7 Social Media Tools for Escape Room Business

social media tools

Are you looking for unique ways to expand your escape room business reach? Many of the programmers and owners of escape games get stuck on this often, as you did. And like any other problem, there are unmatched and worthy solutions to this too!

Administrators of escape rooms work extremely hard to make their visions become a reality. For numerous individuals to appreciate, they invest months in developing captivating games and creating interactive environments. However, many spaces operate below potential as a result of a lack of traffic.

The goal of this piece is to give you several of the top advertising social media tools and ideas you can use to expand your escape game business.

1. Google My Business

Every company needs Google, particularly startups and small companies that primarily target local customers. What will have an impact and let consumers know that your business is active is an effective Google My Business page. It can let them know that escape rooms also offer a good birthday celebration place

Customers can browse through the window to see an overview of all the crucial information about the business you run. You are permitted to showcase everything that is necessary to make a positive first impression, including pictures, videos, client reviews, and hours of activity. Additionally, you can attach links to your booking website and display forthcoming events without paying any additional fees. 

2. Online Marketing

You will require to begin developing some brand recognition once you have founded your business and also have expanded your Google footprint. Web-based marketing frameworks are very helpful if you are just starting out as an escape room host. An excellent place to start is with marketing using Google Ads and Social Media Ads. Your initial advertisement campaigns can be effortlessly created, and you can monitor their effectiveness at any moment.

3. Trusted Feedback

Begin right away, working on gathering more input if you want to be one of the key respondents in your business field. Don’t be suspicious; a lot of 5-star reviews frequently pay off.

 Utilise every opportunity to speak with clients after a visit to inquire about how it went. Talk about their issues and always react to criticism. To show them that you really care about their needs and provide outstanding service, acknowledge and express sympathy.

4. Interactive Video Promotion

Don’t we all get more engaged with something that is visual rather than something that’s just text-based? This is also true for online marketing aspects. To provide an insight into the thrilling universe of your escape game world, produce compelling video material. Hire a qualified photographer and filmmaker to record the best times and circulate them in the best eye-catching manner you can find. Your social networking activity will show that you care about the client experience and would like to ensure that it is fun and thrilling at all times.

5. Blog Writing

It’s a smart concept to launch a blog that informs and fascinates new readers. You are going to be free to talk about whatever you would like in a manner that places your escape business in the spotlight.

 Work with visiting writers who are local to you. They will spread the word about the adventure to a larger public, which will assist you in increasing business recognition. They can meet you for free in exchange.

6. Vouchers and Savings

Offer gift vouchers and savings. It is an actual phenomenon. Modern people are very concerned with finding the best deal and saving money wherever they can. Discounts should only be used sparingly as you risk not filling your areas safely. Set restrictions on bookings and a limit.

 Before beginning to strongly make offerings, give yourself a few months. We suggest doing this because you’ll need some information to calculate the number of spaces you can realistically “afford” to offer for less.

7. Visitor Data Usage

The longer a website is functioning, the greater amount of data is available for useful research. Monitor website traffic and prospects, and avoid letting them slip away! A unique marketing plan can be readily developed for the days, months, and seasons of the year that are more prosperous.


Nowadays, a successful marketing plan is essential for the growth of every company. This rule applies to escape rooms as well. It takes more than a fantastic experience and exceptional praise to make it expand and become more integrated with consumers. Find an approach to stick out from the throng by thinking outside the box!