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Why We Built NinjaSEO?

“Why We Built NinjaSEO” details the process of identifying the need for improved SEO automation and developing a viable solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

The response to our flagship product, Agile CRM, from our core community was very positive. It wasn’t the first CRM on the market, but it was the first to go so far into the domains of marketing and sales to combine a slew of features and functions into a single programme. Agile CRM provided a genuine service to our users, integrating a myriad of activities and capabilities and delivering at a price point suited for small and medium business owners; and it served them by design, since we included user feedback into every decision.

For the most part, we let our product sell itself. Our marketing and sales teams were charged with putting Agile CRM in front of prospects and leads who would actually benefit from its many capabilities utilising honest tactics.

Our teams spent hours on social media channels interacting with the market, discovering the gaps between the services that were previously available and the features that our consumers most desired. Agile CRM set itself out from the competition by solving such gaps.

However, the app could only take us so far. Because the industry was (and continues to be) extremely competitive, we had to increase our marketing game to keep up.

Our product website took a simple approach to marketing at the time. We showcased the features and made sure that users had plenty of opportunities to contact and interact with us directly. We discovered a crucial area where we were failing to meet industry standards when we began to reflect on our marketing efforts.

Our marketing teams were fully aware of the importance of SEO, but because Agile was performing so well right away, the need to devote additional resources to SEO wasn’t as obvious. We didn’t realise we had an issue until we hit a sales and brand exposure ceiling.

Why We Built NinjaSEO: More Money More Problems

The initial step was to pinpoint the individual issues, after which we devised a plan that would work well with our entire workflow. The issues ranged from a lack of customer research to the ever-changing SEO and digital marketing landscape in general. It was challenging for us to keep up with the latest marketing developments.

As our business expanded, so did our workforce and the scope of our initiatives. We had to review the effectiveness of our business operations due to tighter budgets, identify trouble areas and search for parts that might be automated.

We discovered that in addition to devoting resources to our SEO efforts, we could also adopt SEO automation to offer staff more time to focus on things like content development, market research, targeting, and lead generation, among other things, as a result of this approach.

We went to the market for a product that would assist us in overcoming these challenges. There were many options, but no single solution offered all of the characteristics we required. Furthermore, the solutions we needed were either too expensive or too difficult for our staff to implement.

Why We Built NinjaSEO: The Requirements

Our investigation began with a market analysis. Organic and sponsored search traffic now accounts for 68% of all online interactions. Organic search accounts for 53.3 percent of all visitors. This indicates that your website’s material has more potential to increase visitors than any other channel.

Since our study, the figures haven’t changed much, and we anticipated the market for high-performing SEO software will continue to increase in the following months. SEO produces 1000 percent (or more) traffic than organic social media, which was true back then and is still true now. As a result, we felt certain that we were on the correct track for the time being. The first huddle — or, to put it another way, the most important huddle — was about SEO.

We came up with the following list of main requirements:

Page grader:

Our pages should ideally be assessed and graded so that we can correct problems and enhance our SEO health without causing confusion.

Website audits:

We needed to be able to conduct audits and grade them in order to figure out where we stood in terms of optimization.

Discover issues:

We wanted to check if there were any broken links, server difficulties, URL issues, and so on throughout the website.

Keyword audits:

We needed our new tools to check if we were appropriately employing the keywords we specified.

Link analysis:

Our solution has to be able to assess the uniqueness and performance of both internal and external linkages.

Page speed:

We needed to make sure our technology quantified visitor irritation with sluggish websites, knowing what we knew about it.

XML analysis:

It was pointed out to us that we needed to make sure our XML sitemap was optimised as well so that search engines could grasp our website structure.

Why We Built NinjaSEO: The Solution

NinjaSEO was the end outcome. We had developed an SEO system that could audit websites with a single click of a button, delivering complete results for each page instantly. Information on page and load speeds, link structures, mobile responsiveness, keyword rankings, and more are included in these evaluations.

Not only did it fit all of our requirements, but we also realized it was the ideal product to introduce to the market in order to better serve our existing and future clients. NinjaSEO was created to address this issue.

Our website crawler checks every detail of a website to establish its current SEO status and to identify issues such as broken links, server outages, URL issues, and more. It also includes instructions for resolving these issues, making it useful to even the most unskilled SEO manager.

Keywords and keyword research were another major reason NinjaSEO was required. Search engines make it tough to keep on top of keyword-related aspects and best practices because their algorithms and parameters change all the time. Users may utilize NinjaSEO to perform in-depth keyword research to guarantee that their sites are ranking highly for the correct keywords. It even shows keyword density so you can make sure your keywords are where they should be.

Final Words

We understand that our solution may not be the ideal match for your workflow, which is why NinjaSEO offers a free trial with full access to all features, allowing you to fully explore all of the features and tools we’ve packed into NinjaSEO.

Ninja SEO’s deep website crawling skills and ability to make tweaks and recommendations to improve search engine rankings are unmatched by other SEO solutions. Our team is made up of some of the best digital marketing minds from all around the world. A specialized staff keeps track of changes in SEO algorithms and best practices for our clients and customers. To keep ahead of the curve, we explain these changes to our partners and update our software on a regular basis.

You’d think that an SEO with this degree of knowledge, as well as the many capabilities included in NinjaSEO, would be expensive. However, we recognize that small and medium businesses are at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing, which is why NinjaSEO is just $14.99/month (or $9.99 if paid annually).

We urge you to discover more about NinjaSEO if you’re looking for new SEO software. To learn more and to begin your free trial, go here.