5 Awesome Paid Tools for SEOs to Boost Organic Traffic

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So, you are a content creator, content marketer, media or PR pro, and you desire to increase organic search traffic to your company’s website you probably know a little about search engine optimization (SEO), but at the same time you keep hearing about how google has changed in the last few years and you are not aware where to commence.

There are several aspects of SEO, from new keyword research to content creation, link building, and rank tracking. So in this further comprehensive article, we are going to discuss the Top 5 awesome paid tools for SEOs to boost organic traffic. 

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of working to get your website and content to show up in search results – primarily in Google but also Bing, Duckduckgo, yahoo, and others- to send more members to your website. At the core, SEO is a distribution strategy done to connect your website content with people who are interested to hear whatever you are talking about. There are three major considerable skills in SEO as listed below:

  • Technical SEO: It involves optimizing the back-end server side of your website to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website, that includes things like making sure your website is quick, eliminating redirects, and making the site more user-friendly. 
  • On-page SEO: It involves the process of making content (in broad terms) and optimizing what visitors see on the web page, using the keywords, you desire to rank for plus more related terms. 
  • Off-page SEO: It includes efforts like soliciting links from websites to your web pages and content, which helps both domains and topic authority so that you can be visible on the result page for competitive keywords. 

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How Do SEO Tools Work?

SEO is a strategy which can be done in different ways. Big enterprise companies may have an entire team- and substantial spending- dedicated to SEO and digital marketing. However, that doesn’t show you can’t take advantage of SEO Without a dedicated pro and a giant budget. 

One way to achieve this is by utilizing one of the many tools available in the market, designed to simplify the process of understanding how to improve the ranking of your content.

SEO tools come in various forms, but they are all designed to take data from existing search engine results and transform it into valuable insights that can assist you in optimizing your content for your selected keywords. These tools provide:

  • Presenting aggregated data, such as monthly search volume (MSV) and keyword difficulty (KD), for individual keywords, helping you prioritize your efforts.
  • Analyzing the backend of your website and identifying technical issues that could negatively impact your ranking prospects.
  • Compiling information on the keywords for which your site currently ranks, the page ranking for each keyword, and their positions in the current search engine results page (SERP), as well as monitoring these rankings over time.
  • Evaluating the content that currently ranks for a specific keyword, essentially your competition, and displaying data such as each website’s domain authority, backlink profile, and more.
  • Providing recommendations for on-page optimization, including related terms to include, ideal content length, topics to cover, and more.
  • Conducting audits and grading your content as you create it.

SEO tools can simplify the process of improving your content’s search engine ranking by offering a range of valuable insights and recommendations.

Here are the top 5 paid versions of SEO tools that can help you boost your site ranking:

1.    Ahref 

Ahref is a square that is already a collection of SEO tools to boost any domain. It is one of the well-known tools used by Uber, Netflix, and Adobe. Using this one can assist you in ranking on the site by helping with backlinks, traffic, and top-performing pages.

2.    UberSuggest: 

UberSuggest is an all-in-one SEO tool that not only provides keyword suggestions but also offers a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance. It gives insights into backlinks, traffic, and top-performing pages. This tool is valuable for finding high-performing keywords and understanding how well your site is doing in search results.

3.    Keyword Chief: 

Keyword Chief specializes in helping you find long-tail keywords and phrases. These are crucial for targeting specific niches and capturing more organic traffic. It also assists in organizing keywords, making it easier to create content that ranks well in search engines.

4.    Link Whisper: 

Internal linking is an often overlooked but powerful SEO strategy. Link Whisper streamlines the process by suggesting relevant internal links for your content. This not only improves your SEO but also enhances the user experience on your website.

5.    XML Sitemap Generator: 

Creating an XML sitemap is a fundamental SEO practice. This tool automates the process, of generating a structured file that helps search engines navigate your site. This, in turn, ensures that your web pages are indexed correctly, improving your site’s visibility in search results.

Keep in mind, These 5 tools are not completely paid, initially, they provide you access to use for a week as a free version and then they ask for the paid version.

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Having paid enough amount to the website developer and designer, now you have handed over to run that site. But what if having not appropriate knowledge of SEO ruins your site ranking? So that’s why here we have listed the top 5 paid tools for boosting ranking.