  • A Laptop
  • An Active Internet Connection
  • Social Media Accounts
  • A payment account
  • SEO knowledge

Steps To Start An SEO Business

Now, let’s walk through the essential steps of starting an SEO business.

1. Learn SEO

Opening an SEO Agency in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Delhi, or any other location is impossible without the knowledge of SEO. So, first of all, you need to master SEO. It will provide you with knowledge of every aspect of SEO. To learn SEO, you can join courses or find valuable videos on YouTube. 

2. Build A Website

After learning SEO, you need practical experience because more than theory, practical experience is needed to start an SEO business. For this, you can start a personal blog that will also help you earn some money through affiliate commissions. Another option to get hands-on experience is to get a job. A specific benefit of approaching a job is you get the guidance, so it becomes easy to learn everything needed.

3. Find Your Passion

Business owners look for specialisation, so they avoid agencies that provide every service. You should also search the area of your interest, and while learning SEO, you will recognise it. Because it differs according to people, itcould be link building, keyword research, or else. After you learn what you like, master everything related to it.

4. Find Clients

Now, that you have honed your skills and have knowledge of SEO, it’s time to find some clients and earn money. But how can you do so? For this, use 2 methods written below:

Check Freelancing Sites

There are lots of freelancing sites that you can check out to find some clients. It’s not easy, though you can try it. Some people earn lacks in a month using freelancing sites.

Use Calling & Emailing

Cold calling and emailing are difficult but can get you some clients at the beginning. If you are an extrovert and have convincing skills it would be easy for you to get clients using calls and emails. 

5. Foundation Of Business

Until now, you must be getting some clients; however, to bring your business into a running condition, you must avoid unnecessary distractions and stay focused on your work. Filling taxes and collecting payments are two common activities that can waste your time. For this, you can hire an accountant and use invoice software.

6. Grow your Business

Growing your business will take time and require you to remain consistent with your work with complete dedication. You can hire virtual assistants and freelancers when you get an excess amount of work and feel overwhelmed. You can hire full-time employees once you start getting a stable amount of money. 

Summing Up

SEO business is growing significantly in the world, and it is a great source of making huge money. To start an SEO business you need a laptop/PC, an active internet connection, a social media account, and a payment account. The steps to start this business consist of learning SEO, getting experience, and finding clients. Dedication and patience are two integral characteristics you must have to set up this business. Comment below and let us know if you liked this blog, and share which SEO service you would like to deliver.