What SEO Updates Can Do for Your Business in 2021?

seo updates

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) amazingly benefits businesses of all types. We are in the digital era where reaching & communicating with people and converting them into customers are easier than ever. It’s all around happening because of the SEO, which is keeping corporate lives continued during global lockdown. 

A little bit of changes in Google algorithms makes a huge impact on SEO, leading losses to profit or vice-verse. 

So, its updates are really vital. 

Let’s get started to discover what its updates are about.

1. Improving Page Experience for Ranking

In May, Google started this year with a message that the page experience matters the most. It is what your users look, feel, experience and take away while interacting with your web presence. 

Certainly, there are a number of things that make a huge impact on it, such as mobile-friendliness, seamless web experience, HTTPs and many more ones. These things were already there, but Google has integrated these factors within the page experience framework.

It means that together with your website, each and every page should be completely optimised. Since it’s related to user experience, the leading search engine has launched “Core Web Vitals” as a part of page experience, which will help in measuring the whole of user experience. Typically, it is figured out through loading speed (Largest Contentful Paint), interactivity (First Input Delay), and visual stability (Cumulative Layout Shift). 

Visual stability, here, refers to how much good experience the layout has delivered. A complex navigation and moving buttons self-explain about how bad experience it was to be on such web pages where scrolling up or down or anywhere is not easy.  

In short, Google is putting every effort for all types and sizes of businesses to let their customer experience incredibly fast, smoother, stable, secure and communicative experience on all devices. 

2. Non-AMP Content Wins a Chance

Businesses have to rely on email list management services or other options to get more customers for your business. AMP content is a way to get them easily. 

There is a ton of information what needs to be the AMP content, which is for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages. Such content does not make it up to the top stories featured for mobile phones. The updates are likely to enable such websites to drive traffic to their content from mobile, which is going to be an incredible rank-boosting factor. 

3. Mobile-First Indexing for all Websites

It was already there for several years. But now, Google has rolled out for mobile-first indexing. It’s a way of indexing the mobile version of the website at first. Then comes the desktop version. 

Traditionally, it was the PC version that indexed first, which created a mismatch of ranking on the mobile & desktop.  

Now, the content would be on the top of results on either device as per its relevancy and value to customers. 

The mobile-first indexing would need webmasters to change indexing setting to mobile-first. It’s the default option for all websites. This is why many websites experienced a big impact on their ranking since March, 2021.

For stability, the websites need to make changes accordingly. A few of them are:  

  • To make changes in crawling & indexing settings for enabling bot to easily index.
  • To fill up the relevant meta tags on both the mobile and the desktop versions of the landing pages
  • To check mobile website loading speed, as it should be quick.
  • To check any relevant mobile-specific URLs in your robots.txt file is not blocked.
  • To put identical primary content on both versions.
  • To integrate the alt tags of both image and videos.

4. Integrating Voice Search 

Voice search makes searching easier. Typing is no more needed. Just say, Hey Siri or Alexa- find me some cool summer stuffs.  And, it’s done. A hundred of options will be there with this saying to pick up the one from.

The research confirms that voice search revenue is more than quadruple from 2017 to 2022. It is just 2 billion dollars, which is going to be 40 billion dollars during this period of time.  

It means that the voice search integration would enrich global businesses with a ton of more opportunities and help to beat challenges, which are limited in the traditional searching methods. 

5. Snippets and Microdata

You can see Google has come up with more featured snippets to its home page. Snippets are to make searching faster for users and keep the traffic accelerating on websites. Certainly, it comes with a lot of benefits, such as high ranking, greater visibility and more traffic, for websites if they go with this snippet option. 

Of course, appearing in snippets does not always mean that you would have a massive online traffic. But, it would be exceptionally beneficial as what the data indicate. You get more clicks, which play a substantial role in going up in the ranking. 

Ensure that you have selected your snippet wisely upon monitoring your rank and web page optimisation. 

6. Use Different Types of Content

Reaching the topmost ranking on Google is no less than a battle, which is gradually becoming hard. With impressive content and keywords, you cannot win it easily.

This is why many top SEO companies are experimenting with diverse type of content. Except for text, they are introducing Infographics, videos and testimonials to improve customers’ journey so that they can trust and get engaged with. 

In 2021, videos can prove a standalone content strategy that you can integrate and rank up above your competitors. YouTube alone generates the income of over 15 billion dollars a year. So, you cannot simply ignore it. Go live or start with “how-to” videos for creating awareness and then, take to conversion. 

7. User Experience SEO

SEO is far above that just updating meta-tags and titles. At present, it combines different marketing methods and software development for creating an engaging journey for web users. 

User experience means optimizing the website in such a way that the user achieves maximum satisfaction and merchant makes profit out from it. This happening needs users to stay engaged with as a regular visitor to the website. 

The businesses can make it up by integrating success stories, use cases, testimonials and seamless customer support.