MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Review: Are They Still Best to Start Your Web Hosting Business?

Milesweb reseller hosting review

There are tons of earning channels with steady income out there. However, the most trending of them are those relevant to the internet and hosting services.

According to Statista, out of 7.83 billion world population, 4.66 billion are active Internet users. There are predictions where this number would cross 6 billion by next year.

There is a huge demand for internet services, including web hosting, as many big names have and are emerging as web hosting service providers. It is a fast-growing business valued at $56.7 billion as of 2019.

It doesn’t matter if you are a developer or an entrepreneur reseller hosting is the best business solution for you with low risks.

Reseller hosting service.

Reseller hosting is the most sought after hosting service with respect to other web hosting services. You get various features and privileges as a web hosting reseller with this multiple hosting service.

  • Your professional background or knowledge doesn’t matter if you want to start providing web hosting services.
  • You get to become a hosting service provider at a nominal investment.
  • The service provider handles the technical aspects like the server configuration, maintenance, etc. It leaves trivial management responsibilities for the reseller.
  • As a hosting reseller, you have total authority over server settings and configurations. You can make any changes regarding the operating system and control panel.

What should you expect from a reseller hosting?

  1. Whatever web hosting service you choose, see that it fulfills all of your requirements for hosting.
  2. To gauge the service quality, you should be able to monitor the uptime of the hosting provider.
  3. The renewal process and billing should be manageable by you considering your finances.
  4. Hosting services should have policies that prevent cybercrimes and have proper hosting etiquette. You would have to study these policies to avoid account suspension.
  5. Your hosting provider must have a backup service to restore data in case of data loss.
  6. The hosting provider must provide technical support on-demand as the server or hosting related issues can occur anytime.

Reseller hosting with MilesWeb

MilesWeb is India’s leading web hosting service provider. They provide a variety of web hosting services from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. They are the best reseller hosting provider and have got high ratings and gratifying reviews from customers.

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Here are some of the salient features of their reseller hosting:

  • 100% White-labeled hosting: MilesWeb’s reseller hosting provides a pure white-labeled hosting service. Their hosting doesn’t have any visible trace of the parent host that helps you build your independent brand as a hosting provider. You get to freely market and sell the web hosting services under your exclusive brand name.
  • Host multiple websites: With MilesWeb’s reseller hosting, you have no restrictions on the number of sub-domains and add-on domains to be hosted with your plan.
  • Control panel: You get a set number of control panel accounts based on the hosting plan. With control panels, you can freely scale and monitor the disk space and bandwidth of your clients. You can liberally manage your clients’ accounts and suspend, unsuspend or terminate your services to them. With MilesWeb, you would get a cPanel account for their Linux-based reseller hosting and a Plesk account for their Windows-based reseller hosting.
  • SSD storage: The hosting servers for reseller services have built-in SSD storage. It is the fastest and most reliable storage technology. It increases the processing and data transfer abilities of the server dramatically.
  • Web Host Manager (WHM): Linux reseller services come with cPanel’s master management tool – WHM, you get total control over resource allocation for the sites you host. It also allows you to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts and carry administrative activities from a single platform.
  • Security: The technical team at MilesWeb does extensive monitoring for phishing activities and spam. They even do regular scans for malware to prevent and block virus attacks. A reseller must prioritize the protection and the security of the clients.
  • Customer support: MilesWeb has customer support that is always available to address your queries. They provide complete assistance 24/7 all days of the year.

Why is MilesWeb a prime reseller hosting provider this year?

MilesWeb has been a popular choice among developers and entrepreneurs for best windows reseller hosting, and linux reseller hosting. They have managed to provide many high-end features with their reseller hosting at affordable prices. But that’s not all that sets them apart from other hosting providers.

  • Apart from MilesWeb, very few hosting service providers like ResellerClub offer SSD storage for reseller hosting. However, MilesWeb’s entire server has SSD built-in for all processing.
  • You get unlimited bandwidth with MilesWeb, unlike with any other service provider.
  • You get a free website builder with your hosting. It eases website development and saves you time and effort.
  • They have a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to assess and compare your experience with MilesWeb and other service providers.
  • Their customer support has instant chat response to answer your queries. It really puts them ahead of any hosting providers as they don’t allow their customers to wait to address their problems.
  • The reseller hosting with MilesWeb starts at ₹290 per month. The cheapest out of any hosting provider out there. Here’s a detailed description of their plans:
MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Review

You can always browse and research other hosting services and see for yourself. Even then, I have doubts if there is anyone that can trump MilesWeb’s reseller hosting services.