10 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Your Brand

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If you provide them with something to discuss and sometimes, even in the absence of a topic, People are likely to comment, mention, or chat about your company on various social networks. While it is easier to monitor their conversations when they tag your brand, you should also be aware of what they are saying without labeling them. The process of manually tracking conversations could be a pain, even if not impossible, to keep track of all meaningful discussions.

Monitoring tools for social media could aid you in understanding and reaching out to your intended customers. Monitoring tools will allow you to analyze the performance of your business in real-time and assist you in assessing the effectiveness of your strategies.

Here are the Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Your Brand


Hootsuite keeps track of and shares content on various social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. It makes custom reports by analyzing over 30 different report modules to identify the status of colleagues and clients. It measures brand perception and follower growth with including Facebook Insights and Google analytics. It has a dashboard that you can use on the devices you use for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android. You can write your messages and schedule them to be live when your audience is likely online.

Top Features: Manage and plan your social media and messages networks to be published soon. Discover what people in your customers are commenting on your brand and interact with them. Secure your logins and secure your profile as well as your permission levels.

Twitter Counter

The counter provides the ability to analyze your Twitter account. It will give you data on Twitter use, monitor your Twitter status, and displays the most recent Twitter users and followers. Counter also provides a range of widgets and buttons users can incorporate into their websites and blogs.

Social Mention

Social mentions are an analytical tool that combines user-generated content into one data stream. It measures and tracks your social media presence and shows what users are saying about your company and your business while also monitoring the social media activity of hundreds of websites.


Klout is a site and mobile application that utilizes data from social media to evaluate its users based on the influence of social media on their websites by using its “Klout Score” It is a numerical number ranging from one and 100. It evaluates the impact on Twitter to determine who they are listening to and analyzes the tweets to determine the top influencers.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter can now track your progress using the analytics tool they have developed. Through Twitter Analytics, you’ll be in a position to monitor the growth of your Twitter tweets, the growth of followers, and use cards on Twitter. You can assess and improve your influence on Twitter by tracking numbers of impressions, clicks, and engagement statistics.


Buffer is most well-known for its great oral appliance for scheduling, which takes care of its customers their support is fantastic. it has some useful analytical features. Although the most valuable components can be located on the company strategy account, regular accounts can provide an insight into how effective your social posts are in the sense of engagement and reach.


Buzzlogix’s focus is on ‘catching the conversation’ around your products and services, which will allow you to respond quickly to any developments on your social networks. Based on social media reports and analytics, you can keep track of the latest trends and determine what your competitors are saying about your products. You can respond to posts or begin discussions on the dashboard, making it a fantastic tool to manage your interactions with the entire community.

Buzz Sumo

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool that can assist you in discovering your most shared content and creating an influential community. It is possible to quickly search to find the best content you have shared on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Pinterest. With BuzzSumo, you can analyze the type of content that works best for a specific topic of discussion. It can produce detailed analysis reports and reports on competitive intelligence that you can enhance your marketing outreach and influencer marketing by looking for the primary influencers for a specific topic.

Brand 24

Brand24 is another handy tool to monitor social networks. It offers Web monitoring as well as giving you real-time updates. It’s possible to follow any keyword by using Boolean search and establishing connections with authors on the dashboard.

You can view your activity past through saved historical data anytime you want it. Brand24, as well as basic analytics, provides users with an analysis of sentiment. Brand24 analyzes opinion based on assessing mentions that include phrases such as “love“, “great,” “awesome,” etcetera as “positive” mentions. Check out this review of Brand24 by Milosz Krasinski.


Addictomatic is a platform that focuses on many different platforms, such as YouTube along with Flickr. Results on addictomatic are customizable, which means that if you are a fan of a particular forum, you can remove the news feed of that platform and move to the bottom of the page. This means you can mark the website as a bookmark. You’ll be able to customize your dashboard of results and will be able to revisit it in the future. News pages give you the most recent news stories on subjects within the subject you have chosen, such as shopping, politics, entertainment, and sports.

Back Tweets

BackTweets is a Twitter time machine that allows you to browse through the history of tweets to find the tweets that connect to your website. It is a web-based application that is free BackTweets provides you with an opportunity to search an archive of tweets for URLs sent via the medium of Twitter. URLs are uncovered with no regard to the form they were tweeted and include complete URL joins and URLs that do not have the prefix WWW. BackTweets is a fantastic online listening tool for keeping track of your online social network beat. It will let you know the number of people is discussing what they are saying.