Top 10 Shopify Apps to Use to Increase Your Sales in 2021

Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

If you have a Shopify or any eCommerce platform and want to boost your sales through a Shopify app, then yes, you are not alone. 

Let’s start at the beginning: you’ve already set up your Shopify site, it looks beautiful, and your expectations are high. However, having a store is pointless if no one is buying your goods.

You could update photographs, add new products, write dynamite content descriptions, and make your product data perfect for your store.. Unfortunately, as an old acquaintance with 40 years of retail experience used to remark, “If you eat soup with a fork, you’ll constantly be busy, but you’ll never be hungry.”

That’s why you’ll need the top Shopify applications to help you get customers to your online store and start making sales. But how can you know which Shopify apps are best for your company?

Let’s see if we can locate the Shopify apps that are perfect for you and your store. 


Sendinblue is a business-oriented email and SMS platform. When you integrate Sendinblue with your Shopify store, you’ll be able to send tailored Shopify marketing campaigns to high-converting landing pages.

Sendinblue’s Shopify extension allows you to categorize your list based on their purchase history using audience segmentation.


One excellent push notification provider you may utilize for your Shopify store is PushOwl.

Pushowl lets you send out push notifications to customers to remind them to finish their purchases or place new orders. Pushowl can deliver these notifications to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

With these simple notifications, you can increase purchases throughout your entire site by:

  • Messages about abandoned carts
  • Stock alerts are now available again.
  • Redirects to product or landing pages that convert well.

This solution also includes cross-channel support, limitless subscribers, and comprehensive analytics to improve your campaigns’ success.

 Referral Candy

Did you know that every satisfied consumer will tell nine other people about you? As a result, if you’re not using referral schemes, you’re losing money.

Referral Candy is an excellent Shopify tool for incentivizing your customers to suggest their friends. For infinite referrals, you can choose the prize of your choice.

Plugin SEO

One of the most notable free Shopify apps is Plugin SEO, which helps you detect, diagnose, and fix SEO issues so you can increase web traffic to your online store.

This free program scans your website for problems with page titles and descriptions, structure, speed, and other factors. It offers code snippets that you can use to troubleshoot any issues on your own.

If you want more capabilities, such as bulk editing, structured data support, and international SEO, you’ll have to pay $20 per month for the premium edition of the program.

Messenger Channel

Conversational commerce is rapidly expanding, thanks to the rise of messaging applications and smart speakers. You can take advantage of this trend with the Messenger sales channel application for Shopify,

You can include a “message us” button to your online store with this FREE Shopify app connected to your online store, making it easy to hold real-time dialogues with your consumers.

Shoppers can also use your Messenger conversation to browse products and make purchases, and you can send automated order updates.

Shopify will allow you to fulfill Messenger orders and track Facebook sales in your sales channel overview and Analytics pages.


Sixads is a Shopify software designed to increase sales in your online store by running high-performing ads for you and your company!

You might be misspent a lot of time right now trying to figure out how to use Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. Reading articles, looking for guidance, viewing instruction after the tutorial, and depleting your hard-earned funds are all options.

You can begin to sell your products on Facebook, Instagram, and Google in under two minutes. This statement implies that your e-commerce store can quickly get your products in front of millions of potential customers.


Omnisend is a company that specializes in email marketing and text messaging. It gives you easy-to-use marketing solutions for your Shopify business that will help you improve sales while saving time.

You can design pre-built workflows that run on autopilot using Omnisend. It allows you to keep driving sales even while you’re sleeping!


Drip is a robust marketing platform that integrates with Shopify.

You can computerize your email sequences and workflows with Drip. You may also easily segment your subscribers for more precise targeting.

The Shopify extension from Drip makes it simple to gather customer feedback and set up abandoned cart email campaigns. You can see which emails are producing the most Shopify sales from the dashboard. And Drip allows you to delve deep into the details. For each email, you may drill down into revenue per person.


PushEngage is a Shopify push notification app that helps you boost your sales. On your Shopify site, you can send personalized notifications to combat cart abandonment, re-engage users while they are on the site, and ultimately drive more traffic.

The best part is that PushEngage is simple to set up with only one click.

You can give your visitors the following web push notifications:

  • When there’s a price drop, let your visitors know.
  • When the goods are back in wares, notify users with an inventory alert.
  • To increase open rates, send notifications to well-targeted categories.


Pocket is a terrific Shopify marketing app, but it’s more of a personal content collection tool. After all, knowledge and inspiration come from research, right?

This browser bookmarklet allows you to rapidly save stuff and tag it so you can find it later. From your PC, you can save to Pocket and access your saved items from any device. Seriously. It’s compatible with nearly every smartphone and e-reader on the market. Plus, Pocket is compatible with over 1500 apps!


There are thousands of Shopify apps available on the market, all claiming to be the ones that will let you grow your e-commerce business to the level of success you desire. Many apps are worth testing out; however, keep in mind that not every app is suited for every Shopify store’s business strategy, despite their sometimes evident benefits.