Best Proven Ways You Can Make Money at Home

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Maybe you’re currently earning money online in a way or another, or you just want to start doing it. In either case, a side income is always welcomed. I will list below a few of the best methods to earn money online, some are kind of new, and some are long-time standing, but all of them can add a serious money stream to your current income.

For those that are already making money online, while you’re doing it, it’s never bad to diversify your income and work to grow another stream on the side. Time is passing anyway, and if there isn’t something more building up in parallel with your main method, think about what will happen if things start to go bad with that. So here it goes:


Completing random online gigs

First thing, what has always helped people during bad times was being open to doing various gigs that other people needed to be done online, at a cost. However, this is not something you can build up to a great extent over time unless you get clients that will constantly need your work, or unless you specialize in a specific task or field that you are going to be recognized for (I will talk about this later).

Some example of random gigs that are constantly posted by people willing to pay to get them done, can be: image manipulation, document manipulation, data scraping and sorting, group or forum posting, user testing for various applications, monitoring and reporting… these are only a few examples, and most of the work can be done by almost anyone, regardless of age or technical skills. Most of the posters will also offer guidance and clear instructions on how to successfully complete the job.

This can be an excellent way to add to your current income by allocating about 2 hours/day to it. Also, being open to taking such an order is a great way to win some quick money during bad times. The only downside to this method is it will keep you occupied with plenty of small or big gigs that can be very different in between. Lastly, it may result in feeling anxious about completing strange or unknown gigs that you’re not comfortable with doing, at least not in the long-term.

Regardless of the disadvantages, if you’re determined enough to get some quick money; this will always be a way that will help.

TIP: Many people are freelancing on Fiverr, which is the most popular platform. There you can find out what jobs other people are doing, how many times they were hired for their services, get inspired about what services you can offer, and you can also get found by people who needs work done.

2. OFFER ESTABLISHED SERVICES (like gigs but evolved and more stable)

Becoming an authority in a specific type of task or service field

If you want to be able to build up a renowned service that can generate a more steady income, and, in the meantime to gain expertise in a field you feel comfortable to deal with, you can specialize in one task only, and offer your best service quality + client support while at it.

This comes with three significant advantages: You’ll be building up expertise in a field; It will be a field you like working in; You’ll get to build up a reputation in the field. A good reputation will make many customers get back to you and also attract new customers because of your established reputation and word of mouth.

Examples of such a service can be: posting reviews, landing page creation, optimizing landing page conversion, scraping targeted email lists, logo design, social media management… and other services that are known to show a steady demand over time.

Another significant advantage when establishing a specific service is you can outsource. Outsourcing can be done more easily than with random gigs, where you don’t know what task you’re going to complete in the next gig. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to assist you with the task at hand, or, completely delegating the whole task to a VA, will take off the burden and allow you to be more focused on attracting more clients for your service.

Of course, VA’s comes at a cost, but as you’re providing the main service as a whole finished product to the end client, backed up by your expertise, will allow for enough profit after VA’s cost. From here, if you work hard and smart while offering excellent quality for clients in a demanding market, starting your small business in the digital sphere should be one step away.

Now I will detail on methods that can be become more “passive income type,” after a relatively bigger initial effort of time or money, or both.

TIP: When you have a lot to be done, don’t keep all the pressure on your shoulders, you can get affordable Virtual Assistants from freelancing sites.

You can find experienced and good rated workers in sites like Freelancer or Upwork.

Or, if you’re in need of completing small tasks at the cheap, then Microworkers or Peopleperhour could be a better fit.

Finally, if you need a software engineer, then can be a great place to find one.


Although it comes with some amount of risk due to the fact a social account isn’t 100% in your control (networks can disable accounts for various reasons), you can begin to grow IG/Twitter/FB (groups) accounts with 10k+ followers, which are in big demand nowadays.

Instead of selling them when they reach a certain amount of followers, you could monetize the accounts by yourself by accepting paid shouts, or even by promoting some affiliate offers with them. This method needs a good amount of patience because growing accounts will take time and requires consistent posting and interaction to reach a decent amount of followers over time.

Let’s imagine a target: get to work with 10 Instagram accounts in parallel, and get them to 10k followers in 5 months, which is perfectly achievable with constant work. These ten accounts could swap for about $1500-$2000 at the current market price, which is $15-$20 per 1k followers (you have 100k followers spread to 10 accounts). This can make for a nice side income every 5 months.

If you want to generate a lower but steadier income over time, you can always opt to keep the accounts for yourself, and start accepting paid shout outs, or promote affiliate offers directly. Many people are using their social pages to direct users to their e-commerce sites, so this can be a great complimentary marketing tactic if you’re selling via e-commerce.

I want to discuss some technical parts about growing social media accounts because many people aren’t aware of the action filters social networks are having. I will specifically talk about the anti-spam filters, because these can put your accounts at risk if you’re going to use many accounts on the same device and IP, and, the risk will increase if promoting the same niche or website between these many accounts. I’m not going to enter into much detail about it, so I will simply suggest a few safety tips that will keep your accounts safe.

The safest way of working with multiple accounts is having a maximum of 3-5 accounts on a single phone or tablet. If you need to add more accounts, get another device and add 3-5 more accounts, and so on. Having more than about 5 accounts on the same device, while performing a consistent daily activity (and especially if promoting the same niche with similar content and links), can very quickly result in action blocks or even disabling of your accounts.

You may know that there is automation software on the market that can import dozens of accounts in one go and then set them up to mass follow, like, post, comment, and do many other actions. However, working with such software can more easily get your accounts in trouble if you do not know what you’re doing. Manual actions on real devices will be more forgiving for your accounts if you misuse a feature, it will always be the safest route for the long-term safety of your social media accounts.

About the IP, you can use the same home WiFi IP for about 2-3 devices, but if you’re going to scale to more devices and accounts, you’ll need to make sure every about 15 accounts are using another IP source. To quickly solve IP sharing dilemmas, you can use mobile 3g/4g data plans, which are also considered the safest route when working with social accounts.

After you get your hardware setup in place, you can proceed with setting up your accounts for your niche, and then, start daily posting of quality content and interaction with your target audience so you can steadily grow your number of followers.

TIP: Daily posting is an essential step in growing accounts, and, creating multiple posts can get time-consuming and demotivating. Don’t let this stay in the way of your success. What you can do in this case is to use a service of custom-made posts tailored for your niche. One of such service with very decent result at a very affordable price is Postifyme.

You can save lots of time an greatly add to account growth momentum with such a service, so don’t try to save a few bucks at the risk of quitting your project later down the line, because of lack of inspiration and consistency with daily posting.


This method of making money online can be the best of all the above. However, its difficulty is also one of the biggest. Reaching success in SEO requires an immense amount of work done during an extended period. Don’t expect to see any noticeable result within the first 3-5 months of constant work – that’s how search engines work: they need time to index and rank your content, and, more than this, a steady audience to your blog also needs time to develop.

SEO in English for International reach

I will first start to talk about English, because SEO is mostly about writing, and, if you want to reach the most Internet users, you need to know decent English so you’ll reach internationally.

Luckily, most non-English-native people accessing the Internet are having a degree of English knowledge, and that’s because computers and programs in general are designed with English-first approach in mind. Because of this, people are getting used to some English during their time using a computer. Also, many schools around the world are teaching English in primary classes. Whatever your case might be, you need to make sure you write decent English before going this route.

If you’re still a beginner, which makes lots of writing mistakes, you first want to get your hand on a good English teaching book or course. If you write English at a decent level, you should still keep improving it. This way, you will increase your success rate in getting a good amount of SEO traffic, because neither search engines nor people like to see English errors when they read content.

After you’re confident you are good enough with writing English, you can start choosing your niche, set up your website, and start creating useful articles. SEO isn’t that hard as many people believe, but that if done properly and with patience. A good article, once created and posted, can attract lots of visitors in the long-term, and the more articles, the more passive traffic you will keep getting in time.

My other best advice about it, is to focus on a niche you’re passionate or well-informed about, so you can work with pleasure and avoid quitting before results start to appear. If you love the subject you’re going to write about, you’ll have higher chances of persistence, and this ultimately will lead to SEO success.

When you write, make sure to create useful content that speaks for the people. Also, you will want to avoid spam link-building campaigns for your blog (especially cheap campaigns that use automated submissions), because by doing so will most then surely result in search penalties for your website, and will get your traffic to the drain. You should still look into building links for your blog, but these should be of high quality, mostly obtained manually by outreaching to other blogs in your niche.

If you are consistent in posting, you’ll be on a sure route to getting some level of passive income. Monetization can be made from contextual ads (Google AdSense), or affiliate products displayed on your blog, to give a few solid examples. You can also sell ad placements directly to interested businesses once your blog starts to receive a good amount of monthly traffic.

SEO in your native language for local reach

If you really don’t want to deal with English writing, then there is still an opportunity for SEO traffic, providing your country is having a decent level of Internet users. You can grow a blog in your native language, and you can follow all of the advice from above to make it a success and start earning money with SEO traffic.

TIP: For those who use English for International reach, a great tool that will tremendously help with writing correctly and improving your writing skills overall, is Grammica. Grammica uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to make your online writing error-free, clear and effective.

TIP 2: If you go this route you’ll need a domain name and hosting for your blog. The best resource I can recommend for getting these is Namecheap. They offer great support, quality of service, speed, user intuitive dashboard and interfaces and all the features you need to run a successful website.


Next, a very solid method of making money: traditional affiliate marketing done online, or what is called digital marketing, or Internet marketing. Affiliate means you’ll be promoting someone else’s products. Why I’m saying ‘traditional’? Because the classical approach to affiliate marketing is what many regular affiliates have done by now all of these years, without involving botting, quick shortcuts, and exploit methods that can be short-lived.

Affiliate marketing is a job which if taken seriously, will make you a more agile marketer being able to reach the proper target audience in the right way, allowing you to generate consistent affiliate commissions from it. This implies research, content creation, and promotion, so it’s a very pro-active type of work. When you’re going to select a proven product from a serious company to promote, with enough persistence in reaching the right people for that product, you will begin to see conversions.

Actual daily work can include: posting in Facebook groups, niche forums, Skype/Telegram/WhatsApp chat niche groups, blog comments, personal/direct messaging on various social nets, classified posting, article marketing, video marketing, email marketing… basically any way that you can reach to people online (targeted people) and suggest them the offer.

In time, with more expertise, this can be outsourced to VA’s, or you can even throw paid traffic at it, presuming you know your niche in and out. Profiting off paid traffic isn’t about luck; it’s about experience put to action and lots of A/B testing’s until you pinpoint the right formulas for winning ads.

Affiliate marketing earns millions of dollars for people around the world every year, and a big part of it is made by people who do this the traditional way. I highlighted doing things slowly, steadily, with good ethics and without trying to re-invent the wheel, for like everything in life is guided by a universal formula: what you put in is how much you’ll get out – trying to outsmart things will lead many times to outsmart nobody but yourself.

It may seem hard to do many of this marketing things manually while knowing there are various automation bots out there that could do this on autopilot… but the truth is, by the time you find and test a method, purchase all the needed things like accounts, proxies, bots, and, setting up actions, making content, generating links and so on, your method could be outdated because of some over-night update to that specific site. This will especially happen if that method is public and tried by many other people.

I have seen numerous people (including myself at some point) who invested more money into tools and a lot of their time, than what they could get out of automating a site. During this time, regular affiliates are working daily, manually, and with good ethics and quality, which brings the bacon home.

TIP: Trusted services and products you can promote as an affiliate:

  • Email marketing solutions (Constant Contact, Get Response)
  • Self-hosted e-commerce solutions (Shopify, Printful)
  • WordPress themes (Envato Market, Thrive Themes)
  • Website hosting (Namecheap, SiteGround)
  • Lead generation tools (Leadpages)
  • Entertainment (Netflix, iTunes)

TIP 2: For promoting offers in many other categories, like travel, fashion, health, electronics, and many more. You can join a trusted affiliate network like Shareasale or Flex Offers. This will enable easy management of offers and your affiliate links, and you’ll be able to see traffic and conversion statistics from one dashboard.