SEO vs PPC Advertising: Which is the Best Option For Your Website’s Growth?

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Website growth demands a successful marketing strategy that takes money and time. Choosing among Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a long debate.  Understanding them to the core is essential to making a decision. So, here we are with a comparison of both marketing vehicles. Henceforth, till the end of the article, you will be able to choose the one that can give profitable results to your site. Without wasting any further time, let’s get started!

What are SEO and PPC?

SEO defines the tactics and strategies which are responsible for making your site search-engine friendly. With good execution of SEO services, your website can rank high in the organic search results with strategically selected queries.

SEO is the approach of organic ranking in search results, while PPC advertising using Google Adwords is a method of paying for the ad, every time it gets a click. PPC gives you full control over the messages and links on the search results pages.

Paid search marketing is just an auction, so, there is no guarantee as to when the ads will appear. Nevertheless, it has a separate strategy from SEO to control the campaigns.

So, which one are you considering for your business growth, PPC or SEO? Allow us to help you more. Read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of both. 

Pros and Cons of SEO and PPC

For higher ROI and Click Through Rate, both marketing strategies are beneficial. However, deciding the one for your business is totally your call. Find out the pros and cons below:

Pros of SEO

  • SEO is highly scalable

It does not matter if your business site has hundreds or thousands of web pages, SEO gives assured results. That implies, the URLs that are rightly optimized give beneficial outcomes to future content and existing data. 

  • Grow Brand Awareness

Eventually, website optimization for SEO boosts brand awareness.SEO ranking starts improving with the regular creation of quality content in the long run. With the increased visibility of the website, more searches will appear.

  • SEO equals optimistic branding

With your domination in the searches, the users will think of you as an influential player in the industry. Though, even with less presence in searches on the first page shows that you have been trusted.

  • SEO Is Economical

Several SEO services are non-economical, however, taking plenty of time in yielding results. Undeniably, it is an affordable approach when it is compared with the outbound marketing techniques, like, print ads or cold calling.  Here, the users need to spend more money without any profits or leads.

  • SEO has more room in SERPs

If you optimize your content correctly, a single page may occupy multiple positions in the Google SERP. That is, when you are ranking for a featured snippet, then the URLs secure two positions.  If you go for People Also Ask (PAA),  the third spot on page one will be certain.

Cons of SEO

  • SEO Strategies consumes more time

Despite SEO being a result-oriented method, it takes plenty of time in generating them. All it demands is patience, you need to create eye-catching and valuable site content to improve the ranking.

  • SEO Is Continually Changing

You may be thinking to hire an SEO service company to know all the latest trends of SEO and their implementation. With the evolution of search engine algorithms, one has to be cautious to find the recent changes or updates. Outsourcing SEO services to an SEO agency is also probable. 

Pros of PPC

  • Quick results

Doing preliminary research and setting up a new ad group or campaign even consumes time.  Yet, the PPC results are simple and quick; you can receive them just after their launch. 

Considering the long-term situation, it is logical to consider the short-term results of organic search and paid search. You may like to prepare for the holidays, promote new products, or conduct promotions or sales. You may just want to take up more space in Google SERP. Or, while waiting for persistent SEO work to pay off, you may simply like quick visibility.

  • Approach your target audience

If you want to run a targeted messaging campaign in a specific geographic location, you can choose PPC. Using it, you can show a few ads in specific locations; yet, at the same time, you can display different ads in different locations.

  • PPC Is Measurable

Carefully estimate the PPC campaign effectiveness. It allows you to find how much return on investment (ROI) the paid advertising is generating.

Cons of PPC

  • It Demands Skills

Setting up a compelling PPC advertising campaign is challenging. Many PPC advertising techniques are tough, so you can hire an agency for PPC services to assist you. 

  • Non-economical per customer acquisition

The customer acquisition campaigns with PPC have a higher cost. Several huge enterprises even pay seven figures every month for PPC, which results in more acquisition costs. 

  • Clicks do not lead to sales automatically

Driving the traffic to the site is one thing, and allowing visitors to purchase products is another thing. You should compel the visitors to buy from you- it is worth it. It is advised to create a customer-oriented business site and personalize the ads to attract them. 

SEO Vs PPC Advertising

Till now, you must have figured out that PPC and SEO are different approaches in digital marketing. On the one hand, SEO services emphasize gathering traffic on the site, however, on the other side, PPC aims to show paid ads on SERPs.

With the right investment in SEO services in Singapore, you can grow your site. The compelling SEO strategy enhances the quantity and quality of organic traffic to the site. An ideal example of SEO is generating traffic to the site with articles or blogs. Every article or blog post must have suitable keywords to enhance the site’s visibility. To make it happen, the content needs to be easily understandable, descriptive, and give valuable information for the visitors to get what they are searching for on leading search engines. 

When it is about PPC advertising, the ads can be displayed on SERPs and give offers to probable clients. Although you have to pay every time the user clicks on your ad, PPC advertising allows you to extend your reach faster than SEO. Additionally, you can personalize or customize the ads to approach a particular audience.

We end up saying that SEO services tend to boost the ranking and online presence, whereas PPC advertising aims to get engagement quickly from search engine users.

SEO vs PPC: Click-Through Rates

There is a big difference in CTR for paid and organic search engine marketing. Despite the research listed above, the time of research, etc., the click-through rate generated by organic search is much higher than that of paid search ads. SEO is an ideal option if you intend to boost the site traffic with search.


It is estimated that SEO CTR is higher as compared to PPC. It implies that it can attract more traffic. Additionally, the cost per acquisition (CPA) for SEO is less than PPC.

Those who are paying six to seven figures every month on paid search should enhance SEO outcomes for business growth. Consider that if you pay $1 million on paid search each month, you can decrease your CPA by 60%, 70%, or more. It can happen with the dominant nature of organic search while decreasing PPC spending. 

If your SEO is not healthy now, try to gradually shift to relying more on SEO. This phased approach may consume time, despite it being more beneficial for you than depending on the huge paid search allocations.  

Concluding Remark

So, which digital marketing option can you choose? Which do you think is right according to your business goals or requirements? 

For quick leads, go for PPC, and long-term success, you must grab your hand on SEO.

Do you have any questions? Is there anything you would like to share with us? Comment below. Thanks for reading!