SEO Experts Are In A Huge Demand, Reveals LinkedIn!

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Ever wondered how some websites make it to the first page of the SERPs than others? Is there anything called favoritism here by the search engines? If not, why is every website online not successful?

These types of questions seem silly but I’m sure many of you might have wished to know the answers to these if the term SEO was still unique to you earlier!

Yes, SEO is the sole answer to all your queries! It’s the process of optimization that determines the rankings of websites over the search engines. The websites you see at the top rankings are the ones that have been optimized as per the SEO principles while the rest still lacks that level of optimization.

Now, with the competition between businesses soaring up like never before and millions of websites going live daily, the battle to rank higher on the SERPs has taken a new turn. And this has INCREASED the demand for SEO experts who could optimize websites for better (higher!) rankings. Hence, if you weren’t interested in believing in SEO as a career path earlier, it’s high time you add the “SEO Expert” title with your name!

The History of SEO!

The SEO we’re talking about today was born in 1991!  This was also the time when the world’s first website was launched and within no time, a plethora of websites flooded the internet.

This raised the need for a proper structure to rank the websites over the search engines for better accessibility of these. However, it was not until 1996 that SEO kicked off with the evolution of the most popular search engine “BackRub” developed by two Stanford graduates, Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Yes, the SEO you’re using today on Google was used first on BackRub, however, BackRub ultimately became Google after registering as a domain in 1997.

Nevertheless, since the rules of SEO were fast and loose during those days, marketers used hacking practices, keyword stuffing, or spammy links to trick the search engines for better rankings.

This proved to be a golden opportunity for Google to come up with the specific ranking algorithms to distinguish exemplary websites and rank them on the internet. Soon, the earlier tricks used for ranking became worthless, and every search query on Google started to display only the relevant website/content to the user.

Where Does SEO Stand Now?

With the internet becoming a marketplace with every business willing to sell its product or service with the people surfing online, the need for SEO has skyrocketed like never before. For example, if you’re searching for the best SEO company in Bangalore, you’ll be presented with an ample number of options. Which one will you decide to go with? Of course, the company on the top will lure you taking into account their top ranking.

This is what SEO experts are capable of!

No matter which website/business you own, SEO experts can cleverly optimize it that would, in turn, increase the traffic to your website and generate leads.

LinkedIn Numbers, Too, Are In Favor Of SEO As A Popular Career!

LinkedIn is the world’s best professional networking platform where employers meet potential employees.

As per the LinkedIn data, there are over 30k people with SEO in their job title and the majority of them are working in the marketing and advertising domains.

While a small proportion of experts operate their own business, others are functioning in small-to-midsize companies with 1-200 employees.

Also, out of the total SEO experts with a LinkedIn profile, data suggests that around 12k people are experienced in the SEO domain with 1-5 years of hands-on experience in the same. While over 6k SEO consultants show SEO experience exceeding 6-years and other 3-4k people are extremely experienced with over 10-years of experience in hand.

In A Nutshell

Currently, the demand for SEO experts is booming which has created a sort of “seller’s market”. The more experience or talent you hold, the higher are the chances of you outshining other prospects for a similar profile. Additionally, no matter which niche your website deals with, there are various SEO services to boost its outreach and growth in today’s pacing world.