Top 6 SMS marketing mistakes to avoid now

SMS marketing mistakes

Usually, everyone these days talks about SMS marketing, its uses, and how to increase it. But how many know that they are few texting mistakes that can make you look super cringe before your potential targets.  

So, if you are excited to try out SMS marketing, these are text mistakes to avoid that can boost your brand presence. 

1. Send messages after you get permission

The worst blunder you could make in the SMS marketing campaign is sending messages to your people for the ones who didn’t have the permission. This isn’t just going to frustrate or annoy consumers that is against the law. You need to get written permission from subscribers that they are willing to get messages from you at a specific frequency that you plan. To avoid this mistake, it is better to be clear about the program when the people are opting-in, making it simple to opt-out and sending details to the subscribers every time you change the frequency or any other characteristics program.

2. Try to set up for future contact

After getting a subscriber, then what’s next? It would help if you enticed new consumers, and having their attention always is very vital. 

A widespread mistake with SMS marketing isn’t just putting the groundwork for your future communication. Failing to access consumers to know when or how you can be in touch could leave people surprised and angry before you hit people with the next SMS blast. 

The immediate solution for this issue can be sending a welcome SMS after opt-in, which clarifies phrases of the relationship. After your consumers subscribe to the SMS list, deliver a welcome SMS how you will your text and kinds of details you send and timings along with the opt-out option. And also, use keywords to streamline the process and make it apparent to the customers how you can change messaging preferences.

3. Poor timing

Either you are delivering to the whole audience or the local people, your message timings is everything. SMS can encourage urgent action; the time of the promotion plays a huge role in your campaign success. 

Take account of the time changes across the globe so, picking an SMS gateway that systematically optimizes and scales for many countries’ mobile regulations as no one likes to get a text at late night. It is better to send your text messages from 9 am to 9 pm.

4. Texting invalid numbers

Deliver messages to invalid numbers is the common reason for SMS delivery issues. Using take or changed phone numbers can never read planned destination, the minimize size message deliverability score. 

It is tempting to borrow or buy contact lists, yet these can have invalid or fake numbers. So, the only way to reach consumers effectively is by developing a text subscription list organically. 

Try to avoid delivering messages to invalid numbers, utilize a valid API equipped with the mobile number lookup to ensure the numbers on the list could get SMS messages. 

5. Go with an SMS strategy 

For maximizing SMS marketing efforts, SMS should be inclined with a marketing strategy. For example, you could develop a quarterly or monthly content calendar harmonizing within social media, Email, and SMS. 

Begin with the consumer lifecycle to define who you need to send the message to. You need to customize customer experience to match subscriber journeys.

It would help if you reaped the benefits of automation to develop a complex sequence. For instance, you might send an SMS if your subscribers are not opening emails or over the final day of your promotion.

6. Don’t text too much

Customers tend that more companies can text them, yet they don’t mean they need texts from the brand every time. Sending message after message can annoy or irritate recipients, which gives them a great reason to unsubscribe or opt-out from your readers.

There is no set rule at all about how many texts are too many to consumers.  As in the business. The best rule-keeping texts are relevant. If you plan an appointment with the client or customer, your clients might be looking for:

  • Confirmation notes
  • A reminder about an appointment
  • Asking you to leave a review

If you like to add more information or want to reschedule, you can send a text within the timeline as it associates with the appointment. 

Overall, find the best SMS marketing company with an excellent plan and encourage and offer friendly text marketing assistance. Speak with a SMS Marketing expert at Guni SMS to know more about SMS broadcast features to help you deliver SMS confidently.