SEO Oriented content creation – The Ultimate Guide

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The main goal of SEO is to provide more visibility to your content online. However, this does not happen by itself, you need to work on it. To get the right exposure on various search engines, it is important that the content is written in the most SEO-friendly manner. This means that you should know what are the keywords that will give you maximum hits. The content along with the keywords should be of high quality. Hence, it is best to get assistance from WordPress SEO services that would give you the exposure that you need.

Writing SEO oriented content requires research, knowing your audience, optimizing your images, using links, etc. Here are some effective ways of creating SEO oriented content for your website and hence, improving your business.

What does your Audience Want?

To develop content with appropriate SEO keywords, It is critical to know what your target audience is looking for. Do your research before you finalize your keywords for your content. You can make use of tools that can help you in getting widely searched keywords on the web. You can also look into the keywords used by your competitors. Check for the length of the content that your competitors are using. This will help you in creating content that is in-depth with more relevant information. You can also use infographics, data, etc. to make your content more appealing.

Having the right topic for your content is also an essential part of effective content. Hence, do ensure that you are doing your research on the topics that are widely searched by the audience. This can be done by looking for keywords, related searches, and competitive insights. In case you are unable to get the desired results, then you can use tools that can give you all the topics that are widely searched for.

Tips for creating an SEO-oriented content

Your Content is for the Audience

There are many contents that are written around SEO keywords. However, such contents are not what your audience is looking for. Keep your content relevant to the audience and incorporate the keywords accordingly. Create high-quality content with appropriate keywords to increase traffic to your website. Try to answer as many questions as you can regarding the services and products that you are offering. If you have some external links to offer your audience, then include them in your content. However, use the links that are among the top searched or visited links. 

Irrespective of the quality of the content you may have, the length matters a lot. Lengthy content can be too much for an audience to go through. So, do not keep your content too lengthy or too short. Content with around 600 words or so is ideal for any webpage. If you are using WordPress SEO services, then this can become easy for you to track.

Be Unique in Choosing your Topic

Having a unique topic with the right meta description is key for increasing your visibility online. It is also important to tag these topics. Use the main keywords as part of your topic or title so that the audience can easily access your content when searching with the keyword. But to do so, do not keep your title or topic too lengthy. The title should not exceed 70 characters at the most. The meta descriptions that are used with the titles should not exceed 300 words and should summarize what the title is about. You can also use 2-3 keywords in your meta description. To make the content more effective, you can start your meta description with the call-for-action.

Use Original and High-Quality Images

It is shown that images engage the audience in a more effective manner. Use original and high-quality images along with the content. Create relevant names for your images so that they can show during the search. You can also give short phrases to the images for grabbing more attention.  Make sure that the sizes of the images are properly set for no stretched or pixelated image on the website. 

Use Tools to Write your Content

With the help of an SEO tool, you can create optimized content. However, it is necessary that you do your research for the right tool. There are many SEO tools available that you can use. Choose the one that is best suited for you. You can seek professional help to make your decision or help you with the content.  

Use Subheads along with the Main Headings

While writing the contents, use subheads to give more clarity on the content. You can also tag the heading with the help of WordPress SEO services. Making subheads for your content can help the audience understand and go to the parts of the content that is relevant to them. It also makes the page look less busy and attractive. 

Use Links: Both Internal and External

Including links in your content play an important role in getting traffic to your content. Use relevant links along with the content to get more visibility during the search. Always keep updating the links as and when they change. This is because an inactive link in your content can give a negative impact on the audience and may not approach you. You can either put the links in the middle or end of the content or you can include them separately on the page. 

Use Keywords that are Trending

While using SEO keywords, make sure that they are trending. Organic and trending keywords can be beneficial to get more visibility on search engines. However, the keywords may change as per the trend. Hence, make sure that you keep yourself updated on the same. 


Creating SEO oriented content is highly beneficial to not only increase your visibility online but also improve your business. So, do thorough research for your content and create the right keywords. The tips mentioned above can help you in getting more traffic and an audience for your business. 

Do you find these tips useful? Have you implemented them already? What changes are you experiencing? Share your thoughts with us! Thanks for reading.