Busting The Most Common Lead Generation Myths

lead generation

The buyers’ journey is a complex process. So much so that it can make digital marketers get confused in a whirlwind of setting priorities to approach their prospects the right way. However, the recent changes in the buyer’s journey have set aside the traditional ways of cold calling and advertisements and put lead generation tactics at the forefront. 

And yet, there’s no shortage of myths regarding lead generation that can make this interesting and revolutionary shift useless. 

Let’s go through those myths to burst the bubble. 

Myth#1 Having a Website Is Enough to Generate Leads

Most businesses make the mistake of thinking their website is an automatic lead generation magnet. As a result, they wait for the leads to keep falling in right after the site goes live. But as the saying goes, ‘if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.’

With that said, you can transform your website into a center of attraction for visitors and leads with a few improvisations:

  • Offer something of value
  • Understand what your ideal customer wants
  • Develop targeted marketing tools to invite and engage customers

Myth#2 Quantity of Leads Matters More than the Quality of Leads

Quality, not quantity. 

Although it’s an age-old phenomenon, most businesses believe the more leads they secure, the greater their chances to increase conversions. 

In reality, the graph of quality vs. quantity goes up or down in the opposite direction. That means more leads don’t equal quality. 

The key lies in using a powerful lead nurturing tool to gain leads that convert into retaining customers. 

Myth#3 Focusing on New Leads Delivers Better Results

Attract. Convert. Close. Delight. 

It’s how the inbound methodology works. Unfortunately, this gives marketers a false sense of security that generating new leads is better for business than following up on the existing leads. But that’s where they can’t be more wrong. 

According to a recent report, 80% of the generated leads were never followed up with or even disregarded due to a lack of interest from the marketer’s side. 

On the other hand, following up on existing leads increases the chances of them turning into customers with increased trust in your services and a sense of reliability. 

Myth#4 Social Media Platforms Are Useless for Lead Generation

Marketers have raised questions about social media platforms’ effectiveness in generating leads. The point of argument offered is that social media platforms are only useful for creating brand awareness and customer interactions. And yet, like anything, targeting the right audience demands time, effort, and well-researched tactics. 

So, it all boils down to how well you measure your potential customer’s behavior, adjust, and then continue to test with different methods while using social media as a source for lead generation. 

Myth#5 Creating Landing Pages Are a Waste of Time

The marketing world is split into marketers with two schools of thought.

  • Number 1 – those who think the more landing pages a business has, the better the chances to attract and convert leads. 
  • Number 2 – those who think landing pages are a waste of time. 

If you belong to the second category, here are a few mind-blowing stats. 

According to a survey by HubSpot:

  • Companies with more than 30 landing pages can generate 7x more leads than companies with 1-5 landing pages. 
  • Companies with more than 40 landing pages gain 12x more leads. 

How does that happen?

From the SEO perspective, more landing pages mean more indexing in the search bars. So, when a user searches for a specific service, the search engine will guide them to the landing page carrying their required information. As a result, finding a lead on your own becomes one less hassle.

Myth#6 More Leads Mean More Money

Contrary to what marketers believe, more leads do not mean more money. It’s especially true when you see it in the light of one of the points mentioned above, i.e., lack of following up on leads. So, how to expect those $$$s without ensuring your leads are still going to convert?

Now, another question may arise in your mind. What if you have been following up with your leads, both fresh and existing, but still facing challenges for an effective conversion? 

If that happens, check if:

  • You know what your lead wants
  • You are offering the right service/product
  • You are using outdated lead nurturing techniques

If it’s the latter, it’s now or never to switch over to smart nurturing campaigns which can streamline your process and help you garner favorable results.

One of the best companies offering smart lead nurturing options and automated lead generation tools is YourLeadPartners. YourLeadPartners provides its services all across the USA to businesses from diverse industries. 

Myth#7 Newly Generated Leads Convert Immediately

Understandably, you might want to deliver the fresh lead you just got down to the sales team to get working on them. But before you hand over the leads, consider some facts:

  • Your freshly generated lead is still trying to understand you as business
  • Your freshly generated lead might not even understand what you’re trying to sell or market
  • Your freshly generated lead will take time to warm up to your marketing efforts

To summarize: your fresh lead won’t be ready to buy from you immediately right after you connect with them. 

So, although it’s a known food analogy that food is best served cold, the opposite is true for your leads. 

Best to strike the iron when it’s hot. In other words, wait for them to warm up. 

Myth#8 You Don’t Have to Pay a Dime to Attract Leads

Nothing in life ever comes for free. 

But we’re not talking about monetary cash here or purchasing leads to make profits. Instead, we’re talking about the time, effort, and values you invest into generating a lead. 

It might take a while before you can see fruitful results, but the payoff will be worth every second you spend working on your leads. Moreover, as discussed earlier, focus on the quality of leads instead of quantity. 

Myth#9 Lead Generation Involves Artfulness, not Science

Generating leads is like making your way into a carefully placed maze with several obstacles to overcome. Some obstacles (read: methodologies) will be more effective than others but generalizing the entire process as an art form is unrealistic. Instead, your tactics should be tailor-made to fit your potential customer’s needs. 

In recent years, businesses have seen a boost in lead generation after adapting their company to an autopilot mode. This automation gives close insight into the what, why, how, and when of all the stages of a buyer’s journey. As a result, you can tweak your strategy accordingly and reach your target by offering them what they want instead of what you wish to deliver. 


How you approach lead generation can make or break your business. Not only does it require constant vigilance about the latest trends, but it also demands timely and effective adaptation to those trends to experience the best results. Furthermore, it’s always helpful to streamline your marketing efforts with powerful lead generation tools. At the same time, patience is the virtue to take your business where you want it to be. 

So, now that you know the myths you held on to weren’t anything more than smoke and mirrors, it’s time to adapt to the changing trends and reap the rewards in the shape of quality leads.