Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Sharing Large Video Files

best way to send large video files

Nowadays, videos are becoming a popular communication medium for businesses. Many businesses are use emails for sending the video files like demos, testimonials, how-to instruction, etc. However, the real worry begins when businesses try to send heavy files via email. Many people think that compressing is the best way to send large video files via email. However, it is important to understand that the reciver might not be able to open the file in case he/she does not have the program for uncompressing it.

Mistakes to Avoid

Along with compressing, there are numerous other ways to share large files such as via drive, embedding video in email, and file transfer website. Some businesses think that drive is too much hassle to send files on. Therefore, visiting a reputed file transfer is the best way to share large video files. However, before you proceed, it is crucial to know about the mistakes that people make while transferring files through such websites. The list of common mistakes includes

Ignoring Data Privacy

It is worth noting that numerous organizations use the personal data of the companies or individuals and then sell that to corporates in order to make a profit. This results in solicitor messages, spam emails, and junk calls that are irritating and no one likes. Therefore, it is advised to find a reputed website that maintains data privacy. This would ensure the transfer of large video files without stress.

Overlooking Information Security

In order to send the files for free, many people visit the websites and share their files without research. Before you use the free services of a website, it important to read the terms and conditions. The reason behind this is that many websites that send video files free have the access to the files. They might use your video files for personal benefit or might even get hacked by any other party. Therefore, ensure you find secure websites that start with HTTPS.

Not Paying Attention to File Size

It is important to note that sending the video files through the mail is difficult. First, the video file takes more space and time and it might be off the high resolution. And, Second is that there is a certain limit on the file size on email. For instance, Gmail- 25 MB, Outlook- 20 MB, Hotmail- 10 MB, etc. The websites exist that transfers file up to 180 MB. However, for the larger files, there are few real solutions. Ensure you look for one that could send data in GBs.

Apart from these, another common mistake is not checking the services. Numerous websites providing services to share big files for free have logins and might even ask for card information and make money. Therefore, it is advised to look for a website that is easy as well as quick to use like https://www.bigg.ly/. It offers secure as well as quick ways to send large files for free. You can visit the website and send the file with taps.