Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2021

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If you’re someone who wants to know the Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2021, then you’re at the right place.

We’ve covered in-depth details about Digital Marketing – Growth, Scope, Future-Possibilities, Jobs, and Careers in India. 

We all understand that after the COVID-19, Everything is going digital like Businesses, Education, Jobs (WFH), Live Events, Meetings, and almost Everything. 

Just think about it – All these things happen in one year of COVID-19:

● Most of the local businesses shut down (Due to Lockdown)

● Restaurants don’t have any physical space (They Take orders through Zomato/Swiggy)

● And, Urban Clap become a Big Hit in Market as a (Service Provider) 

Somehow we all fully realize why we need to go online to Survive. And That’s how the Scope of Digital Marketing in India Booming. 

So, without wasting a second, Let’s Begin and Understand the Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2021

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the Most Effective and Useful way to do Marketing by using Social media platforms. The popularity of Digital Marketing is because it’s More effective, Profitable, and Affordable in Comparison to other local marketing methods.

The Major Difference between old Marketing vs. Digital Marketing is, Targeting the audience with Budget Planning. If you’re a business owner, you can better understand why you need to do only Digital Marketing. 

Because if you do marketing through Newspaper or TV ads then it’s Costlier and You don’t even target the Specific audience interested in your products or services. But here comes Digital Marketing more Effective, profitable, and Affordable because you only target specific audiences by using Social media platforms who are interested in your products or Services. 

#Inshort by using Digital Marketing:

● You can Target the Right audiences who are interested in your products or services

● You can Build Trust by using Brand awareness.

● [Powerful Method] You can do Retargeting to your Audiences for High ROI

● Most Affordable budget to do Marketing

● And many more.

Now it’s time to discuss Digital Marketing Growth and Future Scope.

Digital Marketing Growth in India

If you focus on some facts and figures, you’ll see that Demand for Digital Marketing

from 2020 to 2021 has Huge growth. And the Major reasons behind this Jump in Digital marketing, i.e., Social media users increase actively. You know what – India has the 2nd largest internet users in the World, and till 2023 No. of internet users will be 876+ Million in India.

You can easily predict the Growth and Demand of Digital Marketing Booming day by day. Some Big Things happened behind the growth of Digital Marketing in India.

We all remember a few years ago when data consumption was less. Because at that time, most of the users consumed 500MB to 1GB monthly around 2016. And nowadays, we consume 1GB – 4GB of data per day, even more than that in 2021. 

Another reason for this is more data consumption and increased user databases due to OTT Platforms – when COVID hits all cinemas affected. Users start watching on OTT Platforms in lockdown. That’s a big reason behind more data consumption in India.

People start Understanding the popularity of Digital Marketing, and It’s become a New Career to become a Digital Marketer. According to the report, in 2019, the “Digital Marketing Courses” keyword search on Google is around 60,500+ monthly. And after one year in 2021, this keyword search increased to 90,500+ per Month. People understand the importance of Digital Marketing and How its Demand is growing day by day. That’s why this field is now becoming a New Career for people in India.

After COVID-19 & Lockdown, Businesses Completely focus on Digital Marketing because of its Right Targeting audiences, Profitable and Affordable.

Overall, as per statistics, Digital Marketing demand is Booming every day in India. And after Covid-19 growth of this industry became more important.

Digital Marketing Future Scope in India

After the COVID-19, Demand for Digital Marketing Booming in India. Its annual growth rate is 25-35% in India, and Still, numbers are increasing yearly. Lockdown teaches us how to use technologies and the Internet to do things better, Faster, and more profitably. Companies adapt to these changes in the Market and Shift their businesses online. 

If we see stats for 2021, the Digital Marketing industry can generate more than 25 lakh jobs for people in India at an increasing rate of 10-11%.

You’ll agree that the Demand for Digital Marketing is Growing and the Scope of this industry too. Because now in today’s era when everything is shifted to the Digital world. That’s why the industry needs more people to adapt to these new changes. 

Digital Marketing (Jobs)

As per the growth of industry, new opportunities and Jobs available in this Market. Digital Marketing is an ocean, and so many different types of categories available. We’ve listed some most popular job roles in Digital marketing that always keep in Demand for upcoming years.

So, these are Some Highly

demanding Jobs in


● Website Designer

● Video Editor

● Digital Marketing Executive

● SEO Executive

● Content Marketing

● Email Marketing

● Copywriter

● Graphics Designer

● Social Media Marketing

● Digital Analyst

● And Many More

You can pick any job type in which you’re interested, and you can search Job opportunities in India for this Skill. Start learning skills and become an expert in your skills. The best part is that the salary is good because it’s a New Career with High Demand. 


After reading this article, I hope it will clear all your doubts and queries. Digital Marketing is a New Career for sure and comes with many great opportunities and Jobs in India. As Social media users increase, the Growth of Digital Marketing increases yearly. Digital Marketing is one of the Effective, Profitable and Affordable ways to offer your products or services in front of the Right audiences interested in your offer. After this COVID & Lockdown, we all realize how important it is to be on the Internet. Most Businesses shift to Digital platforms to Survive. 

Well, suppose you’re interested in Digital Marketing and thinking of making this a career. In that case, it’s a Peak time to Start your Digital Marketing journey and unlock so many opportunities for you.