Small business success with Digital marketing

Small business

Mobile technology is a technology that goes where the consumer is headed. Undoubtedly, it has developed exponentially over the last few years. Digital marketing is done using mobile technology. Small businesses do not have a fixed workplace or office, so for small businesses with minimum advertisement finances, mobile technology works best. The word is spread all over the world with no cost as such.

Digital marketing strategies will allow small companies to produce strong sales along with the growth of a loyal consumer base.

Small businesses can benefit from digital marketing through mobile technology in the following ways:

Digital Marketing Introduces You to Customers on the Internet

The days are over when people search through volumes of phone directories or read the broadsheets’ pages to find information about a good or service. Today, most people are using the Internet to search for facts much faster and more convenient.

For example, a Small pet grooming home-based business started; the groomer is excellent at his work but didn’t have customers or didn’t know how to get appointments, but with the help of Facebook, he posted on every pets group about his home-based services and eventually ended up getting many customers. Now this groomer has his grooming shop. Otherwise, this groomer had no money to advertise and get to the clients, but mobile technology helped him.

Cut Ad Cost Down

The digital ads lead to the advantage as to how cost-effective it is. Admission fees for cable, radio and print ads can be much more costly than most small enterprises can bear. In contrast, digital advertisements are relatively cheap. Any digital marketing options, such as social media, can also be used free of charge.

 For example, Darzi is a website and now recently an app to tailor women’s dresses. Still, this new tailor at Karachi’s local area had no such clients and had zero business. With the help of mobile technology, Darzi has countless clients and has recently started taking orders online through the app. This tailor had no finance to spread the word for his excellent work as he didn’t have enough capital for a good shop /location. But online this tailor didn’t need any advertisements or capital and saved money, whereas started getting orders.

Extend the Business

In the past, independent enterprises have generally been pressured to appeal mainly to smaller populations. Today, with the Internet era, businesses can enter customers from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.

 For example, Bites For life is a French fries and pizza fries home started a business, it had fewer investments and finance to advertise and promote or market its business. With the help of mobile technology, this small business has an Instagram, Facebook page and takes orders online and has recently opened a new branch; so, mobile technology plays a vital role in doing digital marketing.

Let’s now jump and look at how data is generated, which in other terms, is known as lead generating. Digital marketing is like the pillars of the business. It works as a support system of providing clients to the business. 

Digital Marketing Generating Data for Increasing Marketing Efficiency

Let’s first understand in this assignment how digital markets generate data. The following are the primary three sources from which the real-time data is generated for a digital marketing agency, such as

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email
  • Social Media Platforms

By generating the data from the following above source now, let’s understand how it plays a role in Digital marketing effectiveness.

Return on investment is one of the effective ways of measuring the collected data that the new lead has turned towards a new sale or not.

For this, in digital marketing, the Google Analytics tool is used as the tracking ROI tool that tracks the marketing campaigns’ performance level. Conversation Rate is another factor for knowing how well the desired marketing worked.

Legal Issues 

The Following legal issues that occur concerning capturing, storing and using data is privacy and data collection.

Data and Privacy Protection

The Digital Marker should know that he can face a legal issue if he does not care for the following aspect.

     It is essential to have security and cloud storage.

     The collection of data should be kept safe in cloud storage.

      The website much have a privacy policy.

     If there is a case of losing the data, one should be careful protect from liabilities.

Intellectual Property Rights

The other issue is the Intellectual Property Rights one need to project it with trademark and

  • Copywrites.
  • Hire a lawyer


The reader must be aware of the data and privacy protection and know property rights. If one is aware of it, he will never fall into the problems and hardships regarding the issues that will be falling legally in the way.  The should also know how the Business Applications and the relevant technology works.