15 post ideas for LinkedIn

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Professional social networks such as LinkedIn are full of information, each more relevant than the last. To stand out, publications must feature content that creates engagement. However, you have to find new ideas for posts every day to be regular, and this task can be more difficult than expected!

The fear of running out of ideas to ensure a publication likely to reach prospects and ensure strong engagement can cause blockages, whether you are a beginner or more experienced. However, LinkedIn can have a significant impact on your company’s visibility on social networks, and this must be done through quality content.

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In the meantime, here are 15 publication ideas for LinkedIn that can be adapted to a company, an entrepreneur or a professional looking for missions!

5 LinkedIn publication ideas for your company page

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Distribute content about your successes

Your successes are an asset to your business. Have you just signed a major client or have you had an exceptional month of sales? You certainly have events in your news to highlight.

LinkedIn allows you to share this type of information. Publishing a post of your victories from time to time allows you to promote your teams and boost your brand image. Customers love great stories and success.

Highlight your company events

Are you organizing or participating in an event that will take place in the coming days, weeks or months? Why not communicate and share news about this project?

If you are launching a new product, make the LinkedIn platform a way to share and showcase your creations. Exchange with your subscribers, your customers, and reach prospects by distributing your flyers.

Are you attending a trade show? Invite your community to come see you at your stand!

Publish a newsletter

You have managed to build a community of at least 500 people around your LinkedIn social network. Optimize its impact on your subscribers’ engagement. Offer them a newsletter.

It is a way of setting up, with the people who follow you, a meeting which can be weekly, monthly or quarterly and which allows you to unite around your company and through common interests.

Your newsletter may feature content including articles, tips and other advice. You can highlight a product or new ideas and examples of success. However, your information must be consistent with your sector of activity.

Once created, you can distribute it in a publication for everyone and generate interest and engagement.

Stream short videos

Tutorials, advice, tips, training, marketing communication… Videos generate engagement with your audience.

The short video is very interesting because it is in tune with the times: you have to go quickly and be amazed! It’s a very popular format that you have to learn to exploit, but which can significantly increase your audience.

A post with a video has a good chance of being viewed if it is consistent with your brand image and produced in a qualitative manner. But the subject must be interesting!

Sell ​​a product or service

You can publish posts to highlight products or services. The LinkedIn network allows you to make your business known to other professionals, but also to a targeted audience. Through careful selection of groups and other structures, you can grow your audience. Posting marketing or sales content can encourage subscribers to visit your site or blog. The remaining objective is to convert your prospects into customers.

5 ideas for LinkedIn publications when you are an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur needs visibility to develop his business. From creating articles to putting forward ideas, content posted on the network can have a considerable impact on the audience of its page.

Write articles on LinkedIn

Thanks to LinkedIn, you can publish articles on your page. This format allows you to develop more important content and helps to strengthen your notoriety and make your skills known in the sector you are writing about.

Your article will have more impact if the text is accompanied by examples and photos. Include a link to your blog if you have one. Posting articles on a social network like LinkedIn ensures visibility and notoriety by highlighting your professional skills.

Share articles that are of interest to you

You can’t always find ideas for writing articles. You can also share and comment on posts proposed by other entrepreneurs. The LinkedIn network is full of publications rich in new ideas and information.

Take the time to select interesting content related to your sector of activity and share it.

You can also write a comment. This is important to gain visibility on the network. This allows other Internet users (and professionals) to discover you.

Request advice

There are bound to be things you need advice on. This can be about the development of your business or your personal and professional development. People like to feel useful. They will be happy to use their experience to provide advice and tips to help you succeed.

This type of post generates conversations and ultimately new audiences for your profile and your LinkedIn page.

Post job offers

This network is an incredible reservoir of talent. A large number of people are looking for job opportunities on this platform. Are you an entrepreneur? Therefore, you are likely to be looking for candidates. Consider running your ads online. This allows your community to share your offers.

It’s also an interesting way to give visibility to your profile and your LinkedIn page.

Report your presence at events

Your publications can also be used to inform subscribers of your news. Indicate your presence at certain events such as trade shows or other forums. Provide information about your visit to a festival, for example, or even announce a future conference.

Are you setting up a webinar or training? Work on your content and generate interest.

Be careful to make your publication well before the event, so as to give it time to be re-posted or re-published.

5 ideas for LinkedIn publications when looking for a job

Communicate about your expertise and your strengths

A LinkedIn page also allows you to promote your skills and highlight your expertise and strengths. To enhance your professional career in your field of activity, don’t forget to provide your perspective on current events in the sector by producing publications on a regular basis.

Design a post on your page by choosing topics, videos or other visuals related to your expertise. Provide advice to enhance your knowledge.

It is important to plan your marketing strategy, including the management of your image.

Give examples of your achievements

As an expert, you have accumulated achievements. This is a great way to illustrate the information on your profile.

Highlight your successes by giving examples of your actions: exceptional sales, passing a certification, partnership with a major client, etc. Posting this type of publication can strengthen your image with your page’s subscribers.

Write on topics related to your sector of activity

To show your expertise, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to write articles. Choose topics related to your field of activity or your passions. They must highlight your professional skills.

Comment on current events in your sector and encourage subscribers to leave comments to allow your publication to circulate to a wide target.

Give advice or tips to enhance your profile. Your notoriety also requires proof of your abilities!

Finally, illustrate your posts with images and think about the algorithms that work for the SEO of your page. Include links in your article to a blog or website, if you have one.

Publish video content

Videos are an essential medium today. Fast, visual and attractive, they can be a springboard for your career. Video makes your communication more real, more human.

Be careful, however, that they are made with care!

Why is it important to post regularly on LinkedIn?

  • Posting on a network such as LinkedIn is very important for a professional. This allows you to develop your network and ensure visibility. The more publications you post, the more you will see your visibility increase.
  • Interactions with your subscribers will be more and more frequent and thus further develop your notoriety. It’s a virtuous circle.
  • Thanks to the LinkedIn network, you can develop your business. By promoting your services and products in well-produced posts, you will be able to reach more people who, from being prospects, will perhaps move on to that of customers.
  • You can maintain relationships with your prospects, but also with your customers. This will allow you to increase your chances of retaining them.

Our advice for your LinkedIn publications

There are rules to follow for a good publication.

  • First of all, you need a publishing strategy. Publishing all the time without any cohesion, on subjects unrelated to your objectives, or publishing too infrequently will have a negative effect on your image.
  • Set up an editorial calendar.
  • Do not publish in an emergency or in an exceptional manner.

A post is no longer very visible after 24 hours. Think about this when implementing your editorial strategy.

Take care of your spelling

Remember to reread yourself two or three times before posting. Spelling and grammar mistakes are unprofessional…

However, ensuring zero faults in all circumstances is no easy feat. You can put all the chances on your side to get closer by using correction software. Be careful to choose it carefully: some are minimalist and only correct a few of your mistakes.

Reply to comments to increase engagement

Creating engagement is one of the reasons for your presence on a social network such as LinkedIn. To do this, you need to develop conversations with people, but also make them last and thus generate subscriptions to your profile and your posts.

Remember to respond to comments and messages that we leave you. Take the time to personalize your text to encourage people to join you.

Our tip for posting on LinkedIn

The publications that are most read are those that provide clear and precise information on subjects that interest Internet users according to their expectations.

This social network has a reputation for conveying quality content. You must therefore take inspiration from this rule to create your publications.

Regardless of the format chosen: short videos, interactive images, news posts, advice or tips, response to a comment, articles on in-depth subjects requiring good mastery of them… In all circumstances, it is It’s important to keep in mind that your LinkedIn post must be done carefully and professionally. Think about your target and write relevant and professional content in line with their expectations.