Why should business owners invest in social media marketing?

Social Media

The quick answer: Because social media is an opportunity for all businesses to increase sales and brand brands at the lowest costs.

Companies are moving their marketing activities from investing in printed materials and road advertisements to digital media of all kinds because the digital world achieves the speed of spreading at costs much lower than those traditional methods that marketing managers used for a period of time, and one of the most important digital media that allows access to the largest number Of the people interested are social networking sites, and what distinguishes these sites is the ability to reach people interested in your product or service, as the platform provides advanced user experience standards that will sort users according to their orientations and interests, and each social media platform has its own feature that attracts a specific type of users.

Types of social media:

There are many social media platforms on the Internet and they are distinguished by the type of content, orientation and audience used for these platforms, the most famous of which are:

Facebook: Facebook is the most popular platform in the world with two billion three hundred and twenty million monthly active users around the world and one billion five hundred and sixty million users enter on a daily basis and the Facebook audience varies as almost everyone uses it from almost all businesses, but it must be noted here that the density Facebook users differ from country to country.

YouTube: It is considered one of the social networking sites for sharing video clips where the user can create his own account to upload videos, users watch the videos and interact with their publishers, and it is considered an excellent platform for business owners to share videos about their products and services.

Twitter: It is a social news platform that companies use to advertise the latest products and offers, and what distinguishes Twitter is its short publishing method

Linkedin: It is a business platform and is considered a must for every entity or individual to identify professional details and it is of great benefit to business owners who provide their services or products to companies and other businesses.

There are also many popular social media sites that attract a large audience, such as: Instagram, Snapchat, Between Trust and other sites.

The important thing here is that you choose the right platform for the type of business you do and where your target audience is

How to get the most out of social networking sites?

The way you are on social networking sites expresses your business activity and thus publishing on these platforms comes at the forefront of your business on social media platforms! You should be close to people and at the same time be characterized by seriousness of your posts and provide useful and valuable information to the user and this contributes to the interaction of users with your posts and thus reach the largest possible number of people interested in the subject of the publication.

You should be constantly searching for new ways to get the audience to interact with you, and this will give you a greater share of views for your posts.

Publishing and advertising on social networking sites!

In light of the strong competition and the intense presence of companies and business owners on social media, it has become very difficult to achieve a high rate of access to the public by publishing only, so it is necessary to support the publications with paid ads on these platforms to reach an adequate number of the audience, and certainly it is taken into account that professional publishing has greater chances. To reach more users.

What about the media?

The most important element to attract the audience to your posts is the media used in the post, firstly, diversification is required. Do not post pictures all the time or videos all the time, and so on, as diversity indicates that your account is interactive and thus you get a greater share of views.

When should I start?

If you no longer have your company’s social media accounts, then you are lagging behind your competitors in reaching your target audience. The return on investment in social media content is much higher than any other marketing activity.

How do I invest in social networking sites?

If you have a company and made the decision to invest in your social media presence, there are three main methods

The first method is to employ qualified personnel full or part time, and this generally requires three employees mainly: an editor, designer, and the person responsible for publishing. Some companies reduce them to one employee.

The second method: to assign this task to a digital marketing services agency, and here it must choose this agency carefully. The most important selection factor is that the agency is aware of the target audience and has a record in managing accounts on social media.

What are the budget and costs?

The most important data of success in marketing activity in general is that the advertiser has a strategy to distribute the marketing budget in a manner commensurate with the size of the investment, taking into account that the investment is not less than 6 months to measure the results, where a share of the marketing budget must be allocated to invest in social media sites on two axes Publication costs axis and advertising costs axis.

Digital method company offers multiple packages for managing social media accounts, the packages include:

  • Fully manage accounts on social networking sites
  • Preparing content appropriate to the style of work of the event
  • Preparing the publishing calendar on all platforms
  • Communicate with followers and answer their inquiries
  • Preparing facility-specific designs in an innovative and creative way
  • Follow up on trending developments and use them in a professional manner
  • Upload appropriate media photos and videos with creative marketing messages.
  • Transferring interested parties (potential customers) to the relevant departments
  • Preparing reports and following up on results