Tips to get more traffic organically from search engines

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Search engine is becoming sophisticated every second by updating its algorithm. However not all search engine updates are core algorithm update. Some are considered to affect only domain specific or website category while some updates affect the overall ranking system. Due to this it becomes very difficult to ensure that our website is developed in such a way that it remains unaffected by this search engine algorithm updates. High ranking of website on targeted keywords drives regular new traffic on the sites which ensure more organic traffic. Webmasters use webmaster tools to index their website. However they recently see that their website is not getting indexed quickly. Hence here are some tips to get more organic clicks from search engines.

Keep your website light weight, mobile friendly and responsive

In modern times we use smartphones for local searches. If we look into the analytics the websites that ranks higher on specific keywords drives more traffic from mobile phones than to laptop or desktops. Hence it becomes important for us that our website is mobile friendly. No one wants to view the content of the page by scrolling sideways. Hence our website should be developed in such a way that it is fully responsive.

Optimize images for search engines indexing

Yes you heard it right. Search engines also index images and it gets ranked faster than the keywords. Hence optimizing images on your site will help you rank on specific keywords faster. To optimize the images we can use free image optimization sites. Once the image is optimized upload the file and set the alt attribute with your targeted keywords. 

Ensure that codes are validated and error free

Sometimes we miss some of the tags in HTML or leave unused CSS as it is. It eats up the server space. Hence we need to make sure that our codes are optimized and error free. Using optimized codes will load the website faster and ensure good user experience.

Use SSL to secure your website

No webmaster wants to put their visitors on risk by not having SSL certificate on their website. SSL allows us to make secure online payment or transactions. It helps us to make the website secure by protecting our website from hackers.

Make relevant backlinks of competitors

Lastly we need to make backlinks from high authority website. These give good signals to search engines about your site. Making huge number of backlinks from spammy websites will not help us in ranking website at all. It will get penalized if those backlinks are indexed on the search console. Always practice white hat techniques for making backlinks. Avoid short cuts and never buy backlinks from anyone.

SEO topic is very vast. There are lot to talk about however to cut short and simple we can summarize it by saying that we need to develop fully responsive, mobile friendly, dynamic website with amazing user experience and fast server performances and better speed metrics to ensure that our website get ranked faster on any search engines. 

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