Why You Get Clicks but Not Sales: Mistakes Beginner Affiliates Make

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Before we dive into details I have to make it clear to you that not all clicks convert into sales. That is impossible. Not even the top affiliate marketers have 100% sales. However, if you have been an affiliate for a while, and you haven’t sold anything yet, maybe you are doing something wrong. 

I remember that it took me around four and a half months to sell my first product. It shouldn’t have taken me this long. In my defense, I had no idea what I was doing wrong or if I was doing anything wrong. I worked so hard day after day only to realize that I should have been working smart instead. Luckily for you, you don’t have to repeat the mistakes I made. So here are some of the most common reasons why affiliates get licks but not sales:

Your Targeting is Weak

Some people can’t buy your product while some are simply not  interested in it. This is why you have to target your audience wisely. For example: if you are trying to sell makeup kits, who should be your target? 13year old girls don’t have credit cards; most people in Africa don’t have payment options; and most men don’t want to buy them. Your target should be adult women who live in countries with payment options, for this example. Strong targeting can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of time while increasing your sales. It can also save you a lot of money when putting up ads. The less people you want to reach through your ad, the less you pay. The major point here is knowing who you want to reach. 

Sometimes, we have no idea how to target our audience. What’s even worse is that sometimes we think we know who our target audiences are when we have no idea. Therefore, the best way to get buyer’s data is through your affiliate support page. I know some support pages don’t provide buyer’s data; but, you can always find similar products and use their buyer’s data to advertise your product.

Your Headline is not Congruent with Your Sales Page 

The headline is the most important part of an ad. A good headline captures people’s attention which is difficult these days. Furthermore, a good headline is what makes people read what you have to say next. In hopes of achieving that, many marketers write misleading headlines. While this might help you to get clicks, it doesn’t seal the deal. These types of headlines make people feel manipulated; so, most people exit the sales page immediately. You can’t expect someone to pay for something that you promised for free; you can’t expect someone to buy a book when you promised a free movie. So, always write honest headlines. Maybe don’t mention the price of your product on your ads or landing pages. Leave that to the sales page.

Your Landing Page is Too Complex

Most people have a short attention span. The goal of your landing page should be to use that little amount of time to deliver your message. If people have a hard time understanding you, then they will divert their attention towards something else. Things that make your landing page too complex and unattractive are: too many pictures, too many videos, and fancy words. So stirring clear off these mistakes will drive traffic to your sales page; thus, potentially increasing your sales. A simple landing page with a killer headline should do the trick.

You’re Not Building Your Email List 

Collecting emails is crucial to your marketing career in general because it helps you to target your buyers. You can use these emails when similar products are launched; when there are discounts; when there are free giveaways. Some people might tell you that email marketing is dead. They might say that people only use their social media these days. But I cannot stress this enough, email marketing is just as important as other social media marketing. This is because when you send out emails, you personally communicate with your customers. This shows them that you are dedicated to provide them with the best and up to date products out there. When you do this, you build trust. And, trust is the backbone for any business. Don’t forget to collect emails!  

If you are new and haven’t made your first sale yet, practice the above and see the result. I’m not saying you are gonna make it to the top just by doing these four things, there’s a lot I couldn’t cover in this article. However, fixing these mistakes can increase your potential. For more tips on affiliate marketing CLICK HERE