Nokri-job board WordPress free theme download

Job Board WordPress theme

Nokri-job board WordPress free theme download

 job portal WordPress theme is the theme made by WordPress. These themes act as a template and provide all features necessary to make WordPress Job portal Website.

Previously developing online job portal websites was no easy. The owner of any website must be the developer of the website. It means that the owner of websites must know coding, HTML, CSS, and another programming language to develop a website. Furthermore, online job portals without these themes are very much expensive. In addition to these, all features of websites are not a single person’s work.

To handle all these situations open-source software WordPress launch their Job portal themes. Some of these themes are the Job portal theme in WordPress free or premium ones. These themes help to create a professional design Job portal website.

Moreover, There is no need to learn coding HTML or any computer language to use these themes. Job portal theme in WordPress free is all in one package made by WordPress.

WordPress ensures that all people with technical and non-technical backgrounds can use their Job portal theme in WordPress

Nokri-Job Board WordPress theme

There are many different types of WordPress Job portals available in the market. Furthermore, there is a complete Job portal WordPress theme list available on the WordPress org. These Job portal WordPress theme lists provide a detailed view of the functions and features of different types of themes available in the marketplace.

Moreover, anyone can find the perfect theme for their websites simply by looking at the Job portal WordPress theme list. In short, all Job portal WordPress theme list provides much convenience to the users of Job portal themes. This list is separately available for best job portal theme for wordpress   and job portal theme free download

Job portal WordPress theme

Job portal theme in WordPress free is the best way to create a perfect Job portal. A job portal is a website where people publish jobs and job seekers apply for jobs.

People all around the world find jobs through the internet. It is because the internet is widely accessible to almost every person around the world. These Job portal websites connect employers with its employee.

 Users need to pay to get access to some features of the job portal. Furthermore, the owner of the Job portal gets its percent money from every deal that is done between employer and employee on its website. Hence this proves that all Job portal themes in WordPress free are very profitable. Furthermore, these Job portal WordPress websites are proven to be long-term term profit-making websites.

Some people might find some difficulty in understanding the Job portal theme in WordPress. But Job portal WordPress theme list also provides free demos for a deeper understanding of these themes.

 as they start using these themes on their website they will eventually start understanding how themes work. In addition to this Job portal theme in WordPress, the portal provides all kinds of support to its users. This supports shows how the Best Free WordPress theme for Job portal works.

Features that are mention in all Nokri-Job portal WordPress theme

Finding the Job portal theme in WordPress free is not easy. This task requires extensive research on all Job portal WordPress theme lists. Furthermore, there are many free demos available on the WordPress theme. going through features, lists, and demos of all the Job portal themes in WordPress is a must If anyone is interested in making his/her on Job portal websites. Here are some prominent features resent in all Job portal WordPress theme list. These features are present in all wordpress theme for the job portal theme WordPress list

1-Job portal theme having Job listing template

As the primary purpose of the Job portal theme in WordPress is to create a Job portal. That is why a modern and responsive Job listing template must be present in these themes.

 employers can post their Job on Job listing templates. Furthermore, This Job listing template allows the employer to publish all details about Jobs. 

Job listing template is a very essential feature of Job portal website. Simple Job publishing won’t attract people to the website. Likewise, Job seekers will not find this Job portal website attractive enough to apply for jobs here.

A modern Job listing template is very helpful for employers to publish their Job along with a full description and details about Jobs. On the other hand Job, seekers Find Job seekers understand these kinds of Jobs with details very well. In the end, there are high chances that Job seekers will apply through your Job portal websites.

2-Advance search form

Employers can use your Job portal websites to look for their desire applicant to do their job. The applicant fit perfectly according to their Job description. On the other This option allows job hunters to search for their desire Job. They can easily look for their ideal company to work with. In short, this feature is to make a search on Job portal very easy for employers and job seekers.

Furthermore, the Advance search bar is essential for the success of any job portal website.

This option is used not only by Job seekers but all by Job recruiters. However, all the search in advance search form is done by some filter options. These filter options help down to narrow down the needs and requirements of Job employers and seekers. Moreover, these filters can be related to specific keywords like medical jobs, engineering jobs, writer jobs, etc. Likewise, these filters can be related to certain categories or locations.

3-Front end submission

It is another feature that should be present in any best free WordPress theme for Job portal. Furthermore, this option allows the users of your website to easily submit any information. Like for instance, job candidates can submit information related to Job details or their resumes or profiles. Apart from these options mention later they can submit any information they want related to the job.

Additionally, It is annoying for the Jobseeker on the website to contact the admin to post Job descriptions every day. So to prevent this annoying situation admin allows its users to submit it from the front end. In short, all the Job portal themes in WordPress free must provide an inbuilt interface for employers and applicants.

4-Responsive design 

Almost more than 55% of web surfers are mobile users. It means that most of the people looking for a job, first look for their Job on mobile screens.

If any job portal website is not working on mobile screens effectively then its value will decrease automatically. This is why the Job portal theme in WordPress must be responsive.

Furthermore, the responsive design of the Job portal allows its work on all screen size resolutions. Likewise, employers and Job candidates can browse your Job portal website through any device like android,iPhones, PCs, and others.

All this will provide a very pleasant experience to users and preventing bouncing them away. Keeping all these things in mind choosing the Job portal theme in WordPress free that is responsive and mobile-friendly is a clever decision. This feature is shown in all Job portal WordPress theme lists.


The Job portal theme in WordPress free must work on an SEO-friendly web template. It helps to increase the ranking of any Job portal website. Plus its gives higher results on search engines like google, Bing or Yahoo, etc.

6-Google map integration

   Google map integration is important for Job portal website. Furthermore, these features help to find the whereabouts of employers and job candidates with this option. Apart from Google maps, some themes have other inbuilt maps like Bing maps or Openstreet maps.