Social Media Marketing: Advertising Digitally!

Social Media Marketing

How often, before last year, was it to see the digital presence of even the smallest possible business? Almost one in many. But now, after the pandemic, the business has drastically shifted to the digital world. Promoting business online is an easy task as it helps in gaining and targeting the maximum number of audiences all over the world. Creating an image of a brand or a business worldwide now does not depend on just one platform or a type that lands in that category but is actually one click away.

As there are multiple platforms and different ways to advertise any business, social media is one of the many that is effectively used and has given fruitful results.

Before knowing about such sites, let’s know:

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is a word that is known by a maximum number of people globally. When social media was created in 1997, the invention by Mark Zuckerberg “Facebook” was denoted as “connecting people”. Facebook was the first globally known application that was built to connect people from any corner of the globe to others, it was for social use, but then soon with more inventions entering the technological world, came the idea of taking businesses online on such platforms. With time taking its turn, came to life, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and other such social connectivity applications that help people to get in touch with others.

The word Social Media is well understandable itself, and with that the applications that are used for it, but still Social Media Marketing is unfamiliar to many. Social Media Marketing is also commonly known by its abbreviation SMM, it is a form of internet marketing that involves creating content on social media platforms in order to achieve the marketing and branding of a product or service to reach the targeted goals.   

How Social Media Marketing is helpful.

Most of the social media platforms have built-in data analytics tools, allowing brands to check their account engagements, the account reach, total number of followers, countries/cities that are engaging the most number of audience, from gender to age, any of the offered page interactions and the number of daily basis audience that follows-unfollows are all mentioned in that analytics. Even, at what times the post creates the maximum amount of buzz globally is also mentioned there.

Having so many features in those applications, it helps to create further branding plans for promotions and advertising. Sometimes the paid ad runs on social media to reach out to more audiences show better results. As it is a click away game of social media marketing, the sponsor ads that are shown suddenly while scrolling, if are created attractively, one click on the post takes the person scrolling feeds to the page of the product, helping to add another member in the world of that business provider.

Social Media Creativity That Multiplies Your Leads.

Another way of connecting to more people out in the world is by choosing the social media influencers with a maximum number of engagements. Working as collaborators helps both the parties to reach out to a major number of audience. Sharing the product and its details in the most creative way is the best idea to gain a huge number as this new generation is a world of trend, and literally anything can be a trend with a viral video and then followed by many million others.

The steps that are followed for SMM, are undermentioned:

  • Brand Awareness: A well planned and strategize SMM can help build a brand and create awareness among the prospects. 
  • Social Media Audit: A well performed social media audit can help ecommerce businesses to stay on the top of their online presence.  
  • App and Video Promotion: Nowadays, videos and reels are in trend as it helps boost businesses and even people. Video can be an ad, trending social media meme, product explainer, or anything else that a brand wants to promote.
  • Lead Generation: LinkedIn, being the number one lead generating platform helps generating maximum leads in minimum time.
  • E-commerce Promotion: To promote brand and create traffic, so that the engagement could actually get converted into paying customers.
  • Online Reputation Management: Building and maintaining a reputation for everyone is essential; be it individual or a business. It is important to create an effective and conversational social media presence.

DigiPanda Consulting, the social media marketing agency based in Noida, India. We focus on planning and implementing strategies on the right platform at the right time for our clients. We help our clients to build a target set of interested audience on Facebook, while driving users and building relationships with the target audience on Twitter and creating significant posts that goes viral.

Our Social Media Optimization Service develops and maintains focus on upgrading the brand image on Instagram. Social Media Optimization is something a business just can’t live without.

Our Approach

  1. Understand: A deep understanding of your business, ideologies, values as well as your competitors’ Social Media Optimization strategy helps us understand well enough what message needs to be communicated to your current and/or prospect customers that will trigger the buying decision.
  1. Strategize: Leave it to us to keep your social media channels trendy. We, your best Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi help design sophisticated campaigns that might get executed in a short period but stay impactful in the long run.
  1. Implement: Know that a superb job is being done when social media channels are being handled by third party agencies don’t look that way. That’s what we bring to the table. With careful and constant efforts our expert Social Media Agency helps your channels remain trendy, up-to-date, and look authentic.

With all the technologies yet to be discovered, and the social media platform yet to expand, even more, let’s not forget from where the social media age started and now with changing eras, the digital world is expanding and enhancing greater heights.