Silly Myths of Video Marketing Debunked

animated video productions

The world is changing massively; the change is actually so rapid that what becomes a fad at the beginning of a year eventually becomes obsolete by the end of the same year. Living in such a fast paced environment, and marketing your business can be a tricky task but not entirely.  

By now, you might be aware how video marketing has become one of the fastest most reliable tools for reaching out audiences in the online space. But still, many business owners and individuals feel shy when it comes to making investments in video marketing. Why is that? it’s because there’s no way you can track how many individuals felt intrigued to watch your videos and how long of a duration they spent consuming your content. These may sound like a valid reason but just maybe in 2020. Fast forward to today, we have significantly evolved and so have software solutions which can offer easy analytics. 

Video technology has come a long way. Back in the days, it was all about creating engaging content and publishing it on YouTube. Now all businesses had to do was wait for someone to come around, watch their content and then make a purchasing decision. However, with the advent of social media platforms and other video content curation platforms, video marketing has overly evolved. Businesses, big or small, can create, analyze, share and track their published video content on various mediums without making any investments in hiring a filming crew for getting things done.

With explainer videos and animated video productions, things have dramatically changed. If you are still under the weather whether you should or shouldn’t invest in video marketing, it’s probably because of these following myths. Let us help you today in clearing them once and for all. Here are the top video marketing myths debunked. 

Videos Can Take Up a Lot of Expense

Gone are the days when you would spend money on purchasing high tech and hiring expert crews to put together a perfectly curated video content for your brand. If you study modern day customer behaviour, you will realize that they prefer genuinity over production. 

As Fast Company puts it, 

“People prefer low quality videos but authentic goods and services over those of a higher quality but seem inauthentic.”

It’s one of the reasons why we have seen such a massive influx in micro influencer marketing and user generated content. Authenticity is the key and it is a dish best served by people who are interacting with the products and services instead of companies selling them by using sugar coated words. Most of the content coming from these sources exist in the video format and it’s pretty self explanatory that such content doesn’t look like it shaved off a great deal of investments from the businesses marketing capital. 

As a brand, if you think you’re valuable or have something that holds value, don’t speak for it, let the audience do it on your behalf. You just need to find a way to reach out. 

Video Can Be Time Consuming & Cost Intensive

If you ask an old schooler why they are not investing in video marketing, you get that silly answer from almost 98% of them. And that is, 

“Who’s going to go through the drill of hiring an expensive crew, getting high tech video making gadgets, setting up a production team and all the required equipment to carry on with a video shoot?” 

What they don’t realize is that video marketing has transitioned from that Hollywood mode to a more platform oriented click and go mode. 

Today, almost everyone holds a decent smartphone with a high megapixel camera which holds the capability of recording videos in 4k  60fps result quality. To begin with, capture videos of yourself, your office, in house events, customer testimonials, employee podcasts and so much more. Just take snips of these videos and put them together in a storyboard. Send it out into the world so people can better understand your brand values and make a decision of visiting your business. 

Who said it can be time consuming and cost intensive? Doesn’t sound much of an investment now, does it?! 

Videos Don’t Work in Our Industry

Now this is quite a common myth which needs to be busted, and it’s our industry that doesn’t take a chance with video marketing because it is not needed. Well, do you know more than 95% of the world is marketing their brands, products and services through videos? So are you in the remaining 5%. If you’re, then you’re missing out a major chunk of the online audience.

More than ⅝th of the global population is watching videos through platforms such as Facebook and Youtube on a regular basis. Whether you’re operating in a B2B market or a B2C market, by the end of the day, both of these are B2H (Business to Human) markets. And humans love consuming video content more than any other form of content whatsoever.

Here are a few eye opening facts which will help you feel more convinced. 

  • 54% of the online audience want to see more videos from marketers working in different brands. 
  • 84% of the worldwide consumer heads on to YouTube for watching videos. 
  • 73% of the global audience prefer watching videos on social media platforms like Facebook. 

The following statistics pretty much sheds light on how a large part of the global audience normally feels intrigued to watch and consume video content. It surely proves that if your brand does not work with videos, then this might just be your biggest breakthrough. Maybe your target audience may find you uniquely informative & decide to make a purchase. 

So there you go, here are a few myths of video marketing debunked. Videos have massive potential but they can only work for your brand if you know how to strike the right chord with your customers. May it be explainer videos or animated video productions, video marketing can get you your next big breakthrough. If you’re a beginner with video creation and don’t know how to make stunning videos for business/products then use online tools like pcmag, Clipchamp or you can also use mobile apps like slideshow creator, kinemaster, PowerDirector and etc.

Are you eager to make the most out of video marketing? What’s holding you back?