What Are the 3 Top Skills That You Should Look For In Your Website Content Writer?

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Hiring a web content writer is a tough task. Most businesses are looking for a strong digital presence and for that hiring a good content writer is essential. If you are a business owner looking for someone with original ideas who can make your web pages more click-worthy, this blog is for you.

A good website content writer must have certain qualities that will promise you great content for your website. Choosing the right team is a Herculean task, but once you find your perfect fit, the organic traffic that reaches your site will make you a happier boss!

If you consider my suggestion, the best way to ensure that your website content is in good hands is by hiring freelancers. In case you are worried about hiring the wrong ‘someone’, invest in a freelancing company that has a group of experienced and creative website content writers. These companies take their content creation seriously and make sure that when the final product reaches you, it is original, error and plagiarism free.

Now, since you know whom to hire, the question arises what to look for while hiring a writer? I have summarised all the skills and qualities that your website content writers should encompass so that your digital presence becomes stronger than ever before!

What Skills Should You Look For While Hiring Website Content Writers?

No Compromise on Originality

According to the People’s Magazine survey, 32% of the US-based digital businesses were lacking due to copied content. When such copied content matter becomes part of your website, the search results and traffic start falling. Google won’t rank you on the top pages and eventually you won’t find many people visiting your website and as a result, your customer base will start to wither.

Hiring a third-party company that offers professional and original website content writing services will do the job for you. There is no limit to good agencies offering quality services, and all you have to do is choose the best company to partner with. When you have the aid of a trusted writer who is original in ideas and presentation, your organic traffic is bound to rise. He/She must take great input from your industry and convert it into valuable information that is relevant and unique for your digital presence.


When you hire website content writer for your business, make sure that they are flexible in their work styles. Most good writers understand that not all their work is ‘good’ work. Sometimes few contents need changes, and those changes need to happen ‘quickly’ before it goes live. In that scenario, you will require a team of flexible website content writers who are willing and able to make changes as required.

This is also a reason why sometimes in-house writers fail to make an impact on the audience. They are too slow at times, and the content does not get live on time. For example- If you have a promotion event on the website that needs to be live at a certain time, you will need the backing of a solid writer who can help you if needed. It has been observed that in-house writers are more ‘possessive’ about their time and lack the flexibility that is required to produce quality content. So, when you are looking for flexible content writers it’s best to trust an agency that has trusted freelancers on board.

Art of Storytelling

Let’s be clear, a good website doesn’t only contain reported information. It has ways and tactics to lure more audiences and potential customers. When you are looking for writers who offer content writing for hire, it is important to understand whether or not they possess storytelling capacities. If they do not have the art of storytelling, your customers will not get persuaded to choose your services or products. A good website content writer will merge all elements of information with unique elements of creativity to increase your organic traffic.
Depending upon the skills mentioned, you are now ready to hire a great website writer. It’s your choice whether you want a third-party company to give you a group of freelancers or choose an individual freelancer, but for good quality writing, it’s best to trust a professional agency. Among others, Content Freelancing is a good choice, but you can pick anyone as per your requirement. Your brand will reach new heights when you collaborate with a writer who is solid in creativity and experience.