How to promote on demand mobile app with digital marketing?

on demand mobile app

Digital marketing has become the biggest mode of communication in today’s world. Every company or brand, regardless of the product has started understanding the value of digital marketing which generates organic leads. To ensure that you can promote your on demand mobile app properly, here’s a digital marketing strategy that can help:

Research who Matters

The world is full of people but not everyone is a potential buyer. While for most on demand apps, the usability is for just about anyone, but there is a certain group of people that matter most to your business. Let us understand this with the help of an example. If, you have an on demand multi service app like Gojek, it would encompass pretty much everyone who uses different social media platforms, however, it would not make sense to target teenagers or children using these platforms. 

You must focus your attention towards a certain age group. Likewise, if you have an on demand beauty app, you will want to focus your attention towards females of certain age groups and incomes, tastes and preferences and so on and so forth. Showing your ads to teenage boys will not make any sense. So, start your strategy with adequate research on the focus target audience and then you can begin planning the kind of ads that you want. 

Snoop on your Competitors

Social media is a very tangible marketing platform. You can gauge a market’s concentration, likes and dislikes by taking into account their comments, their feedback etc. Since digital marketing is such an interactive medium, it will help you greatly if you can snoop in on your competitors to find out what kind of content and ads they are placing and whether or not the audience is consuming it happily. 

Based on that, you can alter, modify or update your own advertising and use the digital marketing platform in the most custom way possible. 

Develop a Brand Language

The one thing that most audiences can relate to is a great brand story. People will definitely approach a familiar and known brand rather than a newbie in the market. But this doesn’t mean a new brand cannot achieve this. Basically, you have to create an idea in the minds of your customers that you are a trustworthy, established and premium brand that they can rely on.

To this effect you have to create a proper brand language. Come up with a great name and logo for your on demand mobile application. Make sure that the logo is simple and can be recognized easily. Now, whatever marketing strategy you employ, all you need to do is to make sure that you maintain a design language that coincides with your brand’s image. Social media platforms these days have become the perfect platform for such marketing strategies because they sport images in the grid format which can also be treated as a window to showcase a brand’s creativity.

Optimize your app on the App Store

Just like revisiting and optimizing your website affects a site’s ranking on Google, the same method also holds true for the App store. The more you optimize your page on the app store the higher is the possibility of the people to find it and download it. So, while this is not strictly any kind of a marketing move, it will definitely result in a greater number of downloads. 


On the whole, one has to listen to what the market is saying. You can ensure that you can promote your on demand mobile app by making use of the tips share above.