SMO and Its Importance in Digital Marketing

SMO and Its Importance in Digital Marketing

SMO and Its Importance in Digital Marketing

SMO stands for social media optimisation, which is used to manage and expand the online presence of an organisation or an individual. In digital marketing strategy, SMO can play an essential role because it raises awareness regarding your product and services, connects with the customers, and, most importantly, eliminates any fake or damaging content. 

How to optimise social media:

Optimising for better engagement:

Posting at the correct time:

It’s crucial to post content that is of high quality and likeable by the audience. So that is another thing, but you also have to post it when the majority of your audience is online so that you can create engagement on it. And then the network will also push it, thinking it is worth the attention. So there is a point in the whole day when your audience will be online. So you have to figure that out that point and post precisely at that time. 

Ask questions

This is the best way to create engagement to talk with your audience directly in the post. You can ask questions or for their opinion or suggestion. You can ask them to rate something through emojis or use a slider to ask for minimal input from them. 

Carousel Post.

Turn your posts into carousel posts. It has been seen that these kinds of posts get 1.4 times more reach and 3.1 times more engagement than other kinds of posts. Many social media networks permit these kinds of posts. The temptation to swipe and look at what’s in the other post

Post just the correct quantity:

Instagram: three to seven times per week.

LinkedIn: two to five times a day.

Facebook: once or twice in a day.

Twitter: one to five times a day.

Optimising for conversions:

CTA in link:

A CTA is a call to action button which can be added to the profile’s bio to increase conversions. The CTA encourages people to click on the link, and that link can be changed with other links respective to the updated products. After placing the links, it’s also vital to optimise them and understand how the audience engages with the link. For example, tracking customer behaviour lets you know which post brings in the most traffic. UTMs can easily do this. 

Optimising for performance:

It can be efficiently conducted through optimising tools. Look for a tool that can assist you with improving engagement, follower growth, accessibility, conversions, and overall performance. Hootsuite is a good tool, and it can help you with the following:

  • Generating Hashtags through AI.
  • Time recommendation for posting.
  • Template for posts.
  • Image editing with dimensions suggestions according to social media networks.
  • Content Calendar.
  • Modify text for social media images.
  • Captioning for videos. 
  • Tracking performance for all the vast networks. 

Optimising for accessibility:

The right size of images:

The images on your social media profile can make your brand look unprofessional if posted in the correct dimensions. The resolution of the photos must be of high quality. The profile image should be the same across all channels. This will also help in recognising your brand by the audience. And for the stories, the dimensions depend on the network. 

ALT-text description:

The alt text lets the visually impaired users value the image. The social media channel gives space to add text. 


People are viewing the video with the sound off. And if you have not added any caption within, they might skip your video overall. Language learners also benefit from it.

Descriptive transcripts:

It’s different from captioning, and the transcript includes sounds and sights which are not spoken.

Optimising for new followers

SEO into Bio:

The bio is the first thing anyone notices when they visit for the first time. So it’s crucial to make it polished. The info that should be present in your bio is listed below:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your work?
  • What are the things that interest you?
  • Contact info


The bio should also have a keyword that your relevant audience might be looking for. Platforms such as Instagram lets you include the keyword, but it should be precise and appropriate for the content. 


People have used and misused hashtags for the most part. But in 2022, IG gave people creative ways to utilise hashtags more effectively. 

Use a hashtag in the caption.

3 to 5 hashtags per post.

Don’t fill your post with hashtags.

Use niche, widely known and specific hashtags.

Similarly, other platform has also given such tips, do check them out. 

SMO importance in Digital Marketing

Brands utilising several social media platforms make use of tools that are made to improve the delivery of content for the organisation. Digital marketing uses all the strategies used for SMO to enhance the brand’s image in front of the audience. And create more engagement throughout. SMO can also be enhanced with an affiliate marketing network. Affiliate marketing networks work to involve individuals in the promotion of brands. When digital marketing, along with other marketing strategies, will also uses Affiliate marketing, their marketing results will be fortified.