10 Powerful Strategies To Increase Your Reach On Instagram In 2022

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Do you have an Instagram account for your business and you feel like it’s not going anywhere? 

This social network is considered as one of the most relevant in the digital environment, with millions of active users. Therefore, increasing the visibility of your business on this platform is a great digital marketing strategy.

Reach on Instagram- How does the Instagram algorithm work?

It is important to know that, like Google, this social network also uses an algorithm. Through this, this platform ensures that users see the content that is most valuable to them and meets their needs. 

To make these decisions, it uses 3 basic factors:

  • Relationship: It handles the history of interactions as a value to data.
  • Interest: Through which it evaluates the type of publication.
  • And timeliness: To check how recently the content was published.

The tips given on this post will heighten the impact in these areas, but be on the lookout for adjustments with any updates.

Most effective strategies for 2022

Here are the 10 most effective strategies to increase your reach on Instagram in 2022 :

1. Make users save your posts

Studies on Instagram reveal that it is really beneficial for your visibility if users save your posts. 

Actively saving a post means that it is content that they want to return to later. This tells Instagram that the post is valuable, increasing the likelihood of appearing in more feeds.

In this sense, your publications must have the necessary level so that the audience dedicates time to them and considers them special.

2. Create titles that capture the attention

Certainly, a detailed explanation of your post is really helpful from two perspectives. First, if a user doesn’t have time to read it instantly, they will store it and access it later. 

On the other hand, Instagram recognizes how much time users spend on each post to inform the algorithm of its potential.

This tells you the importance of creating compelling stories that inform and engage the viewer. Consider these contents as a mini blog post, where you talk about your corporate image and you can explore other areas. 

In this regard, feel free to experiment with new content strategies and assess what works and what doesn’t.

To make things easier, you can hire a digital marketing company. They use best content strategies that will help your content rank higher on Instagram feeds. 

And indeed, through striking expressions from the first paragraph, you will see how to gain visibility on Instagram in a short time.

3. Set the correct frequency

Digital marketers say if you have a low Instagram reach, you should post at least once a day. 

This corresponds to an audience of approximately 1,000 followers and is effective for sustained growth. After you hit 5,000, you should post 2-3 times a day.

Through a well-defined periodicity, you will know how to achieve a greater reach on Instagram.

4. Diversify the types of posts 

If you wonder how to improve your content on Instagram? Then you should go beyond a simple image or video. Include carousel posts, where you share multiple items and amplify the impact of the message. 

This content is trending, and it’s a powerful way to offer expanded information and engage your audience.

In this way, you will be able to explain your products in more detail, tell a story or give a demonstration. These alternatives are incredibly great. Research shows that carousels are 3-5 times more likely to be saved than individual posts.

This indicates to Instagram that said content is preferred by users. Also, every time an image is swiped, it acknowledges that users will be on your post longer. And certainly, this is very positive for the performance of your publication.

5.  Manage your hashtags

You must know about hashtags, but maybe you don’t know how to improve Instagram posts efficiently through them. Find out which ones your most relevant competitors use, and carry out periodic tests. 

You can add a maximum of 10 hashtags per post. Instagram allows you up to 30, however it is better not to overdo it. Also, you can put them at the end or in the comments.

Based on the above, here are some tips to correctly select your hashtags :

  • Always keep in mind the theme of the publication or the image.
  • Start with the medium and low frequencies
  • It is wrong to copy and paste a set of hashtags from one post to another. It is better to select them individually to show a professional tone.
  • Avoid using misleading hashtags, or creating misleading statistics.

6. Be creative with your stories

Many businesses always share the same type of stories, thinking that it is a way to show consistency with their vision. 

However, this is a fairly common mistake, and it makes you lose the potential of this tool. Stories are an effective way to have fun with your audience.

So if you want to increase reach, you need to spend time experimenting with different types of stories. There are many alternatives, from a quick survey to a special interaction mechanism. With whichever you try, you will see the differences.

And rest assured that not only will your audience appreciate it, Instagram will also value it positively for promotional purposes. 

Don’t forget that the algorithm recognizes when you post the same type of story and shows a preference for dynamism to gain Instagram views.

7. Utilising the potential of Instagram stories

Not only should you make sure to post more valuable content, but you should also increase the flow of stories coming from Instagram. 

This is a quick and very effective way to position yourself in front of your audience at different times.

The above is considered by specialists as a passive marketing strategy to gain visits on Instagram. This is because it will continue to work for you constantly, while you work on other aspects of the campaign.

8.  Publish stories and news

According to statistics, more than 70% of users check their stories upon launching the Instagram app. This information is really useful since the first interaction is better valued by the algorithm. 

And by clicking on the post image in your story, users will be redirected to the original. This combined strategy boosts the impact of your content and will help fix low Instagram reach in no time.

9. Use engagement tools to increase your Instagram traffic 

Over the years, Instagram has introduced very effective engagement tools. These induce the audience to interact with the elements of the posts in a subtle and very effective way. 

Among the most popular are surveys, questions, or the participation bar.

For example, surveys seem simple, but they encourage fast and effective interaction that adds relevance to your account. 

Try experimenting by having your audience vote between two of your products, to express which one is their favourite. Or maybe make them choose if they want a video demo of one service or another.

It’s a win-win situation as you reinforce your image in front of Instagram and get valuable feedback all at once. But you should avoid falling into excesses since too many questions will take the fun out of the dynamic. 

Therefore, try to mix the types of stories throughout the week to keep them interesting and attractive.

10. Provide timely responses to comments

If someone takes the time to leave a comment for you, it shows that they are committed to your post. 

Responding to your customers promptly without taking much time, guarantees the start of a conversation that you can capitalise on later.

Later, others will read those comments and their answers will get added to the posts. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to let your brand’s personality and responsiveness shine. Do not forget that it is not only about growing your reach on Instagram, but also building trust. 

Use open-ended questions to encourage depth in post comments. If you get them to express opinions that go beyond simple “yes” or “no”, you will have achieved closer communication.

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