In today’s world stating that most individuals invest a good fragment of their days on social media would not be an exaggeration. Social media has become an important part of our lives and daily routines. More than a few of us are obsessed with it so much that the first thing we do after waking up is to check our social media feeds.

Business is dynamic, so is social media and so are trends. So to grow your business you need to know the current social media trends, and that’s exactly what we are here for. 

Social media marketing is one of the most crucial marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses. And it requires more than creating a few social media accounts where you expect your target audience to discover you. What you also require is to understand the latest social media trends.

Right from the very latest social media marketing strategies, we’ll dig deep into the social media trends every marketer should know in media marketing agency will provide social media strategies. This will surely give your business the boost it needs. So? Are you ready? Let’s hurry and dive into the trends!

Where Audiences Are Spending Their Time during the Pandemic

With the way that online businesses operate, consumer behavior has also changed amid the coronavirus pandemic. Consumers spend more time at home and on social networks significantly, hence three trends have emerged i.e. gaming, YouTube, and home-based niches. 

Due to the restrictions on sports and entertainment gatherings, the gaming sector has mostly been boosted. Demand for it is likely to continue increasing until they ease. You can take advantage of this by evaluating opportunities to reach your audience through gaming. And it can be done by collaborating with gaming companies, working with gaming influencers, or creating gaming-related content. 

Our other trend is YouTube, which has surpassed Facebook to become the most admired video platform during the pandemic. There have been higher engagement rates on YouTube than any other video platform. It’s high time to consider a video marketing strategy if you don’t have one already. And if you do, we’d suggest you reassess your YouTube strategy and dedicate more resources to it. 

As restlessness creeps in, consumers have also started to pick up on new home-based interests and hobbies. This provides enormous growth opportunities to your businesses whose products know how to produce relevant and engaging content around them and are related to this niche. 

Authenticity matters in social media marketing

A mounting number of consumers view authenticity as an important factor in determining which brands they like and support.  Authenticity is also particularly crucial for the youthful generation, Gen Z and Millennials, in particular, who enjoy visual, raw, and real content more than the older crowd. 

There, however, appears to be a gap between what brands publish and the type of content consumers enjoy. Though almost all marketers believe that they are creating authentic content that consumers can relate to, half of all consumers think that fewer than half of all brands are creating truly authentic content.

Ephemeral content will keep gaining popularity

Instagram and Snapchat stories are absolute examples of ephemeral content. The content which is accessible for a short duration only and then disappears after a particular amount of time is Ephemeral content. If you’re not on stories daily, we think you should be. People’s attention these days, spans are short, and the way they consume it has changed. Stories are short, engaging, and hypnotizing. Your audience can spend a lot of their time tapping through multiple stories. They love to take part in polls, use augmented reality, and see low-key, authentic content from brands. Many marketers have incorporated stories in their strategies or plan to do so in the future. Be one of those! 

Instagram will remove likes

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and any major change that takes place on this platform can have a dramatic effect on the wide world of social media marketing. The previous year has been a tumultuous one with Instagram’s latest changes and algorithm tweaks causing a stir. The following years are set to be no different. One major change already happening was Instagram removing the likes feature for posts for some accounts in Australia, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and the US. It soon may apply this change globally. 

With this new announcement, many brands are feeling the pressure as many wonder how they can easily report on their social efforts with such features being removed. An alternative view to it is that it’ll stop consumers judging content with fewer likes and liking what speaks to them rather than what is popular among other users. 

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Influencer marketing will continue to soar

Influencer marketing indeed is not a new trend, however, it is something that is going to stay for a while. Influencers who are getting paid exorbitant amounts to promote brands dominate social media today. 

We can see the adoption of this trend from both perspectives. One can be seen by the absolute rise in the number of influencers on social media. And the other can be seen by the elevation in marketing spend on influencer marketing by businesses.

Sinking money into influencers is much cheaper than running paid ad campaigns and yet it delivers good results. Furthermore, influencers can help marketers reach a variety of marketing goals and not just generate leads. This is why it has become so popular and is continuously getting stronger and bolder.

Marketers are working with a whole network of small, relevant, niche influencers rather than just collaborating with one or two influencers. These sorts of influencers get much higher engagement and cost much less. Moving forward, more and more marketers will apply this strategy and work with multiple smaller influencers instead of one celebrity. 

Wrapping up

Here are some of the trends that will dominate the social media landscape in 2020 and beyond. Take these to your advantage and always stay a step ahead of your competitors. 

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