3 Signs Your SEO Strategy Is Not Working

3 Signs Your SEO Strategy Is Not Working

As a website, blog, retail or any other kind, your primary aim is to reach as many people as possible and increase your visibility online. Over 90% online experiences begin from search engines, therefore it is natural that businesses and brands have now started using SEO as an essential feature in their marketing strategy. 

SEO plays a pivotal role in taking businesses and brands to the next level, by helping them in reaching their target audience and creating content in their niche that is both qualitative and oriented according to the preferences of search engines. 

While SEO has worked wonders in a relatively small period of time, it is quite expansive and dynamic. This nature has led to the growth of many strategies and techniques that work towards the growth of a company. 

The problem, however, is that not all techniques and strategies work for every kind of business/brand. Therefore, marketers have the job of constantly analysing the results of their strategies to ensure their plans work. 

In this article we will discuss 3 signs your SEO strategy is not working.

#1- Fall in search rankings

Fall in search rankings is quite normal, however a prolonged fall is something to worry about. 

Search rankings show your search engines positions based on different keywords and your niche. A jump up or down, one or two ranks is normal for a website, however, if your website rank is falling repeatedly and at a fast pace, then maybe the reason is SEO.

A rank of a website depends highly upon the SEO applied by the website. There are different techniques and strategies SEO marketers use to increase their visibility on search engines. 

If you observe a significant drop in your search rankings, then maybe it is time to go through your SEO strategy and look for places where you might be going wrong. 

#2- Lower domain popularity

Another sign that your SEO strategy is not working can be attributed to lower domain popularity of your website. 

Lower domain popularity means a decrease in the domain rating and authority. Domain authority is a feature that analyses the relevance of a website in its niche. The domain authority directly influences the search rank for a website. 

Domain authority is maintained by earning valuable backlinks and using good SEO strategies. When your authority starts falling despite having a bunch of valuable links, then you need to go through your SEO strategies once again. 

#3- Increased bounce rate

Bounce rate is an analytic that informs marketers how many people visit your website and leave without surfing further. There are many reasons that can increase your website’s bounce rate. 

Factors like poor UX, lack of mobile-friendly features and slow loading time directly lead to increased bounce rate. Therefore, when people refrain from visiting your website because of the aforementioned SEO related factors, there is a subsequent drop in your traffic, leading to a drop in your ranking on search engines. 

Therefore the last sign is looking out for an increase in the bounce rate of your website. 

In Conclusion

In this article we discussed 3 signs directing towards a failure in your SEO strategy. 

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