Negative SEO: How to Protect Your Website

negative SEO

There is widespread discussion in the online world about negative SEO- positive culture. We all know how important it is for a company to flourish.  So much so that there are entire segments dedicated towards improving SEO positivity. Whole campaigns are often run based on how to project a website best in terms of SEO.

In the heat of all this, a very important aspect is often overlooked.  There is an equally potent force working here, negative SEO.  Its effect, as can be understood, can be quite detrimental to a website.  In fact one needs to consciously work on this aspect in order to protect one’s website from going under. There are rivals using back links and other ways to pull down rankings of your website.

Let us look at some ways to protect your website:

Make website secure

First things first.  Secure your website against hacks, spam and malware. Use tools available on Google to do so. A strong password helps too. 

Foolproof your SEO techniques

All of us go by working on positive SEO in order to give websites a push.  Here it is good to be aware that one cannot rest easy just with hiring a good SEO person. This is because often they use the same techniques with other companies too. The same listings, etc. used by multiple websites can backfire on you. Remember the golden rule, quality over quantity. Also use the ‘no follow’ parameter to secure your links.

Track back links

There are many tools to track back links to your website. Having an SEO expert do it is a good idea especially if your website uses larger numbers of links. It is not possible to manually go through too many links on a regular basis.

Eliminate duplicate content

It is essential to stand out vis-a-vis content. Duplicate content does more to pull down rankings than anything else. Use paid tools to check for this. 

Use Google Disavow

This needs expert help so go for an SEO specialist.  The tool tells Google to pass over bad links when it is going through your website. This helps counter negative SEO considerably. 

Cultivate friends

It is always best to foster friendships among competition.  Not that this will ensure rival companies do not unleash negative SEO. It is worth the effort to go all out and maintain good relationships for the sake of your website.  Negative SEO can cause much harm to your rankings.

Monitor social media occurrences

People go to any lengths to cut down rankings. There is an abundance of fake websites all over social media. Without your knowledge there might be efforts to run a smear campaign for your website. Utilize appropriate tools to find out and eliminate these.

Staying ahead in the negative SEO challenge is not easy. Marketing Sweet is a company that offers its expertise in this regard. You are sure to gain new insight into tackling the negative SEO menace. Seattle fence contractors