Scrollers, How About Knowing Instagram Marketing

Scrollers, How About Knowing Instagram Marketing

We are living in a digital sphere, where social media channels are consumed every day, and one of them is Instagram. Instagram can be denoted as just another social media platform for self-entertainment in this era of technology. However, with its power of attracting wider audiences at the same time, Instagram has become a highly used social media network. 

According to factual results, Instagram holds a user base of approximately 1 Billion users, of which 500 Million people are daily active users. On average, 2 Million brands use Instagram as their extended storefront and generate revenue of more than 7 billion a year. 

When Instagram has so much to provide you, then the only step left from your end is to find yourself the best social media marketing agency in India. An agency that will perform multiple strategies for your brand to make it reach a wider audience and to let your Instagram page have higher engaging rates. 

In this troublesome situation, our Social Media Marketing team at Meme Marketing not just provides you with consultation but also ensures to perform the best strategies that are suitable to your brand. 

Tips And Strategies For Instagram Marketing

Believing that your brand holds an Instagram page, the following are the tips and strategies that are performed by our Social Media Marketing team at Meme Marketing:

Creative Bio

First things first, your brand’s Instagram bio holds the value of defining what your brand is about. When our SMM team takes charge of your Instagram account, we ensure that your brand expresses itself in limited yet powerful words. Acknowledging your brand’s story, our team simply presents what your brand offers in a captivating, engaging, and innovative way. Making your brand’s bio creative, the SMM team also uses your official website’s URL to drive organic traffic to the same. 

Creating Content Calendar

The next thing our SMM team takes care of is ensuring how your products/services are going to be showcased on the upfront in your Instagram feed. Before posting any content on your brand’s Instagram page, our SMM team creates a layout of how, what, and when the creatives should be posted. From timing, days, to creatives, everything is designed by our team in the content calendar. 

Post Boosting

Once our SMM team is done with planning the whole calendar, they start posting effective and engaging content. To ensure your brand reaches a wider audience that could further convert into a regular visitor of your Instagram page, start following you, and become more interactive, our team perform tactics such as sponsoring the posts as ads and then creating specific landing pages in case someone clicks on that boosted post.  

Applying Relevant Hashtags

Ensuring that your Instagram page has a voice and visuals to share your brand’s story through relevant posts either in form of pictures, videos, or reels. Our SMM team uses appropriate hashtags, which aren’t just trending, however, gaining your brand unique recognition in the eyes of millions of Instagram users. Comparing what hashtags are used by your competitors, our team believes in showcasing more with less. 

Taking Advantage Of UGC

Customer experience always counts and when the customer is fond of your offerings then we take advantage of their words. In this social media world, people are always posting things on their social media wall, and when your audience opts for your products or services, they share creative posts while tagging your Instagram page. That’s when our SMM team ensures to take advantage of your user-generated content by re-sharing it. 

Collaborate With Influencers

A large community on Instagram is held by Instagram influencers, as everyone wishes to be famous, people create and share content frequently. Instagram Influencers already have a huge followers base which they have attained by posting content constantly. In this step, our SMM team ensures to channelize the power of an already built-up setup. By choosing the most appropriate Instagram influencer which has the correct target audience for your brand, we collaborate with them.

The Contest, Giveaway, And Instagram Features

The next strategy for your brand to have higher engaging rates is by hosting contests, giveaways, and channelizing the Instagram features advantageously. There are many different ways to gain engagement, and our SMM team uses this strategy by hosting a contest, allowing people to take more people to make your page’s engagement rate go higher. Then by performing giveaways, we ensure the guest visitors become a permanent part of your Instagram family. Instagram features such as Story and IGTV helps in enhancing the words for betterment. 

Listening To The Customers

Once your brand’s Instagram page becomes engaging, some customers would like to share their views. Our SMM team makes sure that every voice is heard, by performing various activities such as live streams, quiz polls, Q&A activities, and many more, our SMM team loves to hear what the audience has to say, and we take feedback to ensure that your Instagram page becomes a more attractive page to follow and stay connected to. 

Tracking The Performance

Last but not the least, is sharing your Instagram posts and other activities on different social media platforms too. To ensure that the engagement rates go higher, our SMM team keys a constant eye on your brand’s Instagram page’s analytics. Tracking what post has returned the maximum engagement rate, which post needs to be boosted, what activities will make your page recognizable by billions of people on Instagram. Our SMM team shows you the best results at the end of each month. 


We, at Meme Marketing, your best social media marketing agency in India, help your brand to interest you with fruitful results. Our SMM team performs the above-mentioned strategies to ensure that your brand’s Instagram page enhances your business.