The Role of SEO in Promoting Academic Writing Services

seo promoting services

If you are looking to promote your academic writing services digitally then understanding the role of SEO in it is a must.


Because SEO is all about ranking your business on top of search engines and is useful in marketing your services.

So, in this blog, we will be sharing how you can best utilize SEO to add value to the presence of your academic writing business.

You know – selling is an art and you can master this by simply displaying your service efficiently.

Let’s just begin then!

How SEO Is a Necessity When Promoting Academic Writing Services

Strategize your keywords

SEO role in Academic Writing Service is of great importance, especially if you want to promote your services on a bigger scale. When marketing your service, the usage of the right keywords is a critical aspect to tackle. This helps your writing web to appear on search engines in initial pages. However, inappropriate keywords can seriously damage your business, by missing out on the organic traffic and your potential leads and sales.

That is why, you are supposed to strategize your keywords aptly to get a ranking on the initial or topmost place of the search engine. Following are the significant areas for the placement of your keywords;

  • In the Title tag.
  • URL of Web Page.
  • In the preliminary, a hundred words of your content.

Usage of Descriptive Keywords

SEO is beneficial only if you use descriptive keywords to promote your academic writing services. For instance, those keywords are termed as best which are specific and relevant to your field. For example, if you sell thesis writing services then, “writing service” will be too general as a keyword, because it applies to all kinds of writing, isn’t it?

Therefore, ‘thesis-writing’ or ‘dissertation writing’ would be better keywords for the particular service. Also, you have to make sure that your selection of words isn’t too general because this will lead your customers away from the website when they look for some best academic writing service providers in town.

Select Frequency-Based Keywords

Frequency-based keywords are those that people are searching for in your field. You can get an idea of some by taking help from search engines like Google. These keywords are relevant, descriptive and specific to your service.

For example, if your service is about academic writing, then academic would be a great keyword because it is related to your field. However, it is also general and people can find any information like academic policies, news etc.

Thus, it is recommended to use short phrases and avoid keyword stuffing so that your customers can find you easily.

An Effective Title with Minimum Words

You know – an effective title with minimum words is totally a game changer to promote your academic services. What you need to do is – give your service a relevant title, preferably less than 55 characters. Just utilize keywords that are specific to your industry and give value to the title. Also, make sure to avoid using words that are way too general and are not providing any value to your service.

For example, if you are an academic writing service provider in Adelaide, then you can use Assignment Help Adelaide in Budget as your service title instead of ‘Adelaide Writing Service’ because it makes more sense and gives an idea to people that they can get affordable assignment-related help in Adelaide.

Try Creating Links through Keywords

When creating links through keywords, don’t forget to incorporate them in your anchor text. Just suppose, you are promoting an academic writing web then it should have a link in one of its blogs or pages regarding how to sell or promote an academic writing web. This will assist engines like Google to apprehend and examine your content material better.

Also, what you have to make sure of while creating links is that they should have relevance between the sites and pages otherwise it might cause damage to the sites and pages. Why? Because Google will penalize you based on inauthenticity and non-transparency between pages and sites.

Usage of Untapped Keywords

The keywords depict whether you are doing good SEO or not. For progressive SEO you don’t need to copycat your competitor’s keywords to rank your services. Simply, you can utilize untapped keywords to your benefit. What you have to do is just find some solid seed keywords that will help you rank better on search engines. You can use the following techniques to find untapped seed keywords;

  • Brainstorm words that are related to your business.
  • Visit the searches-related section at the bottom of Google for a new list of related keywords.
  • You can go to Wikipedia and type broad keywords that are related to your field.
  • Search for topics on Reddit that help target your customers.

Check Your Site Speed

Checking your site speed is highly valuable when comes to promoting your services. People detect delays within seconds and if found an inconvenience then ultimately turn down your site. Hence, in turn, this becomes the reason for not getting potential leads and implies what? Simply loss of business!

The following are the factors to consider to speed up your site;

  • An appropriate website theme that loads faster.
  • A good hosting service.
  • Less usage of third-party connections to social media platforms.
  • Avoid large file sizes.

Effective Use of Broken-Link Building

Suppose you are providing an assignment writing service in Australia but don’t know how SEO is useful to promote your services. So, one of the strategies to market your business is to incorporate broken or dead link building in your web content.

You know – finding dead or broken links is the hardest part. However, to apply this efficiently you need a well-thought-out content strategy. For this you have to make sure of the following pointers;

  • Look for broken links from web pages.
  • Select content worth linking to.
  • Reach out to the owner of the target website and recommend your link for their broken link.
  • Use a Wikipedia list of articles with broken links.
  • Use tools or software for backlink analysis. 

Give Structure to Your Content

Structuring your content is a must and a win-win deal. Customers will easily neglect your service if they find your content messy or unorganized. For example, if you have incorporated a big block of content, then who will bother to read it?

Therefore, you have to make sure to make it SEO-friendly to promote your services well. You can follow the tips listed below;

  • Write short sentences.
  • Try including an idea per para.
  • Incorporate images to break up long sections.
  • Wherever possible use a bulleted list.
  • Share relevant information.

Wrap Up!

Well, wrapping it up! SEO has great benefits, its role is like raw material that is needed to cook something great. Thus, if you want to cook a wonderful dish, then you should have all its raw ingredients ready on the table beforehand. Otherwise, nobody would be interested in eating it. Also, to enhance the flavour just make sure to have all the tools to give your business a real boost. You know already – that cooking needs dedication and passion, and so is the case with SEO. Hence, if you have that fuel in you, then you can easily market your services, be it about anything.