Semrush Alternatives: Competitors You Can’t Afford to Ignore

semrush alternatives

Top SEMrush Competitors and Alternatives

Take a look at the features that the other SEO tools on the market have to offer before you make a decision about whether or not SEMrush is the right SEO tool for your company.

1. SE Ranking

When it comes to simplifying the process of streamlining the SEO strategy for your websites, the all-in-one SEO software known as SE Ranking promises to make your life easier. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) platforms, SE Ranking is a promising newcomer with just over 300,000 users.

Since it is a cloud-based service, you won’t have to worry about installing it on your local computer or performing time-consuming software updates.

The platform is comprised of a set of tools, and one of its most notable features is the extensive keyword research tools it provides, which contain a database of approximately 2 billion keywords.

Price: The price of SE Ranking is determined by a flexible pricing model that takes into account the number of keyword rankings you wish to check, the frequency of those checks, and the length of your subscription. Plans begin at $23.40 per month and go all the way up to $189 per month as they progress.

2. SEO PowerSuite

Over 5 million SEO specialists and site managers use a toolkit called SEO PowerSuite, which is a desktop-based all-in-one application that has everything you need.

It is great for diving deep into technical SEO data and for performing in-depth SEO audits in order to push your future strategy because it is comprised of four different tools. Because of its superior analytical capabilities, it is an excellent tool for determining what it is that your competitors are doing well.

The cost of the Professional Plan is $299 USD per year. The annual cost of the enterprise plan is $699.

There is also a free option that includes all of the tools; however, free users are unable to copy or export their data. The free option is available.

3. WebCEO

WebCEO is a comprehensive, cloud-based search engine optimization software. The year 2001 marks the introduction of one of the oldest tools currently available on the market. In contrast to most other SEO tools, which are typically only available in a range of 10 to 14 languages, this one is available in over 20 languages, including Greek, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Korean, among many others. This is one of its most notable advantages.

It includes over 18 potent tools that are organised as.

  • SEO Tools for Tracking Ranks and Conducting Keyword Research
  • Auditing your website with one of the many online SEO tools available, such as a Technical Audit tool or a Sitemap Generation tool.
  • Tools available online for search engine optimization (SEO) link building include the content submission tool, the backlink checker tool, and others.
  • Analysis of the Traffic Tools for Search Engine Optimization: Google Ads and Google Search Console
  • Web Buzz Monitoring Tool and Social Engagement Tool are Both Included in Social Media Analytics
  • WebCEO’s Competitor Metrics Module Includes SEO Tools for Analyzing Competitors’ Metrics
  • Additionally, it enables integration with Google Analytics, which simplifies reporting in a significant way.

Prices for the monthly plans range from $35 for the Solo Plan all the way up to $299 for the Corporate Plan. If you pay for your plan annually, you can save three months on any of their packages.

4. Serpstat

Serpstat is an affordable SEO platform that places a significant emphasis on its user-friendly and comprehensive keyword research tool. This tool can be used to research keywords for both your own site and competing domains.

When compared to SEMrush, which has data from 816 million domains, this tool’s database only contains information on 180 million domains, making it a significantly less comprehensive resource. Despite this, Serpstat’s domain database is still quite sizable when considered on its own.

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Users are able to see metrics presented in a clear manner with color and numerical coding thanks to clean visuals. If you have a larger SEO team, this can be a huge benefit for you because it comes with generous multi-user plans.

Pricing: Monthly plans begin at $69 and increase all the way to $499 overtime.

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5. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is one of the best SEO tools available for online marketers and bloggers because it was developed with expansion in mind. Their goal is to make it one hundred times less difficult to acquire new clients.

It’s a wonderful web app that makes performing tasks like keyword research, competitive analysis, content generation with the click of a button, and rank tracking easier than they’ve ever been.

In addition to that, they provide a Chrome extension that brings SEO data into view as you browse the web in real-time.

The Content Generator tool is without a doubt their most impressive feature. If you enter any keyword, GrowthBar’s powerful artificial intelligence (AI) will immediately generate a content outline for you that will tell you exactly what to write in order to rank higher on search engines as quickly as possible.

This tool is cutting edge, enjoyable to work with, and more reasonably priced than the majority of its competitors.
Pricing: GrowthBar’s free trial lasts for 5 days after which paid plans to begin at $29 per month.