Why SMS Marketing Software Is To Witness Huge Growth By 2023

SMS Marketing Software

SMSesare read. SMS marketing is one of the effective cost-effective mediums offering guaranteed results. It is that hidden gem of the advertising world. Regardless of digitization and in the era of social media, SMS marketing is still the preferred choice. Thus, the demand for SMS marketing software is reigning. There is a huge growth, projected to reach $17.78 billion by 2025.

The SMS market growth forecast is primarily accreditedbecause of the increasing adoption of bulk SMS services by SMEs across the globe. These startups and small-medium entrepreneurs are widely leveraging SMS marketing to promote their products and services. Moreover, consistently using Saas Bulk SMS software is responsible for marketing growth.

Before we roll into the in detail about SMS Marketing Software, let’s start with the basics.

What Is SMS Marketing Software?

SMS Marketing Software is an online software widely used across verticals to send bulk messages. The majority of the brands/businesses are using marketing software to send SMS to people in the form of notifications, alerts, announcements, etc.

The purpose of sending Bulk SMS using SMS marketing software is to provide information on exclusive offers, birthday special discounts, clearance sales, notifying about new product launches, and so on.

SMS marketing software enables the admin to customize the web forms as per the business requirements.

Thus the SMS marketing software market is expected to substantially grow. The rising demand for automation and most of the shopping is happening online, and last but not least availability of the cloud-based solutionshas increased the market growth of this software.

Analysis Of Global SMS Marketing Software Categorization

By Marketing Model

Depending on the type of marketing campaigns the market categorizes accordingly. This includes Special offers, Occassions, Events, Corporate announcements, Celebrations, and Others. Out of all discount offers holds the biggest market share.

The factors responsible for triggering the growth include rising income, urbanization, population, as well as rising standard of living.

By Deployment Model

On-premise and Cloud – Market divided into these two categories

However, the cloud deployment model holds the biggest market share. The cloud deployment model helps companies in lowering their operational costs. Thus, do not require investing in added computing resource.

On-premise is less likely in demand. On cloud premise models are cost-effective, enhance productivity thus fueling significant growth.

By Industry Verticals

The industry vertical divided into Healthcare, Finance, Transportation, Retail, Telecom, Entertainment, IT, Education holds the biggest market share.

The factors that are responsible for the rising growth include informing customers about new offers, the launch of new products, upcoming events, order status, etc.

Geographical Market Share

Evaluating the market share geographically, the SMS Marketing Software holds major market share in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and other parts of the world.

Out of all, North America holds the largest chunk of the market share. The increasing usage of smartphones has significantly boosted the demand for SMS marketing. Thus significant investments in the telecom networks and rising awareness of SMS are the prominent reasons to boost the market growth.

Top Reasons To Buy SMS Marketing Software

  • The entrepreneurs gain a detailed analysis of the market. It provides an encompassing understanding of the market environment.
  • It helps in evaluating the key issues, as well as market production thus coming up with a substantial solution to mitigate the risk
  • SMS Marketing Software is built with intuitive features. This helps business owners understand the deterrents.
  • Identify your competitor’s marketing strategies are adopting
  • Get insights on the future outlook of the market

With the increasing response, the SMS marketing software demand is likely to rise. Businesses of all sizes across the globe are adopting bulk SMS services. Furthermore, the increasing use of SaaS-based Text Messaging Software is responsible for the increasing demand. 

In Conclusion

To say in all, SMS marketing software is expected to exhibit the highest growth rate in the coming years. Owing to increasing messaging across the industries including Hospitality, Ecommerce, Healthcare, BFSI, Education, Real-estate, etc.

The transactional messages acts as reminders. Whether it is medical appointments, bill payments, grocery shopping, vaccination alerts, new product/service launch Bulk SMS marketing software makes it easy and quick in sending the alerts so that consumers do not miss out onany important update.