Search engine advertising: 5 good reasons for professional Google advertising

Search engine advertising

This phenomenon is known as leakage. Due to the wide spread to an unspecified group of people, the probability of reaching the actual target group decreases. One way to almost completely rule out wastage is advertising on the Internet. With no other form of advertising can such a high level of accuracy be achieved. Classic advertising in mass media such as newspapers or the radio certainly has its raison d’etre to awaken new needs in customers and to establish certain brand logos. The problem, however, is that this form of advertising costs money even if it is seen by 1000 people, but not a single person among them who actually has a real need for the offer.

Advantages Of Search Engine Advertising Using The Example Of Google Adwords / Google Ads

Google is the most important search engine in India. It is the central point of contact for the search for products, services and providers. Advertising, as it is possible with Google AdWords / Google Ads , actually only reaches those people who already intend to buy or are specifically interested in certain products or services. The basic principle is simple: words and groups of words are specified in which the advertisement is to be displayed. In this way, the advertiser can specify that his advertising should only appear for search queries that contain an intention to buy or at least an interest in a certain product.

The exact search queries that a user enters into the search engine are known as keywords. Depending on the product and competitive environment, keyword lists with several thousand entries are created. An effort that is worthwhile, because only those ads that the user clicked on have to be paid for . In other words: It is not the advertising space itself that is calculated, but the fact that a user of the search engine is directed to the advertiser’s website. For this reason, the payment system at Google AdWords / Google Ads is also referred to as cost-per-click. Costs only arise if the advertisement is clicked on.


5 Good Reasons For Professional Advertising With Google Adwords / Google Ads

A campaign with Google AdWords / Google Ads can be planned down to the last detail. This is also necessary so that all potential customers with a purchase intention can also be reached before the competition. When planning the campaign, it comes down to numerous adjusting screws, which also have to be perfectly coordinated with each other. Finally, it is precisely determined which search queries can and cannot display advertising. In addition, criteria such as location, time, device (PC or smartphone) of the search queries and many other parameters can be adjusted, which further increase target accuracy.

1. Comprehensive Keyword Lists

The keyword list can contain several thousand entries depending on the range of products or services. Why? In the case of groups of words, the sequence also plays a role  and must therefore be entered individually.

2. Effective Keyword Lists

The AdWords Keyword Planner can be used to determine which search queries are entered by users and how often. With this knowledge, the target accuracy can be specified again.

3. Permanent Control

From the close observation of the ongoing campaign, among other things, the most attractive ads and the good and bad keywords are determined. With this knowledge, keywords and ad texts can be continuously optimized.

4. Local Advertisements

The location also plays a role. If, for example, a product is to be advertised that is only available in one store in a certain city, this can be taken into account through various options in the campaign settings.

5. Landing Page Optimization

After the searcher has reached the website via advertising, the conclusion, i.e. the purchase, must now take place. The so-called on- page optimization ensures that the target page also encourages the visitor to make a purchase.



Professional search engine advertising is a useful addition to performance marketing . It impresses with its high level of accuracy and can be adapted to practically any offer. In principle, search engine marketing is worthwhile for everyone who wants to generate more customers and thus more sales with the help of the Google search engine.

However, well thought-out and properly created Google AdWords / Google Ads campaigns, which are also continuously optimized, are essential for success.