Six best social media strategies for a startup

social media strategies

Social media marketing is most important for any startups to grow. They need to have a proper strategy for marketing. Over 45% of the world’s population using at least one channel. Social media marketing for small businesses is no longer something that can be done on impulse. 

Around three-quarters of American adults use social media marketing. It is an essential part of any business strategy. 

Indeed social media platforms are best to connect with people who already like your brand. It is also vital to reach the group who haven’t heard about your brand. 

Any business irrespective its size and niche doesn’t see success if it’s not advertised right. Traditional advertisements on radio and pamphlets now have been swiped to ads on social media and flyers. This is where marketing strategies come to the picture. 

Youngsters should study marketing because it enables the opportunity to review that process with design, promotion, and branding complexities. Studying marketing is essential as it influences consumers’ buying process that leads to good sales. 

Creating social media strategies is not at all scary if You follow the below tips.  

Here are concrete social media strategies for a startup:

  1. Create high-quality content marketing strategies 

Quality content is a critical factor for any social media marketing to work. Content marketing has been a leading way of marketing for a long time. Most brands are not creating high-quality content with a proper posting schedule and the correct frequency posts. High-quality SEO content appropriately linked will benefit you to reach potential customers at the right time. Apart from this its capacity to attract an organic audience, good content marketing can be executed for free. Ensure to create a relevant hashtag strategy along with optimized and precise content. 

2. Make use of social media marketing automation tools. 

Suppose you are not able to hire employees for maintaining social media accounts. You can make use of tools that ease the burden of social media management. 

Marketing automation tools can benefit you to schedule and expand social media updates from one single dashboard. 

Some of social media automation tools:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Hubspot
  • Social Flow

3. Create a community for audience 

Followers list are essential for social media success. It would help if you built a good connection with the audience. Combine personality through emotions into your posts and it allows the audience to relate to your brand. Social media is all about getting connected, and if your customers see repeatedly the same posts, they will lose interest. 

Ensure you communicate interactively by:

  • Asking questions to your audience 
  • Collecting their opinions 
  • Sharing informative news than a sales pitch 
  • Asking them to speak with posts through likes and shares

4. Post content consistently 

Choosing the right platform is essential but keeping customers engaged by posting consistently is much more vital. Posting daily may not look so credible. But you can publish content every week to reach more audiences. Posting always will make it easier for your audience to get and know your brand.

5. Engage the audience by going live 

You can narrate a story on your brand and share with your audience. Facebook and Instagram have an excellent option of creating streaming features that are not completely used by many famous brands. Start using the live streaming feature. 

Live stories are best to:

  • Display your audience that your brand benefits them the most 
  • Create engagement and motivate your customers 
  • Create shareable and informative content

6. Do proper market research. 

Before you start making social media plans, you need to know your competitors and trends in the market. You can not blindly create posts and add in social media platforms. You have to conduct thorough market research. It helps you to understand what your customers are looking for and how you can satisfy their needs. Random acts of marketing spoil your time and money. Social media marketing for startups needs a subtle implicated approach. 

Before jumping into the social media marketing type of waste pool, do thorough research on your audience. You would have already done while creating a business plan. Now you need to research social media aspects for your business. 

Conducting market research will benefit you to filter your marketing goals. 

Essential things you should count while conducting market research:

  • The location of your targeted market
  • The online performance of targeted market
  • Time spent by your competitors on the internet 
  • Which social media they are more active 
  • How often they use social media 

Instead of registering on every social media platform, look which platforms your customers use more. By creating campaigns on selected platforms can save your money.  

7. Create visual content 

Video marketing is an easy way to get more fans. Videos from Facebook attract more people. You can view the broadcast just before clicking the like button on the landing page of social media platforms. The videos published on the Facebook page and the consistent uploading of live shows will get streamed to your Twitter or blog account. 

The backlinks of the videos shown in the fan page will tell users from where the video had founded. This benefits in getting videos going viral. Plus you can even request people to watch the video so add a certain amount of personal touch and avoid getting spammed. 

Here are fantastic tips to get social media posts noticed

  • Create a call to action link to your posts. This needs to be done frequently when you wish your audience to take action on your blog or fill the feedback form. 
  • Create a question and answer posts. It gives customers in-depth information about your service or products. 
  • Ensure you create a user-friendly post. Post needs to be attractive and catchy. It helps customers to interact with the post quickly. 
  • Keep your post simple and use understandable wordings. 
  • Keep reviewing social media strategies frequently. Alter plans now and then. 


Business worldwide is slowly shifting to group customers on their social media platforms more than their websites. Above strategies help you to compete with other brands. It also helps to create a social media plan that will confront the test of time. 

Author bio: Jane is an educator and marketing professional who has interacted with students and industry professionals alike. She is also the co-founder and consultant at Top My Grades, an educational platform. Jane specializes in delivering business management assignments to students. Beyond work, you can find her on a trekk with friends or fishing.