Overview of Google My Business

google my business

Google My Business is come up with the ability to list your business location on Google maps and local search results. You can show important information about your business, along with opening/closing timings, contact details, or a link to your website.

 Google recently released a new feature, which allows you to post a link to articles or up-and-coming events. If you don’t have a physical shop doing an online business then you should still consider having a Google My Business page.

Here are the top 10 benefits to increasing your business sales by using the Google My Business page.

  • Ease of Utilization and Access free.
  • Ease of visibility.
  •  Enhances online Consistency.
  • Images create a Great First Impression.
  • Improves SEO.
  • Give Customer Reviews.
  • It helps gain customer intuition.
  • It completes your Google profile.
  • It offers an official website for your business.
  • It is the future of online marketing.

Ease of Utilization and Access free

             It is an efficient tool easy to use and access for free, so even any business can utilize it to promote their business or service. Google My Business makes it easy for local businesses to encourage their products and services online by increasing their appearance and improving their chances of showing up in search results. It can help to find potential customers quickly and contact you. It is a free tool to improve your online presence, connect with your customers, and also increase your business’s revenue.  

Ease of visibility:

     It is a tool that allows your business on a global map. Most of the searchers don’t have any idea what they want to search about the brand or their target need before starting their search. This is simply knowing that you have to be visible for online search to catch their attention and stand out from your competition. 

Without GMB, you will be losing the chance to be visible in any way of how heavily you practice SEO strategies on your website. GMB listings obtain priority on the first page of local Google searchers and about map queries.

Enhances online Consistency:

      During your business growth or undergoes updates in this process, you want to be able to keep your customers justified and educated simultaneously. So, you have to maintain consistency by updating your business listing on GMB continue and keep up with phone numbers, addresses, websites, and social media. Then it will enhance your business and build online consistency.

Images create a Great First Impression:

  Uploading visual images or videos on the GMB page about your business product or service will attract your customers with a set of expectations.

 You can grab the customer’s attention with upload images and videos about 

  • your CEO and managing director,
  • your employees or team-mates,
  • your product or service, 
  • Awards and Events,
  • Your Happy customers and their testimonials or experiences

Adding and uploading at least 5 to 10 images to your GMB page will elevate and create a great first impression for searchers.

Improves SEO:

      GMB is one of the more powerful tools for SEO strategy. It will improve and enhance SEO like high-quality traffic and organic search, increase website usability, promotes trust and credibility, promotes 24/7 service, reach your target clients, access the user experience, and promotes long-term success. 

Give Customer Reviews:

    You should observe and respond to your Google My Business customer reviews. Here are three reasons why observing and monitoring reviews helps your business offline or online.

  • Don’t avoid negative reviews, because these can affect your sales.
  • Firstly, customers have read reviews and then they come to your store or make calls for online business so you need to know their queries and answer them.
  • Customers, who give feedback at least 25% will generate a revenue average of 35%.

Get customer intuition:

     Get customer intuition from your Google My Business listing and use it to grow your business. It focuses on how customers find your listing on search and maps and what they do after searching and finding it. This contains information like

  • How and where the customers find out your listings,
  • Your listing had how many views,
  • Feedback and reviews on your listings,
  • And interactions with customers what you have in GMB listing. 

It completes your Google profile:

    Having a GMB account will help you to complete your Google profile. It is connected to Google Ad words, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc, and access to these tools perform not only Ranks and also optimizes your brand, and helps to maintain your business up to date with digital trends.

It offers an official website for your business:

    We talk about SEO, customer feedback, and reviews, but here we have a website creation option for free access. Once you have created your GMB account, your website will auto-generate info from your GMB profile, and you can also add and customize it with text, photos, and design themes. You must have to do purchase a domain and connect with your google analytics account. 

It is the future of online marketing:

    Google is scaling up its business in both horizontal and vertical with growth in data and online features for customers. It helps small and big businesses to increase sales, brand awareness, and brand loyalty. By creating a GMB account and taking your move into the new form of online branding. 

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