Signs Which Say That You Have a Rocking Website

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Is your website bringing your business leads and sales or is it just an unnecessary investment? Discussed below are some clear signs which say that you have an effective website –

A Mobile Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is no more an additional investment. It is the basic requirement to get entry into the online customer base these days. Google’s recent algorithm update stated that it won’t include websites with no mobile version in its phone search rankings. Check whether or not your website is mobile-friendly easily with Google’s mobile checker. If not, the best option is to go for fully responsive web design. Responsive web design is a form of web design technique that converts the display of your website as per the device it is being browsed on. That’s why it’s called ‘responsive’. If that is too costly an investment for your website, invest in a separate mobile website builder.

Using Live Chat

Live Chat is an amazing tool for any website that is focused on growing its customer base. Do not take into account all of those little hesitant voices in your brain saying to you that your customers won’t like the feature of chatting or that it simply isn’t suited for your business. Your customers and potential customers will love that they can easily communicate with a chatbot in order to easily access any information that they seek. They’ve been conditioned for years to chat with apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Regular Reviews

Recent marketing studies revealed that the top-performing B2B websites have almost 3 times the number of reviews that low-ranked websites have. Particularly if your business is built for local audiences, getting Google Reviews added to your website is vital. Check your local search results. There’s something that all top-ranked sites have in common – they get regular reviews. Getting customer reviews is not difficult at all. Simply ask for them. Start by emailing your top clients.

OptimizingYour Web Pages

Make sure that all of your webpages are optimized. Here’s how you can know whether your website is optimized. All optimized websites have – 

  • Metatags (Title of the business and Description)
  • URLs that are rich in appropriate keywords
  • Clear Headings
  • Internal linking
  • Include the industry your business operates in
  • Include Location and Contact Number and Email Address in Title
  • Use keyword-rich Headings (especially the first and second headlines of all webpages)

All top-ranking websites have finely-optimized webpages.

Fast Loading Website

For the impatient user, website loading speed matters a lot. Even for Google, website loading speed is a very important ranking factor. The best way to fasten your website is to use SSD (Solid State Drives)Hosting. The best way of data storage, SSD Hosting offers 100% electronic componentry giving websites super-fast loading speed.

Does your website have all of these criteria fulfilled? If you’re not sure, get in touch with the finest Web Designer Melbourne. Visit website that spells success for your business.

A business website is created with the intent of attracting potential customers while generating leads and boosting sales. The catch lies in designing the website to make it click with clients at the first visit. Do you have a small business of your own and a website to go with it? Go for these 7 things that will make it click.

1. Spruce up the look

A visit to your website must inspire professional confidence in the client. Making it look business like and focused on your service is important. It is the first impression that counts. Make the design speak for itself. View your website objectively and make necessary changes. It is a good idea to seek professional guidance if needed.

2. Enrich content

Content is king. Too much accent on driving sales can be off-putting. Include related information and provide useful links to engage a visitor to explore more. Think of the queries and concerns they might have and build them into the website design. As mentioned, professionals might help do a better job.

3. Ease of navigation

This is of supreme importance in promoting your website. No amount of information works if the visitor is not able to access it easily, or if some link or page takes ages to open and display content. Remember the fast-paced nature of online world means short attention spans.

4. Secure payment

Security is an increasing concern for most people when visiting a website. There is a lot of personal information at stake here. This extends to payment modalities as well. Ensure there are a secure environment and standard acceptable payment options for people wanting to do business with you.

5. Social media integration

Prospective clients are all on some kind of social media. It is wise to seek out integration with relevant social media platforms to boost your website’s search engine visibility. The more mention it gets on social media, the higher rankings it will achieve on SEO searches.

6. Search engine optimization

How would you ensure that a prospective client finds you on a search? By SEO of course! Design your website on the premise that each page has content that drives it to the top. There are ways to do this that any normal website building guide will tell you about. Choosing the right keywords and using title tags and meta tags are some of them.

7. Own hosting

For the best results and success of your small business, do your own hosting. In spite of the presence of many free hosting sites, it is advisable to have your own hosting. In the long run, this pays dividends. Many clients take it as a reflection of the state of your business, wrongly or rightly so, when they find you do not have your own domain name.

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